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Is this My Pakistan?

It was a blissful thought since past few months when no explosions (major ones  and consecutive at least) were heard of. But not any longer. The war on innocents is back. Bloodshed begun. Its becoming harder day-by-day to think that its the same peaceful surroundings where I opened my eyes and lived through all these year.


The larger target in Islamabad was the security forces. But they (the unknown) are not ready to forgive the innocent either (children including) as seen in Karachi’s furious 7 blasts.


 What makes me even more furious is when our leaders and government officials come on-air, show their grievances by issuing petty statements as:

 “Mulziman ko kefar e kirdar tak pohnchaya jayega” .

“Hum in bomb dhamakon ki Muzamat kartay hain” .

Oh hello, we are here waiting for some POSITIVE RESULT-BEARING solutions to be implemented. So that a common Pakistani can feel secure and at peace. Sadly, a Pakistani has enough crises and economical burdens to worry about.

Omer on LMB has a story to tell of an expat who survived by fate in Islamabad’s Melody center bomb blast. Karachi Metblogs briefs on 7/7 and the 7 explosions :<


Supersonic Jets Over Islamabad Skies – May be?

Today Islamabad and Rawalpindi got quite some scare of the explosions. Speculations are they could be some supersonic jets.

As geo reports:

Police officials in Rawalpindi say there is no evidence of any actual explosion having taken place. A senior police official in Rawalpindi told he was unaware of any actual explosion, and suggested the sound may have been from jets breaking the sound barrier. However officials at the Pakistan Air Force said that none of its jets had broken the sound barrier today.

If I remember accurately back in 96-97, an Indian jet flied in airs of Islamabad breaking the sound barriers. Ironically, our air forces woke up hours after the incident.

Nothing concrete yet.

Long March Approaches: In Pictures & Questions

Long MarchWe are out to save the judiciary. We are out to save the country.

Lawyers country-wide are approaching Islamabad, alongwith political leaders like Nawaz Sharif and Imran Khan, to stage anti-Musharaf protests and reinstating of CJ and SC judges.

Musharaf’s entrapment is increasing day-by-day BUT don’t you think the judiciary is going political too. In present circumstances what do you think is good for Pakistan?

  • Musharaf leaving his seat?
  • CJ and other judges reinstated.
  • Zardari’s CO-PM status.
  • Nawaz Sharif coming in Parliament and a to-be PM.
  • “Azaaad Adliya” or Free Judiciary.

Do you think like shedding of uniform … Musharaf’s leaving the seat will bing any good to the nation and country?

Do you think reinstatement of judiciary is a bigger problem for awaam of Pakistan (a common Pakistani) or is it price hikes in daily commodities, Fuel, loadsheddings, etc.?

Who do you see as the perfect leader from the present clan of leaders?

The freedom of judiciary will ever be able to bring us free and fast judiciary too? Dowe have men of faith and just in abundance now?

I hope the answers to all these queries are not just rants of me and you. I hope that they be heard. In present circumstances I’m not very hopeful.

Pictures after the jump.


Long March in Islamabad

Islamabad Ttraffic Police has issued this traffic plan for the Awaam and Lawyers …. courtesy Dawn for your reference.traffic-plan-for-long-march.jpg

See a container … go back to home =))

Containers Blockade


Day Light Saving From 1st June


That’s just TOO Much



First (Dr.) Arbab Ghulam Rahim’s shoe beating and then just yesterday (Dr.) Sher Afghan’s beating and thrashing in Lahore.

Nothing commendable. Brutality to show your emotions is never commendable.

Yesterday while watching the video of incident, many a times I thought this man’s going to die coz of a heart failure. If you talk about justice … then adopt proper ways to do justice. If he’s criminal in your eyes, bring him in to teh courts and not THRASH an aged guy with hundreds of hands.

Its high time that we use our wisdom (if any) and start thinking intelligently. Emotional intelligence may be good, pure emotionalism – No.

Startup Insiders

NUST Institute of Information Technology (NIIT) along with BrightSpyre & P@sha is going to host an exciting startup session on April 4, 2008 in the premises of NIIT. The purpose of this session is to provide a platform to motivated and brilliant people, who are thinking of launching a startup, get a handle on really what they’ve got and way to make it a success- an idea, a feature, a product, or a business and what not. This session will feature a panel of serial entrepreneurs with remarkable business experience. They will lead the audience through a series of evaluations critical to success. The theme for the session is “Startups”. You are encouraged to avail this fruitful opportunity to become a successful Leader of Tomorrow!!!! Following is the list of panelists for the session:

– Rana Saad ( PI Sigma)
-Jehan Ara, President, PASHA
– Murad Akhtar (Tintash)
– Mansoor Salim (Jin Technologies)
– Atif Mumtaz & Faisal Chohan (CEO BrightSpyre)
– Babar Khan (Ikonmai) (Outsourcing software house)
– Adnan Shaukat (CEO, Classic Entertainment, Internet Radio)
– Amir Jahangir (Consultant CSF and Social media entrepreneur)
– Osama Hashmi (Green and White)
– 2 NIIT Alumni

For more information and registration check this link:

Cat House WAS Fishy then…

cat-house.jpg In late June ’07, I made a post on Islamabad Metblogs about a seemingly-suspicious club in F-10/3. Some real interesting comments came up on the post … and woohoo my suspicions were right.

Interestingly the club originated during the same period when Lal Masjid students raided an acupuncture clinic and kidnapped 9 people: 5 Chinese included.

When police raided the said club, almost 53 people were taken into custody including 19 men and 34 women. They were sent to jails under court bound … excluding obviously the ex-MNA and his friends.

ps: So the investigative report was not so bad, huh!

News Sources:

The News

Daily Times

Big Wigs … Part of the club

13th National Ass-embly & the PM Race

Marking the increase in fuel prices, terrorist attacks,  declining state of a common pakistani … the 13th NA is all set to gather at Parliament house today to take their oaths.

The war on PM, hopefully, will catch some light today …  Who will you support for the chair of Prime Minister?

  • Makhdoom Amin fahim
  • Asif Ali Zardari-Bhutto
  • Yusuf Reza 3

More>> All Things Pakistan talks of Uncertainty too.

The Targets?

Daily Jang

Luna CapreseAt the same time, Daily Times reports that FBI chief targeted in Islamabad blast:

The target of the bombing at an Italian restaurant in Islamabad on Saturday was Trish, the FBI Operations chief in Pakistan. Quoting its sources, ARY TV channel reported on Sunday that Trish was the second highest-ranking US official in Pakistan and had been the terrorists’ actual target. It said that she had been injured during the blast but was currently in stable condition. She was shifted from the Polyclinic to Al-Shifa Hospital at the request of the US Embassy, the channel added.

God Bless!

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