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Innovation Unnoted

I stumbled upon The View from Islamabad and it kept me tuned till I explored A-Z all posts on it. And the Ingenious Innovation came direct from here =)

Quoting the blog author:

Some two years back passengers complained that PIA were charging extra (Rs. 4.5k about $8) for people who requested a wheelchair. It was a big deal because it affects disabled and senior citizens who go on pilgrimages to Mecca. One even saw a passenger wheeling an old lady on a baggage trolley from the PIA check-in to departure area in Jeddah, the “gateway to Makkah and Madinah.” I can only assume that this is no longer true — who would pay that much for this wheelchair? PIA must have come up with this practical solution to buying more costly wheelchairs.

What is interesting is that the European budget airline Ryanair has been reported to charge a “universal wheelchair levy” for the cost of transporting disabled passengers. This came after the airline was sued by a passenger who was charged £18.

Now who can beat the highly innovative minds of Pakistanis?? =)

Shut Up & Drive!

Shut Up & Drive
Shut Up – Get Off The Phone & Drive
Now I call this an Idea … !!

Do you think anyone would pay heed to this or will laugh over it only???

Image Courtesy: Amir Wasim (Dawn)

Yah Dil Maangay More

Abhi piyaaas baaqi hay ….. =D

Picture Courtesy: M Bukhari

Bakra Byte-by-Byte

hassle%20free%20bakra.JPG As Eid-ul-Adhaa is approaching, bakra mandi is becoming more and more inacessible ~ thanks to the heavy traffic. If you are not a big fan of going and selecting the animal yourself, you can always book it online. Remember its E-Bakra Era …!

Unfortunately, couldn’t find any Online Bakra delivery service in Islamabad but I found Online Qurbani. The site’s has some interesting FAQs that can arm you with the right questions to ask from a bakray wala during selection and bargain.

The price range is as usual HIGH as we noticed last year. You’ll go prepared but beware of pickpockets too … !!

I’m pasting below a few Bakra-related terms I learnt last year. May help you :)

Taxi Graffiti: Do you think so too?

Sometimes you can get to read such funny one-liners on our taxis and vans, above is an example.

By the way, do you agree with what’s written ;-)

Courtesy: Memorial Power

Pampered Food ;-)

An archaic definition of Pampered is indulging in rich food … so do you really want to indulge in rich food served like this??? ;-)

Taken at Jinnah Super – Though it’s just the carton of Pampers being utilized but STILL the yucky feeling can stay. Next time see and ensure what you are eating in :>

Image courtesy: Awahid

PS: For details on Nawaz Sharif’s Return, Stay tuned to Lahore Metroblog.

Happy 2nd Birthday, IMB

Happy Birthday IMB
Seems like just yesterday when we announced the completion of ONE YEAR here. Time really flies. Here we are again celebrating the completion of second year and entrance in third :-)

~~ Happy 2nd Birthday IMB … lalaalaala ~~

A few old leaves sticking together, still some who are lost in this huge world, and the recent additions … wow … it’s the e-life afterall!!!

With all our readers, the journey was delightful … wishing for the same cold and hot relationship between us in future too ;-)

Last but not the least, a warm BRAVO to all the co-authors of for bringing the islooitte-metro life in the e-world … thanks dudes and dudettes & Keep going up and up ;-) !!!

Cheers & Celebrate!!!
Special thanks to a dear friend, Hina, for creating this delightful image :-)


The Good Doctor’s Coming

‘The person who tries to live alone will not succeed as a human being. His heart withers if it does not answer another heart. His mind shrinks away if he hears only the echoes of his own thoughts and finds no other inspiration.’

Pearl S. Buck

Orlando Bloom of metro-theatrical scene, Osman Khalid Butt, is coming to rock you again with a new flick: The Good Doctor.

In papers and elsewhere, for a month, teasers were in circulation .. some stating The Pain is Love and others You Shouldn’t Let Love Get to Your Head.


Misleadingly leading to the story :-) … how, go figure and that too very soon.

In a Daily Times report, published just recently, the theme telling goes like this:

Filled with passion, gut-wrenching drama and intrigue, the theatrical play, The Good Doctor, is set to enthrall the audience as it traces its macabre tale of ambition, explosive jealousies and a most powerful love.

The love story will be unveiled from 26th of October to 8th of November in Islamabad Club Auditorium. Tickets can be bought from Illusions or Islamabad Club.


The Black Coating

In case you missed the Out-of-Temper rant by Ahmad Raza Kasuri on Geo’s Program The Great Debate … here’s a clipping.

In my opinion, Ahmad Raza Kasuri did mention some valid points but he lost worth of all his words when he started abusing and Man, some serious abusing it was.

On Sunday the show was telecasted and on Monday a fellow-professional-Lawyer of his helped himself to a good black coating on Kasuri’s face. Kasuri is defending the case of Musharaf as Army Chief and President in Supreme Court.

Blackened Out

Resisting from spraying …. on Flickr.

In wikipedia, an interesting entry was made, in relation to the Kasuriites offended by his use of Kasuri word with his name and acting such like …

Heads of Kasurites have bowed down because of nefarious language used by Ahamd Raza Khan Advocate in “The Great Debate” on GEO TV at 1905hrs at GEO TV on September 23, 2007. The last portion of the first episode of the programme “The Great Debate” shows Pakistani Public the ugly face of the Presidential Camp. Pakistani & International media should avoid using word “Kasuri” with the name of Ahmad Raza Khan Advocate.

You Say What?

New Semester Starts ….


And it shows :-D

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