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Faux Hawk : Go get it

FauxHawk.jpgRecently I surveyed about prevailing hair styles among men in Islamabad. Most men I met say that “Faux Hawk” is pretty much in and on the rise. Some might even go with colors and dyes, and others might like it with streaks. Of course when asked from stylists, they say that traditional gels are out and demand for putty is on the rise.

The most widespread trend for men, hands down, this fun new look is extremely versatile and works well with any length of hair. No longer do you need to shave either side of your noggin down to a pasty white to get this great look.

Men who want to sport a faux hawk hair style have your stylist trim the sides relatively short, leaving more length in the center to create a peak. If you go this route, you’ll need to have allot of texturizing throughout to add movement. And you’ll need a strong hold gel or hair paste to hold the style.

Bon Weekend

With the hot and frothy huge sized mug of coffee, naa, Pink tea that I’m sipping at this late moment on Friday’s night (2:05 AM), I’m thinking about weekend plans … so here are few suggestions … Let’s see

1. Lok Virsa’s mela is ending this weekend (by my latest knowledge), I haven’t visited it yet … Must Visit … if you haven’t like me … but parking can be a problem … so it’s advised here that pull up your boots park at Industrial Exhibition ground and go ahead on foot … enjoy the weather … let the cool sift into you :)

2. If your family and kids are making you crazy for an outing then you have plenty of choices Pir Sohawa, Daman e Koh and Rawal lake are too obvious ones. If you haen’t yet gone beyond Pir Sohawa … then do so this week-end … few kilometers ahead (5-10 KM) of Pir Sohawa there’s a fine dhabba like hotel … which serve such nice tea with hot pakoras … complete chilling plan for friends and families both :> I personally love the Golra Railway station … the old bargad trees (are they the banyans??) are a delightful see … with the museum there and not to forget beautiful Railway station lamps :) If you want to go within 1.5 Hr Radius then Shahdra can be a choice (but it’s all about water and water these days … not a good idea), Murree, Taxila can be some choices.

3. Wedding season is ON too … Aaah I’ll have to spend my weekend nights fooling around in weddings … Look nice :P

Olive Garden Reruns and Reviews

I have food issues! Serious ones! And because of that have a tendency to return time again to restaurants that have a good track record. One restaurant that comes close to being one of m favoriteswhether for an outing with friends or a meal with the family is Olive Garden, in F-7. Landmarks associated with location include, Hot Spot, Golden Dragon and Gelatto. It is opposite the Fountainhead School and accesible through a winding street that you can enter from street 7.

Olive Garden offers you the option to eat outside in an old fashioned wooden gazebo style structure, located away from the grill and barbecue which means that you usually avoid taking in the smoke with the food, should you choose to sit outside; as well as having a warm, terracota, very European style eating hall inside. Wrought iron chairs and tables with stone ware and silver really add to the ambience. The staff is actually well mannered and pretty attentive which then brings me to the food.

The menu has the usual Italian/Mexican inspired starters, soups and salads and a pretty standard offering of pasta, spaghetti and steaks. There are a couple of thai variations for chicken and sea food which are pretty acceptable. The desi palette is well catered to with options for seekh kababs, handis, and chops. The nans are always excellent, soft on the inside and warm and crusty on the outside. They have a variety of cold drinks and juices like daquiris, and coolers that go down well in the summers but serve a well brewed cappucino to warm one up after a hearty meal. The coffee also serves as a good foil for their out of this world cheese cake served generously with chocolate sauce and their baked alaska is pretty passable.

So the next time you have the craving for good food and you’re willing to spend a little for it (example; cappucino; Rs. 75; Chicken, pasta, Spaghetti and steaks; anywhere between 275 to 400 rupees); try The Olive Garden.

Bon Appetit! :)

Crime Trends ~ Islamabad

Assalam o alaykum w.w!

For last few years or maybe decades, crime scene is on its top in Pakistan. Whether it be car lifting, breaking in the houses or shops or the most recent trend of robbing mobiles phones and other accessories by bikers.

Will Shoot YaKarachi and Lahore are notorious for all the mentioned crimes … as a matter of fact just 2-3 days back, in Lahore we had such an incident of breaking in the house … somehow they managed to take few minor things and major electronic items were in garage all packed up for next day … alhamdolillah they couldn’t manage it but leaving an empty house is not an easy thing … !

Islamabad just doesn’t like to stay behind too … but I guess, or you can say I or my links experienced certain trends of crime scene in the past in Islamabad

Few years back – dating back to 1994-96, when dish antennas were in great demand … and so were the LNBs … they were considered, I guess, HOT enough for stealing … we lost two … and in fact in our neighborhood … in one night 23 LNBs were stolen … profitable ;~)

Then in start of 2000 … an empty house … break in … gather whatever you can and run …

Isloo on Orkut

OK , I got bit inspired off this post and when I searched for Islamabad on ORKUT … 285 … just 285 … :D

Well … even 285 is a big number :)

The top community was Islamabad with 12, 143 members …. where’s Isloo’s youth :O

And guess what Jinnah Super was on second numb and yet another Islamabad Street Racing was on third … BTW what’s the street racing scene in Islamabad … I don’t see much … though in G-10/4’s newly made double road few youngsters used to race Cars on the road after aftaar in Ramadhan … they had to face one major serious accident just 3 days before Eid … no one expired off luckily but serious injuries is what I’m sure of …!

Chill and Don’t forget to take Constructive approach in Life – all ya teens and youngsters ^_^

Dengue – Safety Tips

A sharp rise in mosquito transmitted dengue and dengue hemorrhagic fever cases in the past few weeks, with dozens of people in hospitals?

-How can someone get dengue fever?

Dengue fever occurs following the bite of an infected mosquito Aedes aegypti.The mosquito gets the Dengue virus after biting a human being infected with dengue virus.

-When should I suspect Dengue?

Dengue should be suspected when you have sudden onset of high grade fever 103-105 degrees F, accompanied with severe headache (mostly in the forehead), pain behind the eyes, body aches and pains, rash on the skin and nausea or vomiting. The fever lasts for 5-7 days.

-There are several types of fever, when shall dengue be suspected?

The characteristics of dengue that makes it different from other causes of fever are the pain behind the eyes, severe pains in the muscles, severe joint pains (break -bone fever), and skin rashes. These features make the diagnosis of suspected Dengue likely.

-What is the difference between suspected and probable case of dengue?

If a patient suspected to be having dengue has reduced platelets or an increase in blood haematocrit, then the patient has probable dengue. These additional findings make dengue more likely. (Platelets are cells in blood that help to stop bleeding. Haematocrit indicates the thickness of blood).

-Can I get dengue fever from another person?

It is only spreads through the bite of an infected mosquito not from person to person.

-What is the treatment? Is it curable?

Like most viral diseases there is no specific cure for dengue fever. Paracetamol is the drug of choice to bring down fever and joint pain.

Other medicines such as Aspirin and Brufen should be avoided since they can increase the risk of bleeding.Patients should take rest, drink plenty of fluids (including ORS) and eat nutritious diet.



Please, please, please, for Gods sake, use categories while posting on Islamabad metblogs.

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Know them well…


Dengue Commeth – Prevention is better than cure

After the epidemic in karachi, dengue is finally making way to others parts of the city, recently claiming the life of 14 year old Mehreen here yesterday. The number of cases has risen in six now.

Here i’ll post my public service advisory, similar to the one posted on Khi metblogs

Safety measures for protecting against dengue include
1) Leaving the city (okay.. not the most practical, i agree)
2) Generous applications of mospel all over your body (you end up smelling sweet too)
3) From the article: people should keep their homes and offices protected against mosquitoes through the use of bed nets while sleeping, placing fixed nets on doors and windows, not leaving overhead water tanks open, removing flower pots, plant holdings and other possible places of mosquito breeding from within the homes, using mosquito repellent lotion on the body and mosquito coils and mats.

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