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Fat and Saltish

Jharoka chef

Jharoka chef spinning his magic

Does anyone know how this fellow does what he does? I’m talking about the Saltish Mutton Karahi at Jharoka (and Bolan, Shinwari etc.) that just melts in your mouth. It’s the stuff that will have you full and wanting more.

I was surprised not to find this Northern Pakistan specialty anywhere in Lahore or Karachi. Perhaps I didn’t look hard enough? Another selling point for the capital ;)

All U can eat! :P

Its the second time that I went to pizza hut this week. The first time I was financing my self and the second time it was a treat so couldn’t miss the opportunity! :P
Well anyway a lot of people turn out at pizzahut when they start their all U can eat deal in Ramadan. Don’t know why but a lot of people seem to think they can eat more than the usual( at least I managed to eat a large size pizza alone each time but I don’t think everyone can manage that). But since the time they have started this deal each time I have seen a decrease in the quality of the pizza meaning a bigger crust, lesser amounts of toppings and an ever lesser amounts of meat in the toppings. To counter this, although it was rear earlier but now I see a mountain of crust on each table each time I go there. Everyone eats the center with the toppings and leave the side portions of the pizza.Well I think pizza hut deserves this as the quality of their pizza significantly decreases!

On the other hand they don’t even serve the pizza at the aftar time! Probably at least 10 minutes must have passed when they brought out the first pizza at the F-10 branch and don’t know about now but it took about 30 minutes the last time I went there in the previous Ramadan. They keep on filling the glasses and you can take as much salad as you want so you fill up your tummies and thus eat lesser amounts of pizza! :P This is a conspiracy hatched high in the upper ranks of the pizza hut administration! :P And after all this even when you have made mountains of pizza hut crust they probably still earn quite a lot of profit! When ever I go there I try to neutralize that profit as much as possible, so go to pizza hut and eat all U can eat! :P

Image credits: Ifti

Ramzan Delicacies

Can you imagine the holy month of Ramzan without all these chatkharas? The desi chatkhara mood is in full swing around. In all commercial centers.


Sehri posts from previous Ramzan, Delight 1 and Delight 2 =)

Image Courtesy: DailyLife

Rains & Pakoray


With weather like this … I want Pakoray =))

Its raining up on Margallas …



Anyone else? =D

Meet Mr. Sharky

Like dinosaurs, when it comes to Marine life … the only thing that sounds ferociously appealing to me is SHARK. And I definitely never thought that I’ll buy 1 kg of shark for Rs. 195 ;-)

Well not so fast we can now. Metro (yup Metro fever’s now down yet :~)) is letting you do that. last weekend when I went there the fish standing lying tall on the ice was definitely not Shark. When I passed the Marine corner today, wooohooo… Shark … a big big  shark was so aesthetically displayed. I  almost jumped at the sight and a pic of him (or her :D) with the kids was inevitable…. !

So here’s it for ya ….

Meet Mr. Shark and His Kids 




I hope selling Sharks is not violating any rules … shark’s a shark … I dont think its a FARM FISH … any idea if its selling is legally just?

Winter Chill, Nights & Peanuts

The best part about winters in here is the munching of roasted peanuts when light is gone, heaters blazing full and the chill’s increasing outside :-)

Ain’t aye??

Let the heat come in :-)

China Town is no more…

For all those who, like me, have been a fan of Chinese food.

China Town – Rana Market – the Chinese restaurant is no more.

I don’t know whether it will reincarnate from its ashes like a Phoenix :D, but I sure do hope so.

If not – RIP, my love!!!

My Top 3 Eat-outs in Islamabad

biryani Courtesy KMBFirst of all, let me apologize for being out for so long. This would be my first post after a long hiatus from posting oo IMB.

We at IMB have been discussing what new topics to write about a for a while and one of the most favored topics was food and eating out. One of our readers suggested us to do a Top 3 list of eat-outs in Islamabad. One of the ideas we really liked, and we got around to writing our own mini-reviews for these restaurants. More recently Adnan Siddique, a new Islamabadi, suggested to us in a comment here to do a similar post. So here we go!

This picture on the right however is a platter of Mutton Biryani taken from Karachi Metroblogs, thanks guys.

So starting from number 3, here is my list.

Sehri Delights -Badaam waala Dhoodh

Fasts in Islamabad stretch on a duration of almost 1 hours … though today teh weather turned really good after rains and night is chilly … with sun blazing in days; nourished Sehri is a must.

Most of us drink a few cups of tea and coffee, to stir our minds up, for the day … forgetting MILK intake as we grow up. So just to address the nourishment needs of our body … why don’t you try Almonds in Milk or Badaam Waala Dhoodh in sehri tomorrow?? Almonds are good in zillions of ways for your mind and body … adding milk to it brighten the scene …!

Though making Almonds in Milk is not difficult or complex at all but still providing you with a good recipe :-)

Hope you’ll try and enjoy it … and may it leave your day even more aspiring, useful and rejuvenated :-)

Sehri Delights – Stuffed Egg Paratha

Sehri is maybe more delightful than the Iftaartime, mainly because families are together … no one invited to any iftaar parties (no, I haven’t been to any Sehri party ever) … and then what’s more fun than eating parathas in the wee hours of day :-)

Yes, when it comes to sahar time – there’s nothing more yummier, tasty and appealing than a crispy paratha … but that’s my choice … I’ve known people gulping the Rabrri Dhoodh Fajar Wellay … and some calorie-conscious buddies may suffice upon A Glass of Juice with a toast only Any variety to add to the list??

Hasan of Lahore Metroblog has started this very interesting series in ramadhan … stepping on his footsteps … here’s any interesting Recipe I tried today taken from Khana Khazana

Stuffed Egg Paratha


1 cup Flour (Whole wheat)
1 no. Egg
1 tsp. Red Chili Powder
1 tbsp. Vegetable Oil
Salt to taste
Black Pepper powder

Recipe’s go in detail – in the post :-)

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