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New Assessment System

Students and teachers at Model School in Islamabad are finding it difficult to adjust to the new assessment system and examination schedule introduced for classes 1 to 8.
According to the schedule that aims to bring uniformity among the private and federal schools of the capital, the academic session will now end just before the summer vacations.
Although it might be good for students as they wouldn’t have any burden of homework during the vacations, it has affected their results of the first term and in some instances also the second.
A teacher said that they were not able to cover the syllabus and that too in a new way, also 60% of the assessment papers are now in objective form and the students have to memorize the whole chapters including the poetry of Hali and Iqbal.
A student pointed out that Multiple Choice Question made cheating easier, “Now we only have to tell each other the number instead of dictating the whole answer to a question”.
However, Rafiq Tahir, Director Colleges and Training at the Federal Education Directorate said that the new system Is running smoothly, we have not received any complaints from teacher or students.

We Don’t Need No Education

logo_opf.gifIn case any one has not been following the OPF girls college strike case recently, the row has picked up momentum now. The OPF Girls College administration on Wednesday refused to accept teachers demands, including regularisation of their services and withdrawal of termination letters served to three staff members after negotiations held between protesting teachers and the administration.

Safeguarding Country & Nation’ Future

For Country & Nation ...!

A very interesting picture was published in todays Dawn — Since mothers are usually responsible for education and children matters ; so that’s exactly what you can see here.

A policewoman is performing her duty – a dual responsibility. While performing her official duty, she is also teaching her child.

On duty?? well thatonly the photographer can tell – maybe her duty timings would have ended.

Shaadi Season!

As much as I hate going out in the public and then being spotted by a familiar face every now and then, the concept of grand functions like Shaadies is something that really cant settle with me. Thats just the anti-social Batman inside of me speaking… which I have nurtured with great care… anyways!

Winter is at its peak, holidays are in full swing, everyone is free, and Eid is coming up. What better to do than wed your child! Ah! OK, fine, but please, please, please, dont park your damned car infront of my gate next time! Please, tell your guests to atleast respect the people living next doors by letting some space to atleast allow their cars to ‘squeeze’ out of their drive ways. Oh God! As if the music wasnt good enough… Parking problems are added.

Plus, too many cars in Islamabad, banks should throttle down on the loans, man!


I never knew how important counselling was, until I realized its advantages. Here I’m talking about counselling in a student’s life where he is given information on his future studies and career. Where he also figures out what he really wants to do in life. That makes him stick to one field and not get confused.

I recently had a chance to talk to an Indian girl, who was 15 years old. I had nothing in common with her, so I had to start a topic. I asked, ‘what do you wanna be when you grow up?’. And to be honest, I was expecting the answer to be ‘a pilot’ or maybe ‘a doctor’. But she said ‘First, I want to do B.Com. Then, ill do masters but im not sure, if I’ll choose Hotel Management or Banking. Then ill have to hunt for a job, which im sure ill get, depending on what subjects I take in MBA’. This was the reply of a 15 year old.

In India, she said, they’re given counselling in the 10th grade when the kid is 15-16 years old. 3 days of counselling where the students are given information about future studies, jobs and how to find out your aptitude towards life.

I’ve seen people around me, who chose Computer Studies in 10th class, took Chemistry in Intermediate and started Accounting after that. Only if someone helped him decide what his aptitude was, he would’ve stuck to it. Even in Beaconhouse, which is considered one of the best schools of Pakistan, there is no such thing as counselling. And parents till this day have the same three careers for their kids. Mera beta baray ho k doctor banay ga, or maybe engineer ya lawyer.

Most schools and colleges here, rely mostly on rote. And all they want is the better result of the school, by any means. They even beat kids when they don’t learn the topic, but they don’t realize that he can’t learn it because his mind does not accept it. It’s not what his aptitude is. It is one of the things, schools in Pakistan really need to look forward to.

Best of luck…

The November SAT is starting in almost one hour time.

We at Islamabad metblogs wish all the people applying for undergaduate studies the coming year on this SAT score, the best of luck for SAT and the application procedure.

May victory be yours.


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