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Easy steps to bring a revolution..


How to bring a revolution in ten easy steps:-

1) For starters, wear a lot of sunscreen if you plan to bring a revolution in the summers (because skintone is if not more, as important as the said purpose itself).

2) Wear either Nike’s or Adidas sneakers, Servis joggers don’t cut it when the cause has so much international importance.

3) Make sure you keep your latest iPOD in handy so that when the Naara’s go out of tune, you can listen to revolutionary songs by Lady gaga and Justin Beiber. John Lennon? John Lennon who?

4) Eenie meenie minie mo between Imran Khan and Zaid Hamid, one is a confused apologist, the other is a state of the art fighter sent to the world to rid the world of all Zionists, regardless of their nationality.

5) Watch a lot of star plus before you go out in the scorching heat to fight for justice.

6) Believe that everything wrong in the country is because blackwater wants it to be wrong. Yes, your alarm clock didn’t go off in the morning because blackwater wanted you to be late for class so you couldn’t learn and bring change in the world.

7) Revolution doesn’t come overnight, so ask your mothers to pack you supplies for at least two days, sandwiches, lollipops, orange juice and a good bedtime story.

8) Go to protests with the opposite sex in numbers, because while you’re ridding the world of evil and social disorder, you might even score, how cool is that?

9) Before heading out, twitter, facebook, text message your friends that you’re going on the mission of your life and if you don’t return, they should forgive you for all the wrong doings that you’ve done and return an hour later and re-do the process with, “I almost died for the country”…

10) After the protest, tell everyone that the country has gone to the dogs and then take your dogs out for a walk in the evening.

Yes Minister


Taken at a luncheon where some honorable minister couldn’t eat in the heat: Thanks to load-shedding of course.

Courtesy: Daily Express (or was it Aajkal :s)

Enlightened History

The Lights Come on at Saidpur Village – March 2009, originally uploaded by swami bhaktividenta prabhupaada.

A trip to Saidpur Village is like heading back into history – a narrow winding road leading up to the landmark Hindu temple at its entrance, stacks of hay, terraced mud houses and the Margalla Hills overlooking them all combine to turn the clock back.

Having been cuddled up in the comfy lap of the Margallas for centuries, the village provides a vivid account of what it actually used to be in yesteryears, long before Islamabad came into being through a photo museum set up inside the renovated temple.

Aptly put by Imran Naeem of Daily Times

With some eateries around .. plan a visit this weekend with your family :> The weather’s at your side too ~

See more pics of the village by clicking here.

Wait not .. jump into Saidpur asap – at your own expense obviously ;)

Qasayi Mil Gaya?

Yes, this is going to be the question of day on phone calls and Eid meet ups. Happens every eid. With dads and uncles looking around for a sahee waala qasayi and not the Eid-kay-Eid peda honay walay qasayi.

As I was reading Daily Times this morning, I come to know through a report of theirs that butchers have set their asking prices already.

Rs 1,500-1,800 for slaughtering goat,
Rs 5,000-7,000 for bull,
Rs 9,000-10,000 for camel


I’ve seen many households where they just give the asking price without any bargaining and then later cry over the meat being ruined by these seasonal butchers. If you haven’t advanced booked one, thoroughly inspect the chosen butcher candidate. Check the utensils he’s carrying, if it’s an axe (kulhari), bid him farewell right there, on the spot. He’s not meant for your cutie lil animal.

If you’ve enough manpower at home, follow the footsteps of Hadhrat Muhammad Mustapha SAWW. Gain extra sawaaab. If you are feeble-heart kind … stay indoors please.

Message for Eid:

Before keeping the legs aside … do remember the families around who haven’t tasted seen mutton/lamb/Beef since months. Probably it was last eid they saw it.

Image Courtsy: Sbmoot

Golra Sharif – A chapter from our history

Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A)

Hazrat Syedna Pir Meher Ali Shah (R.A)

Situated near Margalla Hills, Islamabad, Golra Sharif is a shrine of the Sufi Saint Pir Meher Ali Shah.

Prior to the arrival of Hazrat’s ancestors Golra Sharif was just a small village in the suburbs of Rawalpindi.

The area extending from Hasan Abdal to the neighborhood of Taxila, a settlement traced back to 2000 years, is custodian of a rich cultural heritage of pre-Islamic period. Even today the archaeological remains dotting the area furnish evidence of the splendid cultural and religious traditions of Buddhist era. Eminent historians of the world agree that it was here that Greek wisdom and Indian civilization meshed together to bring about a synthesis which influenced cultures and art movements everywhere.

With the passage of time, it was overrun by many foreign invaders, such as Greeks, Persians, Afghans, White Huns, Mughals, Sikhs and the British.

With his rule extending from 1747 to 1773, Ahmad Shah Abdali emerged as one of its last period rulers. After his death his son Taimur Shah ruled the area till 1793. he had to face tremendous pressure from the Marhattas and Sikhs, and by the British at river Sutlaj. when the Afghan ruler, Ahmed Shah Abdali, died and his subedar in Punjab, Maharaja Ranjit Singh, took advantage of the power vacuum and proclaimed his autonomy, it became a part of Sikh Kingdom. From 1818 to 1849, the area remained under the Sikhs till it was annexed by the British.

This was the period of great political upheaval and instability. Some of the communities, known as marauding tribes, were addicted to violent crime and internecine warfare. They levied black-mail tax on the roads south of the Margalla Pass. Morality and virtue were on a rapid decline. Absence of values had created a social abyss – a spiritual “waste land”, and the government too was based on injustice and tyranny. In such a holocaust, God in His Divine Mercy deputed Muslim saints to guide the people and to show them the path of righteousness.

A celebrated Punjabi Naat of Hazrat (R.A)

The following Naat is the most well-known of Hazrat’s writings in verse. It has a grandeur equalled by few other Naats in any language. It’s concluding verse in particular is unmatched in it’s beauty and emotional appeal.


Ramzan Delicacies

Can you imagine the holy month of Ramzan without all these chatkharas? The desi chatkhara mood is in full swing around. In all commercial centers.


Sehri posts from previous Ramzan, Delight 1 and Delight 2 =)

Image Courtesy: DailyLife

Folk Music: Lok Virsa

IMG_8025, originally uploaded by mafimushkala.

Himmat marda’an =))

Shali – Aseer Shahzadi: Comes to Town

SHANAAKHT – A Nomad Forum for the Arts brings you SHALI a telefilm from the powerful series Aseer Shahzadi produced by HUM Television.
Written by Attiya Dawood, well knownwriter, activist and poet, SHALI will move your hearts and make you think and hopefully do something for these distressed and troubled souls.

A touching story pertaining to abuse against women in our male dominated society with regard to child marriages. The issues presented in these plays are of universal concern, with women being the victims of these evil practices. Sensitive issues are brought forward to make people realize the severity of the prevailing injustices to females. Shali, the 14 year old protagonist, a mere child living in the city’s slums, has no clue what it entails to be married.

Cast includes Suhaee Abro, Shazia Qamar, Rashida Yaqub, and Aslam Shaikh. Directed by Danish Nawaz.


Date: Tuesday, March 25 – 2008
Time: 6.30pm (doors will close at 6.15 sharp)
Duration: 50 minutes
Donation: Rs. 100 (Shanaakht members) Rs. 200 (non-members)
Venue: Nomad Gallery – 383, 8th Avenue, F-8/3, Islamabad

Note: There are a limited number of seats available…kindly call/ mail or visit to book your seat.

Nomad timing: 10am – 6pm (Monday closed)

Shanaakht membership is open, contact the Nomad reception for details.

Nageen Hyat
Director, Nomad Gallery
# 383, Eighth Avenue, F-8/3, Islamabad. Tel: 051 – 2262502

Shali in Islamabad on 25/3/08 @ NOMAD, originally uploaded by *abro*.

Refer to the original picture for more by the print media.

Who’d Have Thought 1989 Would Become So Braggably Ancient?


Only today did I notice that Pappasallis prints the words ‘Since 1989’ on its pizza boxes.

And all at once, I felt like the year 2008 is a really long way away from the first time I ate out with my family at this fancy Italian restaurant and ordered asparagus soup, much to the disgust of my cousins.

Man. ‘Since 1989.’

Aaptimus Praym!

This masterpiece is the work of Kenny Irwin.

My friend e-mailed me this image, and I think it’s priceless. =D

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