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To Shed the Load or Not?

Clouds seems to be thinking this. After a heavy wonderful Hail Storm and three days of shiny Sun, get ready for a showery week ahead.

If you are a rain-admirer; its your time to shine (disclaimer: my own words and no inspirations whatsoever from LG Shine Ad ~ It SuX)

If you like a golden globe shining brightly … summers are ahead ;-) A 10-day forecast of Islamabad’s weather is attached in this post after the jump…!

Hello Shivers and Chill

Long awaited chilly rains and winds, at last, comes to my city :-) And man they came with a big bang. By 5-45 pm in the evening, the winds broke all barriers and were chilly and speedy :-)

So winter finally arrives in here; this first spell of rains sound promoising to end the dry spell, causing influenzas, in town :\ Sun’s losing its bite day by day, warm clothings out, geysers turned to HOT, people enjoying their evenings alongwith nuts (not crazy).

So, Enjoy the Winters, Shiver and feel at home with Heaters … become a heater junkie!

Image Courtesy: Suhail (Flickr)

A walk in the…

One of the most joyous thing to do in Islamabad is to visit Faisal Mosque. For both religious and aesthetic reasons. The beauty of the mosque is that whenever and in whatever season you visit it, you will get a different aesthetic value. It’s a feeling beyond words.


You may get a glimpse of the latest beauty in the following pictures.


P.S. You do remember it being one of the gifts too, don’t you?

2F.jpg 1F.jpg

When Eagles Dare

hope your ready to read this….

Are you sitting? what you stand while using your PC/Laptop, quite a talent… back to me.

Its those little things that you might notice, that make everything all soooo much better…

So I wake up today…

of course to the crisp golden sun, 8:30 am not so bad considering I was up till 4 am… its that natural time clock thing…

I’m pretty sure I looked outside my window and saw a flock of 40 golden eagles circling outside my window…

ok no it wasn’t like that classic flick called “The Birds”… they hadn’t gone insane, they were chillin, might be an early mating season thing… They were in a group so I assumed they were vultures, but I got a good look at em, they had characteristics of birds of prey

I got some sweet footage on my cell phone, a few of the eagles flew about 20 yards away from me (I got football on my mind), but they look tiny and extremely distant… which reminds me of wanting to post some vlogs (video logs)

I’ve already seen some wild boars, now all I gotta do is catch a glimpse of that rare margala mountain leopard.

Its just nice to live in a large city and still be able to enjoy wildlife from your bedroom…

This ends our transmission: Stay tuned for some night life reviews coming sooner than later!

Dare, Courage or just Women ??


Have you ever dared to do such a thing?? It may be outrageous for some, courageous for other and yet absurd for many – as in the case of this lizzie love

But a brave lady we’ve here … no matter its poisonous or not; it takes guts to do such an act. And see how at-home the snake feels in her hand :-) What a beautiful hood it makes too …!

I confess I wont ever be able to hold such a thing in my hand ever … would you or have you ???

ps: which snake is this, any ideas??

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

Khotay Humaray Mulk Kay

This beautiful animal most cruelly treated by the homosapiens, is said to have played the biggest role in construction of Islamabad.

I, actually, feel saddened at the general mal-treatment of such animals in Pakistan. Though, in Islamabad You’ll rarely find these animals known as “Gaddha” or more popularly amongst punjabis as “Khota” (I’m not name-calling).

Is he basking in sun enjoying the greenery or shyed-away of something??

ps: I know Khottas are IT and not HE; but still we can have this much mercy naa … fate of it and he are usually same ;-)

pps: and yeah I’m a khota-lover ;-)

hOld youR horSes, Buddy

Hold Your Horses

So now speed of HORSE-cartS is on check too … we’re progressing pretty fast ;-)

I wonder what was the speed caught by the GUN ~_^

Courtesy: Daily Times

Tale of a Blizzard

Last week, just after Lal masjid operation, the weather turned really nasty in Islamabad … heavy showers on last Thursday and then on Saturday troubling many in and around the city.

Troubled waters of Islamabad

can you guess which place is this???

And then the Thursday showers and blizzard uprooted many trees, branches were everywhere … Islamabad was looking like a bride readied up in loadshedding ;-)

Images Courtesy: Dawn & DT

More pictures on the storm can be found Taken by Suhail on Flickr

Perceptions can be Different

These things look so nice

Curiosity is in human nature (and in cat’s too). We tend to live seeing our difficulties et al. and none so other … children perceive different angles to life. For me, at least, glimpse of army weapons, vehiclesm even army men, has been always fun. And when I saw this naive image in an online paper, couldn’t resist sharing with our readers this side of the Lal Masjid saga. Children of this age have lot to see at this tender age … she’s one alike kid. Curiosity forces her, despite curfew and battle-like situation, to have a second look in.

Words will end the hidden mesmerism in this picture ….!

Smoking or no smoking??

puffing worries away

And just few days back we had supposedly celebrated No tobacco day …!

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