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Mingle2Chicago Singles

Seems like the Mingle engine caught none of the slang and abusive language here coz they being in Urdu and at times in Punjabi ;-)

Suggest the Title

نوکری کے لئیے کیا کیا نہیں کرنا پڑتا. پر نوکری کی تے نخرہ کی ؟

So Suggest the title, please :-)

Mullah ki Daur Const. Avenue tak

When 14th August comes, Islootitees have very fewer choices to go … Blue Area being the hot favorite and Must for most of the people and then the Super and Jinnah super markets and not to forget the MIGHTY constitution avenue …!

This year, with the blue area road almost uprooted for underpasses and flyovers, the rush was almost negligible. It may look paindooish but seeing the whole hullar-baazi can be fun too :-)
I was disappointed today … even the lightenings were not anywhere near incredible … and then at around 10:15 PM rains tarted pouring in … till 3 AM it’s raining cats and dogs — a must for Independence Day!!

The only worthy decorated building in Islamabad is the Shahi Qalla aka PM secretariat as you can see below … though NTC and PTA tried their best too … but never mind :-)

Which building you thought looked best??

And How you decorated your home for this day?? I remember liting up so many diyyay for Pakistan’s 50th b’day :) Any memories to share??

Dare, Courage or just Women ??


Have you ever dared to do such a thing?? It may be outrageous for some, courageous for other and yet absurd for many – as in the case of this lizzie love

But a brave lady we’ve here … no matter its poisonous or not; it takes guts to do such an act. And see how at-home the snake feels in her hand :-) What a beautiful hood it makes too …!

I confess I wont ever be able to hold such a thing in my hand ever … would you or have you ???

ps: which snake is this, any ideas??

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

Flying saucer??

Do you think it’s funny or hazardous??At least, its better than those iron rods suzukis carry along the roads without any lights on vehicle.

Can’t you see I’m Busy, Man!!!

Can't you see I'm Busy??

This interesting image was printed, a few days back, in almost all leading papers of the city.

Can you feel the marked difference??? A poor common pakistani, already a mobile user, collecting wood standing in front of parliament (highest office of the city on maybe the most extensive roads of the country) …!

WOW … amazing colors of Pakistan!!!

Khotay Humaray Mulk Kay

This beautiful animal most cruelly treated by the homosapiens, is said to have played the biggest role in construction of Islamabad.

I, actually, feel saddened at the general mal-treatment of such animals in Pakistan. Though, in Islamabad You’ll rarely find these animals known as “Gaddha” or more popularly amongst punjabis as “Khota” (I’m not name-calling).

Is he basking in sun enjoying the greenery or shyed-away of something??

ps: I know Khottas are IT and not HE; but still we can have this much mercy naa … fate of it and he are usually same ;-)

pps: and yeah I’m a khota-lover ;-)

hOld youR horSes, Buddy

Hold Your Horses

So now speed of HORSE-cartS is on check too … we’re progressing pretty fast ;-)

I wonder what was the speed caught by the GUN ~_^

Courtesy: Daily Times

Rinse off the HEAT Factor

Not exactly in Islamabad but I couldn’t resist sharing this rare sight with our readers. A snake drinks water from a tap in jammu, since parts of the Sub-continent are reeling under an extreme hot weather with temperatures touching 50ºC in many places.

Or maybe you’d prefer this approach ….

Islamabad is so humid too, these days … after yesterday’s lightening though relief came but still … we’re the thankless lot :-|

Pictures Courtesy: Reuters & Khabrain!

Fly High – Bredford!!

Perfectlymadebirds loves to introduce sci-fi side of Pakistan to the world … No He’s not a movie-maker (well, I just hope he’s not :))

If you’ve not already forgotten the restaurant Monal at Margallas top … Can you imagine what was witnessed there ??? NO UFO It can easily be identified as Bredford Truck … see for yourself ;-)

Fly High


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