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“Open Frequency” on Dawn News 17th’ Jaunary’10 at 11 pm.

I was recently part of a program conducted by the British High Commission, the British Council and Dawn News called “Open Frequency”. It was an insightful discussion with David Miliband, the foreign secretary of the United Kingdom and David Martin, the head of the British Council in Pakistan, and was hosted by the ever charming and gorgeous Saima Mohsin from Dawn News (News Eye anyone?! )..

The panel of students chosen were to ask David Miliband or David Martin questions that concern the youth, even though only ten were present at the moment but it was after the publication of a report by the British Council called “Pakistan.. The next generation” :-

Available Here.


The report was published after a concise survey was done all over Pakistan.

The program will air on Dawn News on the 17th of January’10 at 11 pm and will be aired again on the 18th of January’10.

Though I would like to say that this was a good effort on part of the British Council and High Commission, our Government needs to tackle these issues themselves instead of relying on outside parties to do everything for us.

Official Facebook Page for the British High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Official Facebook page for Dawn News.

The Haiti Tragedy

A sad state of affairs indeed. This is just the initial footage/photographs. The massive damage caused can only be predicted. Reports are already in that hundreds of thousands of people have lost their lives. Major infrastructure damage.

CNN report.

And you begin to wonder what the initial comments of some of the people I talked to are. The same yadda bullshit about how we are bad at “amaal” and that it’s just another one of the “azaabs”.

The poorest country in the western hemisphere, already termed a fail state in 2006. Food crisis. And to think “THEY DESERVED IT YAAR”… Is just out of my comprehension. It is sad. I hope rehabilitation and evacuation efforts are done because they might have suffered a setback considering the amount of damage done.

Prayer offered for rain

Salaat-ul-istisqa, or, as us desis would put it, namaz-e-istisqa, which is the prayer for rain, was offered on the green belt between sectors G-10 and G-11 yesterday morning. It was a fairly small gathering. May Allah accept their prayers and give Pakistan the much needed rain. May Allah accept their prayers and give Islooites lots of snowfall in Murree,.

The euphoria collection.

“Classy, Confident and Beautiful… The euphoria woman has it all”..


Come see the first ever exhibit of the euphoria collection clothing line at:-

House # 4-A. Street # 55, F-7/4, Islamabad on the 9th of January’10

Time:- 1 pm-10pm

Both pret a porter and haute couture available.

Makes you thin-ck.


What a deadly.

Drinking woes

I visited Islamabad on Monday for a few hours. To spend my time, I hired a taxi to visit Saidpur village. On the way back, the taxi driver said that he is out of gas and needed to refuel and so we stopped at the PSO pump near Melody market. While he was filling, I saw a banner (see attached image). At that instance I knew that no one will wipe his windscreen because he is a taxi driver and cannot read English. I waited for the taxi to be refilled and when we were leaving the gas station, I translated that English banner to the taxi driver. He was hesitant to claim his free drink so I went to the cashier and asked about my drink but he forwarded me towards group of gas station employees who were enjoying the winter sun. When I asked them about my drink they start making fun that who are you etc. When I inquired about the whereabouts of the manager they said that he is on holiday due to Muharram. In the end I left them without having my free drink because I was running out of time. The station should not put such marketing stunt if they can’t fulfill them.

– story submitted by reader


The leaves fall.


Another sunset, another year.


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