Play it. Sway it. Slay it. YLES’10

Today was solidly an uneventful day. Well in the start at least. The same foggy state of mind and thought prevailed as I got on the rickshaw to make it to LUMS. Yes, again at 8:30 am. I have learned my lesson now. Never ever will I go anywhere on time in Lahore.

Today, the starting events were the “leadership quiz” and the “Harvard case study competition”. Again I had to choose between the former and the latter. And I chose the latter simply because I think (or perhaps thought) that case studies are fun (More on this later). The delegates were handed out a huge pile of papers that I’m sure made little sense (if any) to 70% of the delegates, or maybe it was their facial expressions that gave out that very impression.

I read a little through the case study and it was basically a case study that talked about raising finance options for the tea company called “Honest Tea”. The judges for this competition were an MBA student from LUMS, and a faculty member of LUMS as well. I couldn’t get their names (so if there is a 1/10000000 chance of anyone actually reading this from this very competition… I’m sorry *sniff* ). What made me really let go of my usual serious stance and laugh was how the delegates took the “BCG MATRIX” and totally raped it

“This firm is a star firm, just like starbucks”…. WTF? =p

“They should.. erm.. aah.. like.. ahh.. like… umm… you know.. like.. ummm.. do something? ” …. Ahawn!?

“The company should opt for venture capital because it’s a coperation and they should cooperate”… R missing anyone?!

For all the people who know what this finance is. This would make sense to them. But at the end of the competition, one team was selected from that room to compete against the teams selected from the other room in round two. I unfortunately couldn’t attend round two because I couldn’t. So I don’t know which teams made it to the final.

Next up was PLAY-IT. The competition which requires teams to come up with a 1 minute advertisement for an assigned product. Again the teams were divided so I could only sit in one room. The advertisements that were played in the room I was in were interesting. Some very good and catchy, some crappy and sloppy, one ripped off advertisement as well (Funny no one noticed). Some notable mentions were the advertisement for “Total petrol pumps”, “Rafhan Jelly”, “Knorr ketchup”.. and “Dairy Milk”… The results weren’t announced right there, right then so I will find out tomorrow who made it to the finals.

The social event for today is the “grand dinner”. And the theme for this dinner is “Greece”. Zeus, Apollo, and Aphrodite will be plenty (I hope). For today.

C ya? =p

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