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Chrysanthamum’s Everywhere

Colours of Life ...!On Nov 30th, I told you people about this Flower exhibition … so yes Chrysanthamum’s and Autumn Flowers were here all blooming … showering colours all around in Fatima Jinnah aka F-9 Park …!

OK don’t worry they’ll bloom on Sunday too … so yes you still have some time :>

3-4-5 :: Reviewd

3 Comedians… 4 Nights… 5 Shows!
To say that the night was funny would be an understatement. It was beyond hilarious! For a distinctive change, Islamabad seemed well alive and vibrant in the dead of the cold Sunday night.

Do you have the courage?


if you can do it let me know. if you won i will pay 100RS.

Interesting Pottery …


Earthenware or more commonly known as “Matti kay bartan” is one specialty of Pakistan … I caught this interesting pot on camera while visiting Lok Virsa’s Mela … It reminded me of those Halloween pumpkins … !

With a bulb glowing inside and placed in a corner of room … Haa it’d look perfect … Don’t forget to switch off room’s light :-)

Bon Weekend

With the hot and frothy huge sized mug of coffee, naa, Pink tea that I’m sipping at this late moment on Friday’s night (2:05 AM), I’m thinking about weekend plans … so here are few suggestions … Let’s see

1. Lok Virsa’s mela is ending this weekend (by my latest knowledge), I haven’t visited it yet … Must Visit … if you haven’t like me … but parking can be a problem … so it’s advised here that pull up your boots park at Industrial Exhibition ground and go ahead on foot … enjoy the weather … let the cool sift into you :)

2. If your family and kids are making you crazy for an outing then you have plenty of choices Pir Sohawa, Daman e Koh and Rawal lake are too obvious ones. If you haen’t yet gone beyond Pir Sohawa … then do so this week-end … few kilometers ahead (5-10 KM) of Pir Sohawa there’s a fine dhabba like hotel … which serve such nice tea with hot pakoras … complete chilling plan for friends and families both :> I personally love the Golra Railway station … the old bargad trees (are they the banyans??) are a delightful see … with the museum there and not to forget beautiful Railway station lamps :) If you want to go within 1.5 Hr Radius then Shahdra can be a choice (but it’s all about water and water these days … not a good idea), Murree, Taxila can be some choices.

3. Wedding season is ON too … Aaah I’ll have to spend my weekend nights fooling around in weddings … Look nice :P

Lok Virsa’s Mela Kick Off

Cholistani Artists Doing PracticThere are very few events that are enjoyed en masse in Islamabad … Lok Virsa’s Mela and the Industrial Exhibition are the two most cherished events … and I guess the only event de grandeur too … prized equally by upper crust of the society to the breadline …!

This year the Lok Mela starts from Nov 4 and continues till 19th November’ 2006 … it’d be again bustling with spectacular cultural events … musical performances … traditional dancing … food from all four provinces of Pakistan …complete cultural display of Pakistan it’d be.

Cholistan and Chitral pavilions are the additions this year to acknowledge their culture, meals, crafts and traditions.

The Night – Ziryab from Syria

Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) presents

The Night – Ziryab from Syria

All about the “Ancient Civilization Rituals”

Scheduled on:

8th November’ 2006 – 7 PM – Islamabad Club

Who can perform:

Only PNCA members can perform … Ok don’t stop reading … go ahead :~)

For PNCA Art Club Museum members, performance is FREE

But if you want to become members Contact Ms. Shabana Ashraf at 051- 9205088

Rs. 1000 will be charged Per Person
Rs. 1500 will be charged Per Couple
Rs. 500 will be charged for Temporary Membership Per Person …!

Go Ahead ..!

چوڑیاں – Chooriyaan – Bangle Delights

Shopkeepers wrap bangles which are in great demand nowadays as Eidul Fitr draws nearer … !

And gosh .. how much I love bangles … in last 2-3 days whenevr I went out for a market or some place … Choori wala was the one lucky person I gave visit every time :D and not to forget the Mahndi part :)

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