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Of dinners, idiots and laughter.

I had the fortune of going to the National Library Auditorium to see the new play that is running these days called “Dinner with an Idiot”. I don’t claim to be a huge play buff and the only reason I “did” go was because a college fellow was acting in it and we were all invited. But I suppose change is great. At times that is. It was an amazing play.

I thought that I would write a proper review on the play but then I read the handout and it had a summary of the play and one has to see it to enjoy it fully so I took the liberty of “copy/paste” typing the handout summary =D :-

“Inspired by the well known French comedy Le diner de cons (dinner of idiots) known as The Dinner Game, is a theatrical comedy which has been praised by viewers all over the world.

Hassan is a bored, arrogant music producer who livens up his upper class existence by attending “idiot dinners” hosted by his friends. For these evening parties, each attendee is required to bring along a guest who embodies some aspect of human stupidity. The oblivious idiots, not understanding that they are the butt of a private joke, are flattered, and their sponsors enjoy the competition of trying to outdo each other by bringing the dimmest bulb in the lot.

Then, one day, Hassan meets Ashraf, a self promoting talkative person who wants to become a singer. In Ashraf, Hassan believes he has found the perfect idiot for th enext dinner. Unfortunately, on the night of the event, Hassan throws out his back and is unable to attend. His newfound friend, however, insists on staying around to “help” him, resulting in a series of mini disasters that leave Hassan’s comfortable life in ruins. Call it the idiots revenge.”


I specially loved a few characters which were brilliantly presented. The Doctor, the Tax officer, the self proclaimed singer. All was done with ease. Not to mention it was a flawless performance with everything in the right place. Except for say 2% of the play, the rest was fast moving and totally not boring with good jokes that would make you laugh.


The slogan of the play was ” The play will end, but your laughter won’t” . And even now I’m laughing at a few scenes which in my view were very well presented and actually funny.


This was just a brief overview so that all you can go and watch it because I think everyone should go, buy a ticket and go see the play because as mentioned by the Director at the end, economic crisis and political crisis are major factors because of which sponsors don’t invest in such activities. Channel 7 did and they were rightly thanked.

Much Recommended :)

Oh and the play is in URDU :). Which makes it funnier because you can actually relate to the jokes.


Here’s a recent image of the Marriott hotel secondary entrance. Notice the security guy under the multi-colored umbrella on the gate:


If he’s a pro sniper and has a proper sniper gun instead of a lousy M1, the terrorist boys are in for some real trouble. Snipers are one of the most effective ways to eliminate targets precisely without hurting others around (except that those around the target are splattered with brain masala and other body fluids). I would suggest that Islamabad installs CCTV cameras all around the city like London and mount remote controlled precision rifles on those cameras instead of real men.That way we could monitor everyone’s activities and shoot the miscreants on the spot. Yes, it would give a little shock to the ladies passing by and would ruin their lovely dresses, but at least things would be under control.

The Sunbird

Few years back, I remember making fun of my cousin who mistakenly told us about attending this event of “Bird Watching”, organized by ASG (Asian Study group), in Rawal Lake. The idea of sitting silently on a boat watching birds sounded hugely crazy. But now that I think of it, doesn’t seem even odd. When you are silently surrounded by nature, the nature speaks to you. (noops I haven’t recently picked any of Paulo Coelho’s book ;-))

Islamabad’s home to beautiful species of birds and thanks God we are not chirra-eaters like Gujranwala people *_* (no offense). Margala hills itself is abode to many rare-sighted birds.

I confess being part of killing a Blue Finch once, during a air-rifle shooting practice. But I’ve never ever seen this Sunbird, so royal in its colors, in Islamabad ever. Glad that the photographer managed to shoot it. Beautifully camouflaged as well.

Red Sunbird, originally uploaded by Suh@il << Busy & Away >>.

Do you have an eye for nature?

Image Courtesy: Suhail on Flickr

Read more on Birdwatching in Islamabad


In case you drive from Margalla road to Rana market, you should come across with these huge slabs for security for this embassy over there.

Apart from being adding ugliness to the area I have my reservations for this step.

In case if this was a pro-active measure of our Government to provide security to the embassy, I believe a better solution would have been to shift them to the diplomatic enclave. In case this was reactive, I have the same suggestion.

I mean seriously, grotesque is an understatement.


There was a blast at Sitara market.

Sad news specially when on such a day.

Happy Pakistan Day


It was 23rd of March, 1940, when Muslims of Sub-continent resolved for a country. It took them time, and cost them lives, families and everything they had, but they stood firm and made it.

Its been 69 years, into the history.

And here we stand, again. We have another situation, not same, but equally complicated.

We can still make it.

All it needs is a strong resolution.

May be !!!

Enlightened History

The Lights Come on at Saidpur Village – March 2009, originally uploaded by swami bhaktividenta prabhupaada.

A trip to Saidpur Village is like heading back into history – a narrow winding road leading up to the landmark Hindu temple at its entrance, stacks of hay, terraced mud houses and the Margalla Hills overlooking them all combine to turn the clock back.

Having been cuddled up in the comfy lap of the Margallas for centuries, the village provides a vivid account of what it actually used to be in yesteryears, long before Islamabad came into being through a photo museum set up inside the renovated temple.

Aptly put by Imran Naeem of Daily Times

With some eateries around .. plan a visit this weekend with your family :> The weather’s at your side too ~

See more pics of the village by clicking here.

Wait not .. jump into Saidpur asap – at your own expense obviously ;)

Water theft?

If you go walking down the path that leads to the Haunted Hill (the park with that little ice cream khokha called Hotspot) you will see this to your left:



What you see all wrapped up in a plastic cover in the first picture is a donkey pump, and that donkey pump is connected to a yellow flexible pipe, which in turn is connected to a steel pipe which goes under the footpath you are treading on. Now the following picture was taken a few months later:


The donkey pump now seems to be covered with a metal shed and is hidden with the help of branches. The yellow pipe leading to the main underground pipe is still visible though. Here’s a satellite image of the location. The large white building is the Marriott hotel, and the yellow box in the upper left corner indicates the place where this contraption is located (you need a keen eye to find the yellow box!):


What do you make of this? I say this is theft! Why would a rich man living in a huge bungalow would want to steal water from the main pipeline? Do they have a swimming pool in their for their cows? Does the owner own a Jacuzzi and spends a large part of his day floating in a gigantic steaming and bubbling pool with his trusty rubber ducky? Or did they forget to make a water tank and are now extracting water directly from the main pipeline?


Here’s a couple of pictures I took early morn:



As you can see in the first picture, there’s a little mosquito sitting on the white flower. I asked him how his night had been, and he told me that it was wonderful. He was resting after a good night bloodsucking and had nearly digested all that he had consumed, and that’s quite obvious since he doesn’t appear to be distended. He told me that he particularly enjoyed the Grade 20, 21, and 22 blood. I’m not quite sure what he meant by that… maybe someone can elaborate?

I wish I could have recorded the sounds of the birds early morning. It was certainly a pleasure to walk around the block under the large shady trees listening to the sounds of the morning birds and watching the flowers blooming at the sides of the roads. Nothing like getting up in the morning for a nice healthy walk, especially when you’re in Islamabad!


16th March’09

The day thousands of people were expected to storm the Federal Capital City in order to lodge protests in front of the Presidency to pave way for the Restoration of the deposed Judges. People had already seen chaos in the city of Lahore when the PML-N started it’s journey and in the early hours, we saw our Prime Minister address the nation. He told the nation that the orders for the restoration of the judges had been sent, the anti-protest Section-144 was taken back and that the disqualification of the Sharif brothers would be formally sent into an appeal by the Government itself.

One could see thousands of people out on the streets rejoicing their victory. The lawyers movement that started two years ago had transformed into the movement of the people and one could easily tell how frustrated the nation was the past two years. The power of the people paid off.


In order to celebrate the restoration of the judiciary, Geo Television network took the initiative and organized an ‘open for public” concert by “Laal”. (A band that has been in the limelight mainly due to them being workers of the movement against the Governments wrong doings and the fact that their music is based on the revolutionary writings of Habib Jalib and Faiz Ahmed Faiz which are applicable even today).


The proceedings of the concert finally started at 10 when Hamid “Capital talk” Mir introduced the band and welcomed the audience which mainly constituted people from all ages and walks of life. Aunties, Kids, Uncles, young people with flags etc. They started with the title track of their album “umeed-e-sehar”. Brilliantly executed, absolute class. The notes ringing on the guitars, the dholak and drum beat at the back and the flute man airing away on his flute. The song was immaculate. The vocalist delivered it perfectly and extended the song, asking the crowd to participate which they did. Umeed-e-Sehar is the 2nd single by them which is on air these days on various music channels. The video itself is very touching and does justice to the song but I could see people smile, rejoice, even shed tears when he sang ” umeed-e-sehar ke baat sunno”.


Next they did the Habib Jalib classic “Musheer”.. Meinay us say yeh kaahaaaaa yeh do dus karoorrr hein, jehal ka nechorrr hein. People shouted “Rehman Malik” out loud and the vocalist carried on their chants by saying ” this is what Rehman Malik tells Zardari behind closed doors”… It was a lovely number with the Guitar player, Taimoor messing around with the voice box and catching the attention of the audience.

The last song that I heard, was the song penned down by Aitzaz Ahsan which became the anthem of the Lawyers movement called “Kal aaj aur kal”… Jeet humara mustakbil hei :)

Very well rounded performance, extremely neat aura and rejoice all around. Laal, gel together as a band and I suppose it was their first performance in Islamabad, and quite a memorable one it will turn out to be..

Umeed-e-Sehar ke baat sunno =)


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