The Networkathon at YLES’10

Day two activities at YLES’10. The day started with a rickshaw wala “trying” to rip me off. I say “trying” because over the course of the past two days I have gained wisdom as to why I get ripped off and what I should do to prevent me getting ripped off:-

1) I apparently look like a “forun-er”.

2) Judging by my body language, it seems I have a lot of money *laughs*

And to prevent the outcome of the above mentioned points, the only thing that got me out of this dilemma was to speak in Punjabi.

“Punjabi ich bolo tay masla solve ho he janda ay ustad”Learned rickshaw wala

After I got to the venue, I was directed to a huge canopy tent with 4-5 big screen projectors displaying the rather interesting video clip of the song ‘Billi Jean” from Micheal Jackson’s Budapest 1992 concert. I say interesting here because the crowd in this very concert went absolutely “cuckoo” when they saw Mr. Jackson. One could see screaming, crying, dancing, stoned, sober, semi-stoned, semi-sober and other humanly emoted people present. The crowd were seated and Umair Jaliawala started the proceedings. He tells the history of his last name as the “remembrance of his grand father meeting his grand mother in the Jalianwala garden”.

Deemed Umair the Turner on his website:-

School of Leadership website

The start to his presentation was rather interesting. He apparently likes to “turn people on”. Sexual innuendos were a plenty linked with a lot of interesting ploys and activities to do for the delegates present. He started off with explaining why the youth needs energy, how they can nurture it, how self love is important ( or maybe that was later on in the show but it cracked me up). His theme for the whole workshop was “Screw it, let’s do it”, based on the Virgin Empire mogul, Richard Branson’s autobiography by the same name. Delegates were divided into groups, assigned a Leadership facilitator. Made to ask people random questions, get question papers filled, hug each other, basically network. Which came to par with the theme. The most interesting activity in my opinion was him telling the delegates it’s lunch time. The lunch time announcement was received very well but he had something else under his belt (NO THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL INNUENDO). He told the delegates that they had to make their lunch from the raw materials present there and sell it to some other team. Interesting exercise in my opinion. Then at the end of the day they had to use trash to make something useful that was “sellable”..

This is in fact a very brief summary of what happened but I’m pretty sure I covered everything. A little profile about Mr Umair is available on the website I mentioned above. Worth mentioning is:-

His humble exterior and age doesn’t echo the crowds he has transformed, at SoL (including YLC, TTYT & HPJ) and other schools, colleges, universities, and organizations (including Habib Bank Limited, The Citizens Foundation, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP), Aga Khan Sports and Welfare Board, All Pakistan Memon Foundation, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Iqra University, Karachi University, PAF KIET, Foundation Public School and Beaconhouse School). He immediately relaxes his audience, guards down, receptive to learning, before he shakes their paradigms again. His sessions are a rollercoaster journey of change, exercises/games, questions, quotes, challenges and realizations.

At the end of the day as I sit in the computer lab (brilliant lab I have to add) and write the tale of today, I reflect back on the day and I find that I did learn a couple of things to:-

1) Never get ripped off EVER AGAIN.
2) The Chicken Cheese shawarma from Cock N Bull (NOT ANOTHER INNUENDO I SWEAR) SUCKS.

And a couple of other things too which are not relevant or maybe they are. But then again, I might have forgotten them. Too much knowledge is a hassle after all.

Oh and currently there is a “surprise event; social event” going on which I couldn’t be bothered by because it’s just a snazzy version of the kiddy scavenger hunt concept.

A workshop will be conducted at 10 pm related to the “PLAY-IT” competition which I will write about when it takes place.

So I depart. *wave*

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