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Dunk Em In!

It is such a nice (read romantic) weather outside. Clouds throwing in tiny splashes of droplets from time to time. There is a thick veil over the Sun and there seems to be no way heat can escape from it. In the weather like this all we need is a window with ourselves seated nearby to enjoy the view. With this seat and view we required a nice hot cup of tea and a few biscuits to dunk in it. Some people might think “dunking” biscuits in tea to be “paindu” but believe me it is great fun. The biscuits taste even better after having a swim in the tea. *wink*

All Set for Dunkin'

All Set for Dunkin'

Don’t worry about the soggy biscuit falling in the tea and making ripples (at time bigger splashes). Just indulge and enjoy dunking your biscuits in your tea (or coffee or milk or anything you like). Try it at least once, just for the sake of trying new things. Enjoy!


Ok, this is a short post to get the opinion of our readers.

Baitullah Masud‘s comments are coming out in the mainstream media that they will reach Islamabad. Stuff like two attacks per week till drone attacks aren’t finished. I am getting sms that stay away from F-8 markaz for some days because there are rumors of suicide attack there. And well, I go there for gym almost daily. There was a suicide attack in my street recently that unfortunately killed some people.

Well, how do you feel about the new wave of terror that has hit our beloved, once peaceful – Islamabad!

New digital electricity consumption meters

One of the weirdest developments I noticed in the city is the installation of these hi-tech electricity meters outside a select group of houses in the capital. The small one is a single phase meter, and the larger one is a three phase meter (both installed outside my place):

Image016 Image019

We were having some electricity problems at home a few days after these meters were installed, and the WAPDA guys who visited our place told us that we would require ‘load balancing’ because these are “special” meter and do not operate like the old meters when the load is imbalanced. I was a bit skeptical about that suggestion, so we called up another WAPDA guy who happened to be more cooperative and friendlier than the previous ones. He removed some carbon deposit from one of the wires in the distribution box outside and tightened the bolt, and things were back to normal.

What surprises me most about this development is that in a situation when the electricity prices and load shedding is increasing, the government has the cojones to spend so much money on these new toys and experiment them on some houses in the capital. These things are so hi-tech that they are said to automatically report tampering and meter readings to the main office, eliminating the need for monthly visits of the meter reading guy.

I admit that I did tamper with a couple of buttons on the 3-phase meter though, just to see what would happen! If the government is experimenting on us, then why not vice versa?!


I turn on the television and I see a 3gp video on Express News showing a girl being slashed while two Mullahs hold her down like an animal. Apparently that poor “17 year old” girl was “seen coming out of the house with a guy who wasn’t her husband”.

She was brought into the street, people were watching as if it was an exhibition football match. No one uttered a single word. The girl cried, plead, begged for them to let her go. Inhuman people. This is not what Islam is. Sufi Mohammad, Taliban, Shariah, peace, drones, swat, attacks. Where the hell does this all stop?!

Without evidence, without asking people, without any witnesses, they treat her like an animal. How in the world is THIS Islam I ask. Apparently Mr. Muslim Khan thought that “it was necessary”. It’s said to be quite an old video that has surfaced but here is what I have heard from the “said badshahs of knowledge”

“It had to be done”

“Where was the world when 500,000 people were displaced in SWAT”

“No one condemns the drone attacks”

“I agree, it shouldn’t have been done in public”

Various alim-e-deen gave their verdicts. What I fail to understand is that these head honchos brainwash little kids and tell them to do Jehad. Why not go THEMSELVES. No one asks them why THEY don’t go. Why do they have to send kids..

Why does a girl have to suffer because they have to make a point AGAINST the drone attacks?

This is inhuman. This is barbarism. This is just SAD.

Then we say “We’re not that bad, our image is kharab”. With things like this happening, we can’t really say anything about it no?

Pollution Needs to be Killed

Amidst heavy traffic on Zero Point, a couple of days ago, this vehicle was also trying to find its way through (while blocking the way of others).

Pollution Needs to be Killed

Pollution Needs to be Killed

Just when I saw this gas guzzling, smoke emitting, slow moving vehicle I thought, “Who should I call for help?” There was a tie between “Captain Planet” and “Rambo Rambo Jan Rambo Potution Killer”. After an intense battle of a couple of seconds in my mind, I gave in and voted for our desi hero “Jan Rambo”. Oh Mr Rambo, please come and kill all this “potution” (pollution) caused by this “gaari” (vehicle).

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