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Ramadhan Cravings …. I

These days , you’ll spot Pakoray, Samosay, Jalebiiyan, and all the oilly delicacies, whose name may pop up in your mind, in every nook and corner of Islamabad … taking the ramadhan cravings further up …!

As the Iftaar time approaches, I want more and more items on the table … How about you??

What are YOUR IFTAAR CRAVINGS … do yo prefer it light or otherwise??Share your Iftaar secrets with us … any special dish or drink you can’t survive without??

Image Courtesy: Dawn

El Mexico in El Isloo

Mexican food comes to tantalize and tempt the ever expanding and diverse palate of the young and restless in Islamabad. “Loco Amigos”, or Crazy Friends has opened its doors in F-10 Markaz in the basement of the plaza with the Pearl Continental Laundry and Standard Chartered Bank, next to K&N Value Chicken. Strange way to remember a location I suppose, but landmarks work better for me than the names of the plazas :)

Anyway, to return to the fast food itself, it is a take away place, where young ‘senors’ wearing sombreros will take your order and bring it out to you. Mexican food staples are similar to ours with basic food groups of rice, flour and meat. The menu is limited but has the staple ware that you expect in Mexican menus, like Nachos, Burritos, Tacos and Enchiladas. The pictures in the menu along with detail of what the item actually includes helps you in placing your order. All the hot, spiced food is served with rice, sour cream and tomato salsa.

The good thing about the restaurant is the relatively filling food at a reasonable menu. Most of the items are priced between Rs. 150 and Rs. 180 and the serving is plentiful enough to fill the most demanding of stomachs such as mine.

So if you ride well spiced, flavorsome food and want a change from the relative mundanity of chicken tikka or pizza and the other fast foods in town, and are hungry between 12 and 12, give Loco Amigos a try.

Eat your fill or we would say in Spanish “comer hasta hartarse”

Proteins Taken in (Forcefully) ;-)

French Patisserie is Serving Protein after all

OK don’t Freak out just yet … read the whole tale first :-p

Protein diet’s just as important as any other Carb diet and if you get both in one-go, could it be better? The other day my friend bought these muffins early in the morning from “La Boulangerie célèbre” French Patisserie (yup this is the name of the bakery not the previous frenchie one :-p) … Khair its in Kohsaar Market and is quite famous amongst the “office goers” around.

Anyways, since it was morning and what feels more good to enjoy few muffins over a cup of tea – Great – The scene was all set; we all had enjoyed muffins and tea thoroughly when almost the last byte was in our hands when my friend said, “Hey what’s this?” … I thoroughly inspected it and claimed it as ultimate protein The SuunDi and then I re-winded my thoughts and confirmed that there were many of them in the muffins and I thought they were some kind of brownish Fiber … Plain cream-coloured muffins with ‘extra fibrous protein’.

So, in short next time you eat something from any bakery or outside, make sure there are no strings attached ;-) Coz this is the most notorious season for such happenings and everyone cannot be “Lakarr Hazam Pathar Hazam” :-P

Yesterday, we went to the bakery and told them about the incident – but MY BAD, the salesman had such an innocent face; I couldn’t scold him rightly :|

BTW are sundis halal??

Ciao … nice eating out all of ya :>

Lets Meet for Lunch – Jason’s Steak House

If you are one of those hungry business savvies looking out for appetizing lunch oppurtunities around you … then here’s one treat for you.

Fauzan (our ex-IMB author) forwarded me the details of JASON’s STEAK HOUSE at MARRIOTT, claiming that the results were recently with amazing and sumptuous (I wonder if the food manager of steak house is his friend ;-))

JSH is offering best steaks in town, with exquisite taste and innovative style (I wonder how exactly). Jason’s Steak House is the ultimate in steak craftsmanship.

To get a touch of prices … read on


Plight of a Cone Eater

Ice Cream Scoops -  yum yum yum

I don’t know who invented this thing known as Cone Ice Cream buw whoever he/she was – I’m very greatful to him(er) … and NO I’m not talking about the much ooOOOooh and aaaAAAAAaaaah wali Wall’s Cornetto — the cones of our very dear cone wala — which you enjoy thoroughly while licking eating and the crunChy crunChy biscuit … that was something I was in mood of tonight …

My bad, that I was in F-10 markaz – couldn’t found one single shop of cone wala :”( Allah Allah karkay found a shop (outside Video Con) tu muhatram Cone walay sahab Ghayab … Thats how life treats at times ..!

Had it been Jinnah Super – I wouldn’t have been seeing pictures of Cones and History of Cone at the moment ….!

ps: just a meaningless mood changer post :>

چیل کے کباب – Kite Kebabs

Cheel Kay Kabab

OK from Kitedont get the idea of Lahore and Basant – Islamabad dont offer that kind of kababs, as yet ;-)

The other day, while buying some afghani naan, I nearly shrieked out saying CHEEL KAY KABAB – then I saw this bulb causing hinderance between me and the Pay making it Yay *sigh*

That was close, so beware next time ;-)

Protests and Strikes

Give you this

There is a delay in the LUNCH today due to the Lawyers Strike in Islamabad. All the routes are closed for the security reasons. It is requested that please be patient. The lunch will be served as soon as the Lunch is delivered here.

And I was starving by now :|

A Question of a ‘Naan’

Islamabad is truly a city with a thousand faces. Islamabad has a population that is characterised by ethnic identities from the far north to the southern most point of the countryand each of these people has brought some part of their own cultures with them and as time has gone by, that particular tradition has become identifiable with Islamabad’s life style.

One of these traditions that has grown largely due to the population that was initially based in NWFP, specifically Peshawar City where even today, people rely mostly on the ‘tandoor’ to provide their daily intake of the ‘roti’, a flat leavened form of bread made from wholewheat flour. Islamabad has hundreds of small and large tandoors located in small markets and in nooks and cranies around the city which provide many forms of fresh, warm bread hot from the oven to residents of the posh areas to the laborers employed around the city. Some of these tandoors are attached to small hotels that also serve the not so well off when it’s time for an afternoon or evening meal.

As time has gone by, tandoors have evolved the conventional ‘roti’ into many varied types, to suit different occasions and tastes. For example, a ‘roghni naan’ or a ‘paratha’ usually kneaded with ghee and/or milk usually signifies a special occasion; guests or lunch or even a simple leasurely meal on a holiday. During a convential week, it is the common ‘naan’ that usually graces the table. If you don’t like what you have to eat at home, you can order a mince meat or vegetable naan that will fill your tank up quite well.

Be it a crisp, clear day or an evening, there is nothing more comforting than the warm scents of the naan and rotis wafting from the tandoor at the corner. It is guaranteed to make anyone feel hungry.

Bon Appetit!

What are these??

Can you tell what it really is??????????

Easy guesses or Hard reality :P

Winter Obsessions

Dry Fruits

When winter arrives in Islamabad, the cravings for nuts start right away … But with every passing year the prices of dry fruits are going high and high – almost beyond the reach of a common Pakistani.

The dry fruits specially loved by us, the Pakistanis, are pine nuts [chalghoza] , peanuts [Mongh Phalli], Walnuts [Akhrot], Almonds [Badaam] Amlok and few of us (like ME) love dried apricots as well … This year you can get pine nuts per kg at a cost of round about Rs. 1000-1200 … I don’t like them anyways … so best of luck to everyone who likes them :>

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