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The Networkathon at YLES’10

Day two activities at YLES’10. The day started with a rickshaw wala “trying” to rip me off. I say “trying” because over the course of the past two days I have gained wisdom as to why I get ripped off and what I should do to prevent me getting ripped off:-

1) I apparently look like a “forun-er”.

2) Judging by my body language, it seems I have a lot of money *laughs*

And to prevent the outcome of the above mentioned points, the only thing that got me out of this dilemma was to speak in Punjabi.

“Punjabi ich bolo tay masla solve ho he janda ay ustad”Learned rickshaw wala

After I got to the venue, I was directed to a huge canopy tent with 4-5 big screen projectors displaying the rather interesting video clip of the song ‘Billi Jean” from Micheal Jackson’s Budapest 1992 concert. I say interesting here because the crowd in this very concert went absolutely “cuckoo” when they saw Mr. Jackson. One could see screaming, crying, dancing, stoned, sober, semi-stoned, semi-sober and other humanly emoted people present. The crowd were seated and Umair Jaliawala started the proceedings. He tells the history of his last name as the “remembrance of his grand father meeting his grand mother in the Jalianwala garden”.

Deemed Umair the Turner on his website:-

School of Leadership website

The start to his presentation was rather interesting. He apparently likes to “turn people on”. Sexual innuendos were a plenty linked with a lot of interesting ploys and activities to do for the delegates present. He started off with explaining why the youth needs energy, how they can nurture it, how self love is important ( or maybe that was later on in the show but it cracked me up). His theme for the whole workshop was “Screw it, let’s do it”, based on the Virgin Empire mogul, Richard Branson’s autobiography by the same name. Delegates were divided into groups, assigned a Leadership facilitator. Made to ask people random questions, get question papers filled, hug each other, basically network. Which came to par with the theme. The most interesting activity in my opinion was him telling the delegates it’s lunch time. The lunch time announcement was received very well but he had something else under his belt (NO THIS IS NOT A SEXUAL INNUENDO). He told the delegates that they had to make their lunch from the raw materials present there and sell it to some other team. Interesting exercise in my opinion. Then at the end of the day they had to use trash to make something useful that was “sellable”..

This is in fact a very brief summary of what happened but I’m pretty sure I covered everything. A little profile about Mr Umair is available on the website I mentioned above. Worth mentioning is:-

His humble exterior and age doesn’t echo the crowds he has transformed, at SoL (including YLC, TTYT & HPJ) and other schools, colleges, universities, and organizations (including Habib Bank Limited, The Citizens Foundation, Institute of Chartered Accountants of Pakistan (ICMAP), Aga Khan Sports and Welfare Board, All Pakistan Memon Foundation, Institute of Business Administration (IBA), Iqra University, Karachi University, PAF KIET, Foundation Public School and Beaconhouse School). He immediately relaxes his audience, guards down, receptive to learning, before he shakes their paradigms again. His sessions are a rollercoaster journey of change, exercises/games, questions, quotes, challenges and realizations.

At the end of the day as I sit in the computer lab (brilliant lab I have to add) and write the tale of today, I reflect back on the day and I find that I did learn a couple of things to:-

1) Never get ripped off EVER AGAIN.
2) The Chicken Cheese shawarma from Cock N Bull (NOT ANOTHER INNUENDO I SWEAR) SUCKS.

And a couple of other things too which are not relevant or maybe they are. But then again, I might have forgotten them. Too much knowledge is a hassle after all.

Oh and currently there is a “surprise event; social event” going on which I couldn’t be bothered by because it’s just a snazzy version of the kiddy scavenger hunt concept.

A workshop will be conducted at 10 pm related to the “PLAY-IT” competition which I will write about when it takes place.

So I depart. *wave*

The Social Enterprise Challenge at YLES’10.

In today’s world, more than ever before, we need sustainable and innovative entrepreneurship. That is why this years YLES them is Sustainopreneurship.

The Social Enterprise Challenge at YLES, will provide you with a forum to resolve issues of ecological, economic, and social sustainability, through entrepreneurial ventures. Being in line with the concept of Sustainopreneurship, the Social Enterprise Challenge would set out to find and creative innovations to solve these sustainability-related problems.

The above mentioned paragraphs blatantly copied off the YLES delegate handbook would have given you a slight if not the whole idea about what this competition was about. Teams had to highlight a social issue pertaining in their native city and elaborate it briefly through a photo essay followed by a presentation that had to highlight the problems and come up with an enterprise or an organizational solution to these problems.

At first you could see that the teams present in the room (There were two separate rooms so I followed my instinct and by theee graays aaf aal mie-tee Allah I went in room a-12, or was it a-11. I don’t remember), were full of enthusiasm to go out there and kick some major behind. Two of the judges introduced themselves, one being some Punjab rural organizations chief internal auditor (Funny chap, and no not because of his humor *laughs*), and the other judge who had ventured into the CNG, mule breeding, construction and a lot of other businesses (Another funny chap, and again not because of his humor). Later the judge panel was joined by a couple who were funnier. One being a lawyer in THE UK for the past 40 years and the other his wife who was a “lecturer”.

On with the competition, the first team came in and talked about the issue of pollution, followed by teams talking about child poverty, medical waste issues, sewerage problems, green housing societies, garbage disposal units, pollution (again) and other issues. And in my view, I don’t think any delegate actually came up with a ‘solution”. Forming an NGO, or asking for the government to solve the problems is NOT a really leader-y thing to do. But then again, I guess no one got the point of it or maybe they did. I wouldn’t know but in my opinion, the delegates lacked presentation skills and a specific vision (later pointed out by funny chap 2). At the end of the challenge, I was glad I was out, because it was in fact not up to mark with the objective it had to achieve ( it could be awesome if it was directed).

The results have to be announced today (i.e the 20th of January’10) so I will update later with the results.

The Rock Star Carnival was nothing to write home about so instead of whining about how much it sucked, I’ll choose to ignore it but I’d like to specially mention the “psychic sisters”. Funny “sisters” who were reading palms. With the funny big glasses and the specially concerned people about their future. I wanted to re-create Richard Dawkin’s “enemy of reason” interview with a psychic but to my surprise, the pukhtoon team got to the chair before I did and then I just lost interest.

Au revoir

The YLES’10 opening ceremony

I hath returned to haunt the realm of the world wide web. Ah enough dramatic horror bullshit. On with the opening ceremony. I got in a little late so I think I missed what a few guest speakers said. But I did catch the enthralling and super energetic opening done by Nadeem Chawhan. He had the delegates laughing, and having fun. I can remember him saying “yaar yeh jo lafz hei na IS FIELD MEIN SCOPE NAI.. I hate it”.. made me laugh. He had the crowd of delegates clapping, cheering, dancing, chanting.

He later introduced what he thought the youth of today needed. Energy, and the concept of doing something because you want to be successful were on his card for the ceremony.Then he introduced what he called the “concept of chawhanization”.. Which he described later to me as a “personal high anyone can nurture within himself to achieve something”. I then, can call my elusive state of mind as “the concept of hashimization”. That would be elite and awesome.

“Nadeem Chawhan likes to describe himself as “The Pirate of Corporate Storytelling.” He is an MBA by education, but a revolutionist by nature. Prior to consultancy, Nadeem worked with different organizations such as Procter & Gamble, Shell Pakistan & Domed Medicals in marketing & business development capacities.”

Nadeem is senior facilitator, management consultant & director at Navitus. He enriches our work with his rare contributions of analytical & creative thinking. Nadeem focuses on personal & team development through areas like interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial spirit, sales, transformational leadership, overall strategic planning & dealing with the future.

This can be found on the NAVITUS WEBSITE

He also talked about “Wake Up Islamabad”. A venture he is working on to enlighten the youth. This venture is arranging an event at the Convention Center, Islamabad on the 31’st of January’10 to get people together for the show stopping event called “Takmeel-e-Pakistan” which is going to be held at the Minar-e-Pakistan. Because according to him, it’s been more than 6 decades since the last declaration of independence was passed, and that we need another one that integrates modern needs, wants and the dressing of success.

He also thought that the chicken crossed the road because it was afraid it’d get raped by a certain individual (the name I could not get), present there. This is in fact a major issue in itself and should be address on a larger scale as chickens play an important role for the high and dry and the leaders who think they can fly *Wink*…

All in all, it was fun, energetic, and got the delegates rolling for the event to follow which was the Social Enterprise Challenge which I will write about tomorrow. For now, I need to get my Rock Star groove in motion and go to the themed carnival. Theme being “Rockstar”.I also can bear witness to the fact that social events play a very important role in events such as YLES. So my friends, compatriots, my friends, compatriots *Oh wait I already wrote that*..

Toodles. Viva La Revolucion.


And the yearly extravangza known as the Young leaders and entrepreneur summit (YLES’10) begins. This being my biggest assignment yet. Assignment that was taken up by me, myself. I would say I but that would just be ruining the norm.

Lahore, amidst all the fog and the super cold weather looked pretty different to me. New roads, new everything, same old me. *Blah*…

I will be covering the whole event, from all the competitions to the workshops and the social events, so that is something to look forward to. I hope. *crosses finger*.

The opening ceremony awaits yours truly.

Au revoir.

“Open Frequency” on Dawn News 17th’ Jaunary’10 at 11 pm.

I was recently part of a program conducted by the British High Commission, the British Council and Dawn News called “Open Frequency”. It was an insightful discussion with David Miliband, the foreign secretary of the United Kingdom and David Martin, the head of the British Council in Pakistan, and was hosted by the ever charming and gorgeous Saima Mohsin from Dawn News (News Eye anyone?! )..

The panel of students chosen were to ask David Miliband or David Martin questions that concern the youth, even though only ten were present at the moment but it was after the publication of a report by the British Council called “Pakistan.. The next generation” :-

Available Here.


The report was published after a concise survey was done all over Pakistan.

The program will air on Dawn News on the 17th of January’10 at 11 pm and will be aired again on the 18th of January’10.

Though I would like to say that this was a good effort on part of the British Council and High Commission, our Government needs to tackle these issues themselves instead of relying on outside parties to do everything for us.

Official Facebook Page for the British High Commission in Islamabad, Pakistan.

Official Facebook page for Dawn News.

The euphoria collection.

“Classy, Confident and Beautiful… The euphoria woman has it all”..


Come see the first ever exhibit of the euphoria collection clothing line at:-

House # 4-A. Street # 55, F-7/4, Islamabad on the 9th of January’10

Time:- 1 pm-10pm

Both pret a porter and haute couture available.

And the Calm Before the Storm was Broken

Islamabad was peaceful for quite some time now. The presence of the security check-posts and military bunkers at different locations was still very much there. But somehow it seemed that people were busy going about their business, carefree and calm. There seemed to be no visible fear of any terrorist activity which usually appears in full form right after such an incident.

But who knew that it was just the calm before the storm. The terrorists hit the city of serenity once again and this time the target was the Naval headquarters located on Margalla Road near Zafar Chowk. Apparently the terrorists’ thirst for hitting military headquarters was not quenched with a similar attack on GHQ Rawalpindi about a month and a half ago. They craved for more and next in line was the Naval headquarter.

The attack took place on December 2, 2009 in the afternoon and caused casualties and left numerous personnel with injuries. The people who lost their lives were naval officials. The 13 reportedly injured include a five year old Jonathan.

  • I salute the ones who lost their lives trying to foil the attack.
  • I pray for the ones who are injured and wish for them to get better soon.
  • I can’t say anything about the terrorists as am not sure whether to condemn them or pray for them.

PS: Everybody would be please to know that our president and prime minister once again successfully condemned this terrorist activity.

Read more on this on The News web site here:

Solar Eclipse: July 22, 2009

Today many among us witnessed the longest solar eclipse of the 21st century in Pakistan along with other countries of the world. According to the Pakistan Meteorological Department the eclipse was supposed to start at 5:58 a.m. and end at 11:12 am. Earlier the MET department had also declared that a total solar eclipse would be visible from India, China, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Japanese Islands and South Pacific Ocean [Source: The News].

We did miss the “total” eclipse by ‘a country’ but whatever we got was worth having. The sun shadowed by the moon looked absolutely magnificent. It resembled a large cookie out of which somebody had neatly taken a large bite. For those of you who missed out on this event, here is a snap so that they may share in the experience as well. :-)

Solar Eclipse/Sooraj Grehan

Solar Eclipse/Sooraj Grehan

I hope all among us who witnessed this cosmic phenomenon protected their eyes as well and saw the eclipse through thick protective screens. I am not sure if it was protection enough but i used an x-ray to view the glorious sun. It was a sight worth seeing. :-)

Start-up insider session @ NUST…

It should be an interesting session. The following text has been copied from the facebook group without permission!



We have limited seats so please register here:

About the Startup Insider Session:

The purpose of this session is to provide a platform to motivated and brilliant people, who are thinking of launching a startup ,get a handle on really what they’ve got and way to make it a success- an idea, a feature, a product, or a business and what not. Past events have attracted sizable crowds of over 150 people per session.

This session will feature a panel of successful serial entrepreneurs with remarkable business experience. They will lead the audience through a series of evaluations critical in implementing the ideas into successful ventures.


Sheheryar Hydri, CEO, Trango Interactive
Faizan Buzdar, CEO, Scrybe
Owais Anjum, CEO, Numetrics
Syed Ahmad, CEO, Digital Prodigy
Atif Mumtaz, co-Founder, Brightspyre
Jehan Ara, President, P@SHA
Aamir Jahangir, SAMAA

“Developing Ideas for Startup”

Friday, May 08, 2009 (6~9pm)

Organized by: NSEC Club @ NUST SEECS [ ]
Venue: SEECS Fountain Area [ ; Login with ur Gmail to see the street map ]

Registration (Mandatory):
We have limited seats so please register here:

Supporting Bodies:
1- P@SHA [ ]
2- Brightspyre [ ]

Punctuality is a virtue !

Flag March to Mark International Fire-Fighters Day

To mark the International Fire-Fighters day, the fire-fighters in the capital city, hand in hand with the 1122 ambulances, will stage a flag march. The march will start at 5:00 p.m. from Convention Center and end at the Fire Headquarters in Sector G-7 after taking a round of the city.

Flag March

Flag March

Apart from commemorating the International Fire-Fighters day, this march will also pay tribute to the fire-fighters of Pakistan who have laid down their lives in several recent events in the line of duty.

Read more here, at the “The News” web site.

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