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Dawn Education Expo 2009…

The Dawn Education expo 2009 is happening in the Convention Center starting from 28th February 2009 to 1st March 2009.

For all those who are thinking of higher studies – be there…

No strings attached…

I had to go to Lahore this weekend on a conference @ LUMS. But thanks to the riots, the conference got postponed indefinitely.

The thing is that how much will the individual citizens of Pakistan and how much will the state suffer because of those who are playing the master of the puppet.

I know – no strings attached – it’s all wireless. Heh!

It’s actually quite a shame as well. I pray things turn out normal soon. Too much destruction in the country already.

Spring Sirens?

Signs of Spring, originally uploaded by Suh@il ( Out of Town ).

The bulbul’s not alone in her wait … there’s company around this spring =|


Reminds me of peaceful days and nights of Islamabad we used to cherish few years back.

ps: click on picture to reach photographer’s corner … courtesy: Suhail AKhtar

Of speed and hurdles…

I was recently given an over-speeding ticket at 7th Avenue. I was driving 86 km per hour instead of the allowed 70 km per hour.

Anyhow, if you believe that 70 km per hour is an unacceptably low speed limit for 7th avenue and the number of signals on 9th avenue is unacceptably high – say aye. :)

B.T.W Did anyone notice the pot-like things that they have put on the 9th avenue near G-8 on the street light. Wonder if those are to make the street-light power by kerosene oil in case electricity is short. He he!

Pleasant surprise


Driving about the city this weekend, I saw the Rose & Jasmine Garden sign and decided to take that road. It turned out to be a good decision, as not only is the park very pleasing to the eye  (despite the absence of flora),  I witnessed one of the two animals I noticed missing in Islamabad:  squirrels!

Vive la CDA!


An earthquake of magnitude 5.8 hit Islamabad mildly today in the morning.

Apparently there was no damage.

For rest visit The News.



 After three superb experiences, I hereby declare China Town the best Chinese restaurant in town. Make that city. Or country. Sorry Lahorites <insert tongue sticking out smiley here>

Locked in

Sirens causing an air of slight panic near the F-11 Markaz, as some main roads were inaccessible to cars and pedestrians most of the day. No-one we asked was sure why our cars were being fork-lifted to alternate parkings far from the roads (I admit I asked only two people). Was it some funeral ceremony for the recently deceased Pir of Golra? Nope. With due respect to all (make that most) faiths, I feel such activity should be carried out in areas that won’t inconvenience the public in the name of religion.

Possible Pedestrian Pathway?

Right now this might look like the stairway to heaven, but i think this is the possible elevated pathway (crossing) for pedestrians on the Islamabad Expressway.



I am pretty certain that this will turn out to be an overhead bridge for people on foot, making it easier for them to cross the road (reason for this assumption is the similarity of this structure with the the under construction overhead bridges on 7th Avenue). At the same time it might make the life easier for the motorists who might get rid of the yellow speed breakers on the road. Pat on the back for whoever has taken up this initiative to get these bridges built. A little spanking for them as well because it took them so long to take some appropriate useful action.

PS: I guess all will be well if the end is well. ;-)

Gol Market in the Dripping Weather

The weather yesterday was rainy but lovely. Everything looked squeaky clean. The scenery presented a wonderful display of splendor and serenity. Even the market places looked nice. It was a bit difficulty to move around because of water up above (rain) and down below (puddles). *giggles* But it was worth going out and physically experiencing the weather. I for one, went to Gol Market in Jinnah Super. Here is a glimpse of how it looked:

From Afar

Gol Market: From Afar

The multi-coloured umbrellas put in place also gave the market a nice loook:

Gol Market (Closeup)

Gol Market (Closeup)

It looked much more marvelous than these pictures and it was fun having the hot “shawarma” there in the slightly chilly atmosphere. This place is recommended to all to go and have some outdoor food/fun. :-)

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