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Lok Virsa’s Mela Kick Off

Cholistani Artists Doing PracticThere are very few events that are enjoyed en masse in Islamabad … Lok Virsa’s Mela and the Industrial Exhibition are the two most cherished events … and I guess the only event de grandeur too … prized equally by upper crust of the society to the breadline …!

This year the Lok Mela starts from Nov 4 and continues till 19th November’ 2006 … it’d be again bustling with spectacular cultural events … musical performances … traditional dancing … food from all four provinces of Pakistan …complete cultural display of Pakistan it’d be.

Cholistan and Chitral pavilions are the additions this year to acknowledge their culture, meals, crafts and traditions.

Olive Garden Reruns and Reviews

I have food issues! Serious ones! And because of that have a tendency to return time again to restaurants that have a good track record. One restaurant that comes close to being one of m favoriteswhether for an outing with friends or a meal with the family is Olive Garden, in F-7. Landmarks associated with location include, Hot Spot, Golden Dragon and Gelatto. It is opposite the Fountainhead School and accesible through a winding street that you can enter from street 7.

Olive Garden offers you the option to eat outside in an old fashioned wooden gazebo style structure, located away from the grill and barbecue which means that you usually avoid taking in the smoke with the food, should you choose to sit outside; as well as having a warm, terracota, very European style eating hall inside. Wrought iron chairs and tables with stone ware and silver really add to the ambience. The staff is actually well mannered and pretty attentive which then brings me to the food.

The menu has the usual Italian/Mexican inspired starters, soups and salads and a pretty standard offering of pasta, spaghetti and steaks. There are a couple of thai variations for chicken and sea food which are pretty acceptable. The desi palette is well catered to with options for seekh kababs, handis, and chops. The nans are always excellent, soft on the inside and warm and crusty on the outside. They have a variety of cold drinks and juices like daquiris, and coolers that go down well in the summers but serve a well brewed cappucino to warm one up after a hearty meal. The coffee also serves as a good foil for their out of this world cheese cake served generously with chocolate sauce and their baked alaska is pretty passable.

So the next time you have the craving for good food and you’re willing to spend a little for it (example; cappucino; Rs. 75; Chicken, pasta, Spaghetti and steaks; anywhere between 275 to 400 rupees); try The Olive Garden.

Bon Appetit! :)

The Night – Ziryab from Syria

Pakistan National Council of Arts (PNCA) presents

The Night – Ziryab from Syria

All about the “Ancient Civilization Rituals”

Scheduled on:

8th November’ 2006 – 7 PM – Islamabad Club

Who can perform:

Only PNCA members can perform … Ok don’t stop reading … go ahead :~)

For PNCA Art Club Museum members, performance is FREE

But if you want to become members Contact Ms. Shabana Ashraf at 051- 9205088

Rs. 1000 will be charged Per Person
Rs. 1500 will be charged Per Couple
Rs. 500 will be charged for Temporary Membership Per Person …!

Go Ahead ..!

ڈھلتی شام کی مہکار

Amazing moments captured by Awais Yaqub at Rawal Lake

Rawal Lake

Paan Waala

Well here’s a picture of the Paan Waala … He’s a bit show-off kind :-) Lolz, really after giving you paan he or his other “khadim” would shower some rose petals on you too … The Paan is not recommended at all … its least tasty … well I tried Meetha Paan and that sucks … :/

Paan WalaThis very ellaborated shop is in Melody Food Park with lots of dolls and putliis to offer and different innovative kinds of jewelery too …!

He used to have his shop in lahore’s anarkali then Gawaal Mandi Food Street, then he moved to our’s Food Park and on Eid I found him in Molan … GOD …!

Picture Credit goes to MafiMushkula

High on Mountains – “Monal”

As Eid or a long weekend comes, Isloittes turn their cars towards Hills and mountains … since the latest beautifying developments in our very own margalla Hills, the road leading you up (Daman e Koh and Pir Sohawa) can be found highly crowded … so was the case today …!

Daman e KohLuckily, we headed for Daman e Koh just after Isha so it was Crowded YES but the traffic was non-stop till your destination … After spending some time in Islamabad-Seeing from Daman e Koh’s view point … and How Lovely Islamabad looked … Glittering …. Glimmering … Shining … reflecting life … and here I was saying to my cousin that PEOPLE STILL ASK WHY DO YOU LIVE IN ISLAMABAD AND WHY DO YOU LOVE IT SO MUCH … come to Islamabad …my dears … try to feel its SOUL … try to live its SOUL … try to breath into the life of Islamabad … You’ll know the answer …!!!!

Then, we decided to move a little bit further up towards Pir Sohawa … luckily the 14 KM path was not heavily crowded with cars though Pir Sohawa itself was bit jammed up with cars … we still found a very nice place for ca parking … first we roamed around Capital View Restaurant since the tikka and seekh kababs of this restaurant are really yum yum yum … so after finding a nice place with a classic view … i looked at opposite side … and it was like a big Naaaaaaaaaaaah … the Monal restaurant is next to capital view in fact it comes first but the under construction main hotel building gives you an impression as if its not fully done …

View From Pir Sohawabut the place we were sitting gave a perfect view of perfectly decored … stylized setting and what excellent view they were offering … so on my consistent appealing we got up and headed for The Monal …!

Monal is basically built on the concept of open air terraces, with ample space (200 + people were already sitting there) … the terraces are on different levels … fortunately we found a really nice … quite secluded … and on extreme edge (lower terrace) a place to get acomodated … we settled in … gave our order …!

Italian Oven

My first eat out at Islamabad, and the Italian Oven was the destination. Located at F 10 markaz, the restaurant has a definately cozy feel to it. As we entered, we were greeting with smiles, which as usual makes a great first impression. Then we were whisked away to the upstairs seating area.

italianoven.jpgEven though named the Italian Oven, the menu contains a lot of other cuisines as well, a testament to diversification sought by the restaurant industry. Included among pasta’s and pizzas were steaks, burgers and a host of international delights. I ordered Chicken Diane, boneless chicken in a mustard and cream cheese sauce. It was heavenly! Neither of the two sauces were too strong, nor too light and made the chicken taste amazing. Other items ordered were the BBQ Chicken steak, Chicken Fettucini, and a pizza (forget the name now though). All of the food had ‘professionally prepared’ written on it.

To down it, we ordered fruit juices, of which mine was the ‘Ferrari’ a cocktail of Peace syrup, apple and pineapple juice. I was happy with the choice as it went really well with the main course. To defend my choice of juice, i jokingly remarked to my father, “i’ll start with the Ferrari drink today and one day make my way upto the car”.

The waiters still need some polishing tough, to come up to the standards of which we’re used to at Zamzama restaurants in Karachi. However, apart from being a little late with the bill and a little clumsy with setting down the plates, nothing too distressing occurred.

All in all, a very good experience! A definate must try.

Food: 5/5
Atmosphere: 4/5
Service 3/5
Overall Rating 4/5

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