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Isloo @ night – the delight…

Had Wordsworth experienced the pleasure of driving on the roads of Islamabad at nights, he might have not have that level of association with the daffodils. :)


Watch It

and isn’t it a COOL car?

What the Heck?

On margallas?

On margallas?

Reading news like this is totally making every sane pakistani (in and out) nuts. What’s going on in here? Our president is giving state-of-the-art (read: ghissy pitti) statements as No one will be allowed to run parallel govt. Yeah sure! They are asking for permissions first. Meh.

The situation is worsening?

The situation is worsening?

So the security situation is this bad that govt has to issue statements like the dream of taliban to cross Margallas won’t succeed again and again?

ps: On side note, listen to this … when do you think will happen in my beautiful homeland?

Road Block, An ITP Presentation

And now for the pleasure of the travelers, the Islamabad Traffic Police (ITP) presents blockage of yet another piece of another road of Islamabad. Painted concrete blocks have been used for visual pleasure. The blockage spreads over a little area that starts in front of the Capital Development authority building till the end of the ISI building. The blockage makes sure that while one is on Shahrah-e-Suharwardy and headed towards Abpara, one has to take many U V W turns and detour towards the destination via either Kashmir Highway or several smaller roads on the other side. The other side of the double road (Shahrah-e-Suharwardy), from Abpara to Zero Point has generously been left un-blocked. This is a limited time offer and may be discontinued anytime ITP personnel please. So do not waste time and avail the opportunity to travel on this currently un-blocked side of the road.

Everybody is welcome to come to this area for the first time and get stuck there, only to be redirected by the ITP representatives to some other road. Regular travelers are welcome to pass by that blockage and look at that route with a heavy heart full of hope for the restoration of that path.

Stay tuned for more “attractions”!

April skies

What a treat we had yesterday. Those of us that went out and looked towards the skies, at least. First, there were the beautiful variations of color and form in the skies. Next came an awesome sunset. And then came night, and along with it, bolts of lightning everywhere. Forgive the blasphemy (for that is not an intention here), but somebody up there celebrated earth day with us ;)

Celebrating Earth Day

So how can we actually celebrate Earth Day? Should we take out a group of people and chant slogans in favor of the environment? Should we put up colourful posters in our offices, homes or even streets? Should we send e-mails to everybody in our contact list to tell them of this day?

Well the above will surely attract attention of a few and they will at least know that it is Earth Day but that would not be fruitful. And it would be much better to do something productive than just do something that doesn’t count towards anything. Here is what I suggest that we should so:

  • Let’s be extra careful about the light bulbs and electrical appliances we turn on today. It would be good to turn off one or two (or few) if we can. Turning off all lights and electrical appliances when leaving a room, even if it is for 15 minutes, will surely be a good deed.
  • Let’s be extra careful about the tap water we consume today. We should turn off the tap while brushing our teeth or putting soap on our face. We should also keep it turned off while doing kitchen chores (unless off course washing dishes). We should use lesser water to wash the dishes and clothes.
  • Let’s be extra careful about the fuel we use today. Let’s turn off the ignition of our cars on all signals and walk instead of taking the car where possible.
  • Let’s be extra careful about the paper we use today. Reading e-mails, articles, journals and documents etc on the computer screen is as good as reading a printed version. If we have to print, lets use both sides of the paper. If possible let’s recycle all the waste paper that is around us (we may use services of a “raddi wala” since recycling facilities are practically non-existent).
  • Let’s be extra careful when we consume eatables while being on the move. It would be polite as well as environment friendly to keep the fruit peels, wrappers, disposable glasses/plates, bottles and packs etc with us, possibly in a bag, instead of throwing on the streets & roads. Those items can be disposed off when we see a bin or reach home.

This was just a very tiny list of the possible things we could do today to celebrate Earth Day. But I also wish that we would do all this and more every day, irrespective of it being a special day or not. We are all responsible human beings and it is our duty to keep our environment clean and safe. We need to conserve and preserve the existing resources and the environment. Let’s do it for the betterment of our future generations, if not for anything else.

April 22, 2009: Earth Day

Today is just like any other day. It is bright, it is shiny and it is slightly hot. The trees of Islamabad are green and the flowers, that have sprouted almost everywhere, are colourful. The only difference between this day and any other is that it is Earth Day 2009. Earth day is celebrated to spread awareness about taking care and preserving the environment. It also inspires appreciation in the people about the environment of this wonderful plant that we live on.

It was the year 1970 when this day got recognition as Earth Day. The founder of this day is considered to be Gaylord Nelson who was a US senator from Wisconsin at that time. He proposed a nationwide environmental protest that would bring the attention of the political higher ups of that time towards this issue. He also hoped to create a strong awareness among the masses that would in turn bring this environment issue onto the national agenda.

Started out as a national protest in the US, this movement of awareness spread among other nations as well. It was 1990 when it went global. That year Earth Day was celebrated by many countries throughout the world. Since then this tradition is being followed regularly, each year.

Even though I have not seen any posters advertising this day on the streets of Islamabad, nor have I yet seen anything related to this in the newspaper, but I believe that out nation is also among those celebrating this day. I, for one, am fully up for it. What about you?

PS: I am not only up for celebrating days but i believe in action as well. Hope you all do too.

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Islamabad 2109

When cities age, every piece of architecture, marketplace, garden or park, face, road, etc… everything begins to exude the essence of the bygone years, and the impact those years have made on the particular city. In the case of Lahore, one can see the remnants of the colonial era on the Mall road, and in the architecture of the buildings. In places like the Shalimar gardens and the Lahore fort one can see the grandeur of the Mughal empire and can easily envision their lifestyle. The Lahori culture and tradition, the mannerisms of the people, the dynamics of the Lahori people, everything has been created over a course of hundreds of years.

Islamabad being a relatively younger city has a long way to go in creating it’s own ‘history’. One can think of this city as morphing into a concrete metropolis with skyscrapers crammed up together on every major road, flyovers flying over our heads, millions of cars plying the erstwhile empty roads, and more places of amusement in every major sector. One can even think of it as turning into a highly industrialized city with smoke spewing out of every building in every corner, with a plethora of cycles and cheap broken rickety cars creating havoc on the mismanaged roads, and with people walking around with gas cylinders mounted on their backs and gas masks on their heads.

Ok that was just an exaggeration… but how would YOU like the Islamabad of the future to be? What changes do you think are going to take place in this city over the course of the next one hundred years?

Islamabad Towers in the Sunlight

And when the sunlight shines on the towers of Islamabad, it only enhances their grandeur.

Shaheed e Millat Secretariat & State Life Building

Shaheed e Millat Secretariat & State Life Building

Yes Minister


Taken at a luncheon where some honorable minister couldn’t eat in the heat: Thanks to load-shedding of course.

Courtesy: Daily Express (or was it Aajkal :s)

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