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Youth Hostel

Hostelling%20International.jpgThe youth hostel movement was launched by a German school teacher Mr. Richard Schermann. Once during the visit to the countryside with a group of students, to teach them language by observation, they were caught in a storm and had to suffer due to non-availability of shelter.

This incident lead to the idea of youth hostelling and the first such Youth Hostel was established by Mr. Schermann in Germany in 1909. With the passage of time, the concept earned global recognition and turned into a movement, which boasts of a membership of 60 member Associations, 13 associate Organizations, 23 accredited agencies, a total about 4,000 hostels, over 340,000 beds, over 35 bed nights and active in 85 countries of the world.

For all those young backpackers planning on visiting Islamabad, checkout our youth Hostel. That would be nice place to stay with excellent facilities at the best rates.

Address Adjoining Akhabar Market Aabpata, Shaheed -e-Millat Rd. Sector G-6/4, Islamabad
Telephone +92 51 2826899

Rains, Clouds & You

Oh for almost two days, Its raining cats and dogs – Islamabad is even more chillier now … with fantastic views to witness … clouds hovering not only at the mount tops but it’s an all-sky-cloudy- haven … !

View D' Islamabad in rainSince, morning I was wishing that be it Saturday I’d have enjoyed fully … but nevertheless at office I started off with Parathas with Tea breakfast from back khokha : ) Apart from abundant oil … it was yummy but it makes you sluggish too – so never eat parathas if you’ve office to go and most importantly work to do ;)

Though, now by Lunch time I want to go to Pir Sohawa to enjoy the feeling of cloudiness with Halwa Purri … Lolz … In the morning as I stepped out of my home – I was in full mood to do some photography (my newest craze) but then in a hurry I forgot the cam … and now I’m wishing and wishing …!

Isloo Mounts covered avec Clouds

If I sum up … This is the right season and day to enjoy all desi delights as parathas, halwa puurri … blah blah … to hike around (beware of mud) … to enjoy the soul of Islamabad …!

What About You … How’d You Want To Enjoy this Rainy Winters Season … (even if you are in other parts of Pakistan or even far away in world)???


Mount Happiness

Mount Happiness~Trail 3.bmpMount Happiness or Garani (also called Meditation Point) can be easily reached from the Pir Sohawa road. You can start from the first tea stall (called Chawki) after Daman-e-Koh and walk along the ridge to Mount Happiness (Garani) where you will see unfinished picnic spot. There is a well-maintained trail from the Khayaban-e-Iqbal (“Margalla Road”) in F-6/3 to the hill top with signs erected by CDA (CDA trail 3).

Chrysanthamums are Here …!

Flowery Time in Islamabad ...!Pakistan’s Horticultural Society is arranging Chrysanthemum and Autumn Flower festival in F-9 Park (Fatima Jinnah Park) from 1st December to 3rd dec.

So here ya go … Islooittes … It’s flowery time here …!

Welcome to Rif’s Café

Well for a change Let’s have a all picture talk here … For ease I even took shots of the *shocking* menu card … I hope they won’t blacklist me … lolz :>

Rif's Cafe

Rif’s café is a small coffee with books kind of a café that is located in Kohsar Market of F-6/3 … it is located on the first floor of London Book Co. store … so you’ll have to make your way through London Book shop … this small market has lots to offer … by the way … Oh and I went there after much much long time (last time, if I’m not wrong, was the time when you are all up for “Tell me Why” and the series kind of books so we bought our set from this London books :>) … I found lesser DESIS and more GORAS there ….!

The Romantic Avenue

Attaturk%20Ave.JPGAttaturk Avenue is one of my favourite roads in Islamabad. This road forms a link when you are coming from the presidency either through Khayaban- e- Iqbal (Margalla Road) or the Aga Khan road. The road is single lane for two way traffic, flanked on both sides with shady trees and jogging tracks. The total stretch is about 800 meters. Although the road itself is not quite busy with traffic, yet you can see many health conscious Islooites moving on jogging tracks especially late into the afternoon.

Spots in Islamabad

I was thinking about the most cherished (by me, of course) spots in Islamabad … and I was thunderstruck for moments … my mind was a full of jumbled up spots, let’s see

• a Tea Khokha hidden in Daman e koh
• the flower beds on constitution avenue
• Old Banyan Trees standing alone in Golra Railway station
• Alliance Francaise (AF) – Lolz Yah I like it too
• All old book shops of Islamabad
• The lower terrace of Jungle Hotel (situated just at the base of daman e Koh) with white and grey pigeons flying around
• The yellow and orangish trees (in autumn) lined up on double road in F-7/3

GOD and so many other places … which ones are your favourites???

Bon Weekend

With the hot and frothy huge sized mug of coffee, naa, Pink tea that I’m sipping at this late moment on Friday’s night (2:05 AM), I’m thinking about weekend plans … so here are few suggestions … Let’s see

1. Lok Virsa’s mela is ending this weekend (by my latest knowledge), I haven’t visited it yet … Must Visit … if you haven’t like me … but parking can be a problem … so it’s advised here that pull up your boots park at Industrial Exhibition ground and go ahead on foot … enjoy the weather … let the cool sift into you :)

2. If your family and kids are making you crazy for an outing then you have plenty of choices Pir Sohawa, Daman e Koh and Rawal lake are too obvious ones. If you haen’t yet gone beyond Pir Sohawa … then do so this week-end … few kilometers ahead (5-10 KM) of Pir Sohawa there’s a fine dhabba like hotel … which serve such nice tea with hot pakoras … complete chilling plan for friends and families both :> I personally love the Golra Railway station … the old bargad trees (are they the banyans??) are a delightful see … with the museum there and not to forget beautiful Railway station lamps :) If you want to go within 1.5 Hr Radius then Shahdra can be a choice (but it’s all about water and water these days … not a good idea), Murree, Taxila can be some choices.

3. Wedding season is ON too … Aaah I’ll have to spend my weekend nights fooling around in weddings … Look nice :P

Party All Night

Party%20All%20Night.jpgPakistan is officialy dry but still few clubs are there, most of them private but few operated by leading hotels. Most of their clients are foreigners and elite class. In big cities like Karachi and Lahore there are many clubs. But few also exist in Islamabad. One of them is “The Bassment” at Marriott Islamabad.

Departed but Not Forgotten

New GraveYard Site

The shed built at the new graveyard developed in H-11 sector, where funeral prayers would be held for the dead. The other picture shows residences built for the undertakers.

This is built just very near to the new FAST building and IIUI …. easily reachable ….!

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