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Zibahkhana Opens at Cinepax


Don’t you just love that a movie called Zibahkhana would choose to open on Eid-ul-Azha? It certainly appeals to my sensibilities, as did the film itself when I watched its premiere at the Islamabad Club this summer.

Comparing apples with apples this time…

Update: It gives me immense pleasure to tell that we did get noticed by Hasan Mubarak of Metroblogging Lahore here.

Thanks Hasan.


I did review Cinepax for you earlier.

This time it’s DHA Cinema Lahore.

I watched the movie “The Bourne Ultimatum” on both the cinemas, so my opinion wouldn’t be totally biased. Although Einstein did say that “Common sense is all the biases collected that a person has by the age of 18”. But still I will try to be fair and square.

As you can see for yourself in the following pictures, no doubt that the quality of cinema, seats, washrooms :D, et al is a lot better in Cinepax Islamabad in comparison to DHA Cinema Lahore. What’s not so evident in these pictures is the fact that the quality of sound is better in DHA Cinema Lahore.

But the fact still remains is that if you have been to Cinepax, DHA Cinema will not be able to impress or entertain you to it’s fullest.

Rest is just your own opinion, go there and form your very own.

You might as well like to share it over here.

Best, cheers!!!











Upcoming Event – NIMS Fashion Show 2007


The NUST Institute of Management Sciences is organizing its largest fashion show ever on November 26th, 2007. The show is called Schism, and its theme is the merging of two contrasts to make a whole – the Angel and the Demon within every man. According to the organizers, it will consist of a series of segments taking the audience through various stages of a man’s life: the teenager, the man, the innocent, the dark – an exploration of all his hidden facets, all those sides of him that few ever get to see. The tagline of the show is, ‘Know the secrets of life.’


Let’s leave the emergency in Pakistan for the time being. There is more to Pakistan than extremism and all that crap.

I have watched The Bourne Ultimatum and Harry Potter 5 in the newly built cinema called Cinepax. It’s not exactly in Islamabad but cinemas like this are soon to be built on the Islamabad Club road.

It’s definitely a worth watching experience seeing a movie in this cinema. Not only because it is very aesthetically
built but because of … err… clean washrooms.

I am a very huge fan of good bathrooms and toilets. I have traveled extensively in all provinces of Pakistan(-Balochistan, I have my guilt of not being there). One of the unanimous things that I have observed is that
we need to make new and good washrooms and we need to educate people to use washrooms properly and leanly.

It’s not really a joke. And this, unfortunately holds more in Urban areas than the rural areas( no, I am not talking about Serenas, Marriotts, PCs et al).

Enough of all that, I am attaching some photos from there. Do visit the cinema for movies, there is Mc. Donalds and Papasallis near so you can have a good meal after the movies. For schedule send CPX to 6622 from your cell phone. (SMS charges Rs. 5/- per message)

Never mind the quality.










The Good Doctor…

I saw The Good Doctor yesterday.

It’s not bad, in-fact it’s quite a perfect product!

I will write a review once the play is over, but if you want some entertainment, you should go and watch it.

Crime and Poetry…

Obviously, the title is inspired from the Novel. But it has been aesthetically chosen, and excellently advertised.

If you have a knack for acting, try out!

I will definitely be among your audience if you get chosen!

And I WILL write about you on Islamabad metblogs. You have my word for it…

Go ahead, give it your best shot!!!
[Click on the image for a better resolution, full-size image]

A Model From Islamabad Wins Bikini Pageant

Nida.bmpYes, believe it!

We surely are seeing more frequent appearances of women, from Pakistan, into modeling and fashion industry now. Although the opportunities in Pakistan still are a far cry from being anywhere realistic when it comes to the fashion and modeling industry, yet we have our share of first movers too. And they had to move all the way to Canada this time. Case in point Nida Shaheen 21 from Islamabad, who will be competing for the Miss Bikini Universe pageant. This year the organizers are crossing their fingers for a win, if not a title to bring back for Pakistan. To date Pakistan has achieved 5 international titles and is aiming for more

MissPakistanCanada.JPGAmidst the glamour and entertainment, Nida is not new to the modeling and beauty peagent industry and has been recipient of other awards. She was the also the Runner up Miss Pakistan World 2007 title. She didn’t stop at that and went away to bag Miss Photogenic award too.

Well finally more representation from Islamabad and Pakistan on the not so famous international front. More details can be found here

Act now…

If you have a flair for acting, do try this opportunity.

Who knows you might end up there on stage?


ShoMan’s “Khuda Kay Liyay”: Ready & Hyped Up

Khuda Kay Liyay

Ever since the news of Khuda Kay Liyay‘s completion and release in 3rd week of July came out, I’m all puffed up to grab it and see. Being a lover of the ShoMan Shoaib Mansoor’s works, I possess a definite liking whether it is An Kahii, Fifty Fifty, Gulls n’ Guys, songs, JJ’s songs, or Alpha Bravo Charlie … (I used to watch all three telecasts of the drama every week :-)). So, the movie is for sure spreading a HYPED UP anxiousness en masse in Pakistan.

ClassyAudio of the movie was released earlier this month … a complete sold out the first day… and don’t ask how I got my hands on the music (without spending a single penny ;-))

The movie is finally UP and RELEASED en masse in Pakistan today …!

And Islamabad is sans any cinemas … can you imagine … the plight of entertainment seekers and lovers in the capital won’t be able to see the film on big screen … we’ll have to wait for DVD’s *sigh* …!

Shaan looks classy, Fawad Khan (of EP) just a blast and Iman Ali simply ravishing … Naseer ud Din Shah’s appearing on Pakistan Silver Screen for the first time …!

RavishingBut the film arouse many objections on the story line and image of Islam being presented in lately … making the film CONTROVERSIAL … with people even demanding a ban.

What we have…

What we have, over shadows what we don’t. Let’s accept the fact that Islamabad lacks a few basic facilities that other Pakistani cities do. Pakistanis sans Islamabadis would be eager to listen to what I have to say, if not, don’t care. So here goes.


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