Attack on Sri Lankan Cricket Team: Murder of International Cricket

Bullet on Sri Lankan Team's Bus

Bullet on Sri Lankan Team's Bus

Shocking news surrounded us yesterday. Despite the on-going turbulence in country, I don’t think this cricket-loving nation could have imagined a well-planned, highly-armed attack on a guest team. Sri Lankan team decided to come and play in Pakistan, as a friendly gesture, when all other teams refused.

Luckily, the sri lankans escaped life loss apart from few injuries. But five policemen and a bus driver could not succumb to the injuries and died. Reserve Umpire, Ahsan Raza, is still in critical condition.

As usual, government is avoiding to take responsibility of this huge security lapse, at all costs. Rehman Malik’s press conference last night was an evidence.

What I, and almost every concerned Pakistani, refuses to see is how come 12 attackers, armed with Kalashnikov, Grenades and Rocket Launchers, attack a bus for 15-20 minutes and no one comes to cover the scene? If media can reach the scene within minutes; why can’t rangers, commandos or even PAF’s fighter jets could have reached? In broad day-light attackers even achieved the cumbersome task to escape the scene unscathed; still no signs of security forces. Considering the liberty chowk’s plan, it was not a difficult task at all to encircle the attackers in that sphere. If for president or prime minister’s visit, the whole route can be pre-monitored for any unusual activity, wasn’t it the responsibility of the govt. to take such initiatives in this case too? Undoubtedly, the policemen did their job well. But at the cost of 6 precious lives. The ratio of 6:0 tell scores about security forces abilities and that of attackers.

International cricket’s been murdered in Pakistan now, officially. Who’d like to come to this land of pure irresponsibility now? As Teeth Maestro wrote yesterday that I see stadiums turning into plots now …!

May the nation stand united, Amen! The string’s getting tighter day-by-day. Blame game with more hopelessness continues. This is plainly frustrating.

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  1. crazymonkey on March 4th, 2009 @ 3:17 pm

    So, considering the brilliance of our security and military, if India considers to go to war with us, it is highly probable that would get crushed like a whipering choonti in the first blow, right?

  2. kaami on March 4th, 2009 @ 8:06 pm

    As for govt security lapse all I can say again is Bhugtou … What you choose is what you get i.e incompetence.

    Also, to note that such events don’t happen in isolation. They require planning, resources and support. By support I mean, somebody has to provide safe houses, provide weapons, food, training and what not. So who’s that girl?

    But sense of denial is a bliss, a bliss we can enjoy like opium. And as long as there are Teeths and Maestro’s, Shahid and Masoods, Hamid and Mirs, there will be plenty of stuff to inhale.

  3. TNT (ifti) on March 4th, 2009 @ 8:56 pm

    Just comes to prove the inability of the security forces to handle crisis. i dont blame the elite forces, because the ambush took them by surprise, but the second wan of elite forces should have retaliated, after all they too were armed with MP5’s. If they couldnt face the fusillade of bullets then somebody should have radioed the police, Lahore cantonment should have been sealed off including traffic routes and everything. atleast one of the culprits should have been in custody.

    the police force is only present at Islamabad highway and i’m sure on Lahore highways too on tens of location to give normal public a tough time. when it comes to the real thing nobody is there. the gunmen shot about for 30 minutes, and still police couldnt arrive. now this is slow as hell.
    Secondly, after every incident i hear a statement, i hear this statement, "The intelligence knew this by blah blah blah". what the hell were they then waiting for? facilitate the terrorists? i dont know what is going to happen to this country. here the terrorists are going for our guest players and on the other side those nincompoops have their long march to worry about.
    the confused reaction of the government was astounding too. The Indian media took this opportunity to add insult to an already lethal injury, deliberately trying to isolate Pakistan from even cricket. here i would like to mention that this incident can have a lasting effect on the economic status of Pakistan. the investment that the world cup would have brought, would have been critical factor for IMF to consider Pakistan for grants.
    LOTS OF WOULDS, SHOULD, COULDS, now lets see where the fable Government leads us to?

  4. anwar on March 5th, 2009 @ 3:47 am

    Those who plotted exploited the weak link within the security blanket… Let us not forget that 6 cops died in this assault. True, our police is not trained in urban terrorism nor do they have communication gear and/or authority to act on their own….
    It is an unfortunate situation. While we can hope to catch all, some unjustified capturing/killing may occur on part of the police.

  5. riaz on March 5th, 2009 @ 5:27 am

    I may sound a bit harsh ,but these policemen died in vain,without being able to fire a bullet and without a fight. I dont know if i can call it bravery or not.its the same like ppl dying in a bomb blast. were those ppl brave? would they have gone to that place if they knew there was a bomb there?
    I guess these dead policemen would have done the same as their colleagues who did not try to stop the gunmen. We knoe how brave punjab puls is when it comes to fighting the real criminals.they are the first ones to run for their life when there is a real puls mukaable and a chance of being mianwali,one of their post was wiped out without a fight and now this in lahore.we also know how shaken the police chief in lahore was after the first ever suicide attack on police on mall road.sorry guys, but this is not bravery at all.

  6. riaz on March 5th, 2009 @ 5:36 am

    our police and army are only good at one thing. opressing its own ppl. look how a few hundred taliban have beaten the hell out of this mighty army.they are being kidnapped with their weapons and their wardi,which they are so proud of and want us to respect. it was beaten out of waziristan, then swat and now bajaur (when they strike a peace deal ,it officially means "you won" ).
    In these circumstances, don’t bank on the Army or police to protect u from India. as one of my firned once commented to an Army officer (who was so proud of his wardi and was using it to bully him) that if India attacked, we will see all these wardis dumped on the garbage dumps in the street.

  7. wkhang on March 5th, 2009 @ 10:48 pm


    Go and ask those mothers whos Jawan boys died Shaheed,
    Go ask those childrens whos dads died,
    Go ask those sisters whos beloved Jawan brothers died,

    They will tell you the real story, huh.

    Just do not throught " Keesher " on them.

    This all done by RAW for sure, but the question is there where were all proud Lahories ???

  8. expat on March 6th, 2009 @ 3:26 am

    Since the independence of Pakistan we have been living in a state of denial. Every time some thing happens in Pakistan, we have a few scape goats handy all the time to blame. The most handy is India and its state agency RAW and the next is the Jewish lobby and America. Our ruling class, military or civilian wants us to believe that everything that goes wrong in our country is because of them. The recent attack on the Sri Lankan team is also being blamed on India by some circles…they wanted to get even with us for the Mumbai attack.

    If we can somehow come out of our perpetual denial mode and stop acting like Ostrichs…you will see that they are people from amoung us that go about beheading people and making video tapes of it, it is us who are burning schools, commiting suicide attacks. It is we that are destroying the foundation of this country. We have to realise that the enemy is from within us and if they don’t then all is lost. Such an attitude which ignores the clear extrimist tendencies found inside Pakistan will not help.

    We take out rallies against drone attacks by the Americans, or the invasion of Gaza by Isreal, I have yet to see any rally taken out against the burning of the schools and the acid throwing on girls who want to get educated or the insanse killing of innocent people by suicide bombing. I have yet to see condemnation issued by the religious parties and their leaders who have 2 feet of beards (as if the larger beard you have, the more pious you are) against these senseless attacks. Their silence speaks volumes about their involvement with these groups who are carrying out these attacks.

    There is only so much that the government can do — people also need to play a part, elect good leaders, not corrupt feudal lords, tribal chiefs, GuDdi-nashins, Pirs, ShaJjada-nashins, Sahaibzadas and Haramzadas.

  9. riaz on March 6th, 2009 @ 6:13 am

    Don’t be too emotional about this.But did the widows and children or other relatives of these "shaheeds" ever asked their "shaheeds" what they do to the common man? from where do they bring all this money? Our security forces are corrupt, whether its police, the FC, the rangers, IB, MI, ISI or Army itself.we all know what they do to us in everyday life. they would stop innocent citizens on their check post to mint some money but when it comes to fighting the militants they either flee or surrender. sometimes they are not so lucky and become "shaheeds" (not that they die fighting but because the militants decide not to take any prisoners and slaughter them like sheep they are).
    I am sorry but I have no faith left in these security agencies. they are there just for bribes.
    A few months back I read an interview of a militant in Darra Adma khel to BBC urdu. He said he wanted to join the army when he was young to do Jihad, but now I thank God I didnt.If this army cannot fight us (The taliban)how can they fight Americans and Indians? (The taliban were holding Army men hostages in Darra at that time).

  10. riaz on March 6th, 2009 @ 6:18 am

    How do we know its RAW? I don’t think they have the ability to do such an operation in Pakistan. Its our very own Lashkars and Mujahideens-the frankesteins created by our beloved army to fight the infidels.Its like a hollywood movie script where an experiment by scientist(ISI in this case) goes wrong in some remote mountain lab and the ‘monster’ kills all the scientists (spies being killed everyday in FATa and attacks on ISI offices in isloo the beautiful) and start rampaging through the streets of the cities.

  11. wkhang on March 6th, 2009 @ 6:05 pm


    Do you mind to tell me about your back ground story. You seams that have some issues with Pakistan People ?

    You have no feelings at all for them ?
    No sorry no thanks nothing ?

    Why Why

  12. riaz on March 9th, 2009 @ 6:01 am

    I do not have any issue with Pakistani ppl, coz I am a Pakistani too. But there is a difference b/w Pakistani PPl and Pakistani Govt (Security forces included). We the Pakistani PPl do not have any stake left in the current system. This system does not serve us, so why should we be bothered by the collapse of it?? Why should I mourn the death of a fauji captain or major or a pulsiaa, knowing that he was not there for my protection? I can only mourn the civilians who are killed in these incidents.For the security ppl, there is nothing in my heart.After all it was the army who trained these terrorists and not the line man of wapda or a school teacher in a Govt High school who are being killed in blasts.

  13. wkhang on March 10th, 2009 @ 1:31 am

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