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Of orange and black

"Rainbows apologize for angry skies"

After the clearing of the storm

Rawal Lake, just after a storm

One thing I love about this city is that the best spots are least crowded in good weather. By good weather, I mean bad weather, which is potentially good for photography. The hills and the lake (especially the dam section with the outrageous 15Rs entry) provide opportunity for breathtaking photography on a partially rainy day. All you have to do is predict when the skies may open up, and be at the right spot in time.

Autumn Time

Autumn Time, originally uploaded by Suh@il.

Full of colors…!

Cheetah sightings in Margalla

Last night a friend and me hiked to Margalla ( don’t ask why ) only to know, ‘Public is not allowed after 11pm’ at Damne Koh. For the first time I was hearing it in months that its not for security reasons. But due to sighting of a pair of Cheetah , as excited as we were on the fact its not a security issue. At the same time scared as much cause it was a pair of cheetah , the lone killer/hunter of the night. 

“The cheetah’s have been sighted thrice in the last two nights, they havn’t done any damage yet. But precautions have been taken”, said the police officer. “Last year a pair was caught which used to eat animals from the zoo”, the other added.

Cutting to the chase, if your feeling all pumped up and adventures . Be all that in day light, in groups or ofcourse there is always the option of taking your 250 pound friend as bate.

Meet Mr. Sharky

Like dinosaurs, when it comes to Marine life … the only thing that sounds ferociously appealing to me is SHARK. And I definitely never thought that I’ll buy 1 kg of shark for Rs. 195 ;-)

Well not so fast we can now. Metro (yup Metro fever’s now down yet :~)) is letting you do that. last weekend when I went there the fish standing lying tall on the ice was definitely not Shark. When I passed the Marine corner today, wooohooo… Shark … a big big  shark was so aesthetically displayed. I  almost jumped at the sight and a pic of him (or her :D) with the kids was inevitable…. !

So here’s it for ya ….

Meet Mr. Shark and His Kids 




I hope selling Sharks is not violating any rules … shark’s a shark … I dont think its a FARM FISH … any idea if its selling is legally just?

"Marine Photography" – The Morbid Kind


It was a little funny – and a little sad – how excited I got the other day upon visiting the Fish section at Metro. Wide-eyed, tugging at the sleeves of family members, going on and on: “They have sharks here! SHARKS!” While other people had their noses pinched and were picking out what they’d like for dinner, I stood there with a gleeful expression on my face and took pictures. I was so excited that I think my blood cells have multiplied tenfold. The only time I’d seen sharks in real life before was at an underwater aquarium in Singapore.




I didn’t photograph all the fish of course, but there were many, many kinds. I kept thinking, if we can have sharks and eels and crabs in a store, we should so have live ones in an aquarium as well. Sharks.. real, whole SHARKS, right here in Islamabad!

Later it also occurred to me that not many people in Islamabad would actually buy these marine creatures, or even dream of eating them. It made me sad to think of them having been rendered lifeless for nothing.

I am seriously considering going back and buying one of the crabs to keep as a pet. I’ll keep him with me for as long as I must, and the next time I visit a seaside town, I’ll set him free.

I wonder how my cat would react to this plan though.

Hail Springeth

Roam around Islamabad and find gorgeous colors blooming in nook and corners, roads and highways (Close the other eye from the mud and construction around for your own good ;-) )

Images below are all Courtesy Flickrites … thanks to them for capturing Isloo’s beauty so well … my photographical instincts are waiting for a weekend too :\


Kaheen duur jab din ….


On friday … on my way back home the sky was of the loveliest color I’ve seen in past feew months. Clouds hovering above, drizzle and sun spreading its bauty across.

Subhan Allah … !

Image Credits?: khabrain :)  I missed my camera that eve :(



can you feel th misery in this kid’s eyes? And the packet it’s holding is symbol of neglect from our side, No?

Polluting at large … !

Image Credits: Citizen of Two Worlds @ Maragallas

ps: Do read the comments posted on this pic … interesting point of views (clickety on the image).

Yah Dil Maangay More

Abhi piyaaas baaqi hay ….. =D

Picture Courtesy: M Bukhari

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