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What the Heck?

On margallas?

On margallas?

Reading news like this is totally making every sane pakistani (in and out) nuts. What’s going on in here? Our president is giving state-of-the-art (read: ghissy pitti) statements as No one will be allowed to run parallel govt. Yeah sure! They are asking for permissions first. Meh.

The situation is worsening?

The situation is worsening?

So the security situation is this bad that govt has to issue statements like the dream of taliban to cross Margallas won’t succeed again and again?

ps: On side note, listen to this … when do you think will happen in my beautiful homeland?


I turn on the television and I see a 3gp video on Express News showing a girl being slashed while two Mullahs hold her down like an animal. Apparently that poor “17 year old” girl was “seen coming out of the house with a guy who wasn’t her husband”.

She was brought into the street, people were watching as if it was an exhibition football match. No one uttered a single word. The girl cried, plead, begged for them to let her go. Inhuman people. This is not what Islam is. Sufi Mohammad, Taliban, Shariah, peace, drones, swat, attacks. Where the hell does this all stop?!

Without evidence, without asking people, without any witnesses, they treat her like an animal. How in the world is THIS Islam I ask. Apparently Mr. Muslim Khan thought that “it was necessary”. It’s said to be quite an old video that has surfaced but here is what I have heard from the “said badshahs of knowledge”

“It had to be done”

“Where was the world when 500,000 people were displaced in SWAT”

“No one condemns the drone attacks”

“I agree, it shouldn’t have been done in public”

Various alim-e-deen gave their verdicts. What I fail to understand is that these head honchos brainwash little kids and tell them to do Jehad. Why not go THEMSELVES. No one asks them why THEY don’t go. Why do they have to send kids..

Why does a girl have to suffer because they have to make a point AGAINST the drone attacks?

This is inhuman. This is barbarism. This is just SAD.

Then we say “We’re not that bad, our image is kharab”. With things like this happening, we can’t really say anything about it no?

Happy Pakistan Day


It was 23rd of March, 1940, when Muslims of Sub-continent resolved for a country. It took them time, and cost them lives, families and everything they had, but they stood firm and made it.

Its been 69 years, into the history.

And here we stand, again. We have another situation, not same, but equally complicated.

We can still make it.

All it needs is a strong resolution.

May be !!!

Better late than never…

They say that justice delayed is justice denied.

The Chief justice has been reinstated.

People all over Pakistan are celebrating, and I had a sigh of relief as well keeping in mind that I feared loads of bloodshed today.

But -albeit this being a success for the people of Pakistan in getting their voice turned to practical results – the question still remains that like it’s not advisable to keep all eggs in a basket – is expecting so much from a single person an intelligent expectation?

When will we place into action the processes that will streamline justice and that will let us have the leadership that is for the people, by the people and of the people instead of “far the people, buy the people and off the people”!

God bless Pakistan!


It’s all over the TV. Prime minister Gillani to announce something to the nation. The rally has been allowed to pass through Kalah Shah kakoo on motorway albeit a lot of tear gas enabled people there to make the rally disperse.

What’s coming up. Announcing a successful negotiation with the long march flag-bearer?

Let’s wait and see…

2oo9: Smile

Happy New Year

Islamabad Metblogs wishes everyone a very HAPPY NEW YEAR.

This year may bring Peace, Harmony, Tolerance & Love for Pakistan and also globally. 2008 brought tragedy after tragedy … let’s pray for happiness for our generations to come.

And not just pray but execute…. the picture below shows the side of tale we all see around almost daily and then move on. May be caring for one soul lits our way towards our destiny. Take your time  to think but Act Fast.

The other side of society

Keep Smiling my Pakistan!

ps: have a read at this post too .. Muskurahaton Kay Naam. Summed up what I want to say  too ;)

Hum dekhaingay!







( High order maybe?)




A lot is being said about how “change” has come to the United States of America. How an African American of Kenyan descent made it to the White house. How his motto of “Change we need” struck the hearts of all the people who voted for him. And we, we sit here “waiting for change to come to us”. We want everything to be done for us. We curse our government; we curse everyone who says “something” nice was done. We hate people who are happy, and we try our level best to make them sulk so that they too, can be just like us. The founder of our beloved land of Pakistan, Mr Mohammad Ali Jinnah told us to follow three simple words. Unity, Faith, and discipline. And if you ask me, we’re very far off from any of these three words. What good are these three words if we can’t apply them? What good is any theory if we can’t practically see its results? Have we ever been united? Have we ever laid faith on ourselves? We hold our hands up, and expect miracles to happen. Miracles I ask?! What miracles? That someday some angel from the heavens will come and solve all our problems? We are in a state of denial and nothing else. Allah helped those people who helped themselves first. In order to expect victory in a war via a miracle or a prayer, you need to get in the battle field first no?! But we, we think that just by sitting at the corner and spending all our time in prayers we will somehow be given super powers and we shall raise our hand to crush all evil. That sadly, doesn’t happen. One more thing that we do lack is faith. Unity has always been an issue. If you ask me, if these words are re-arranged they form a pattern that IF we follow, may lead to something fruitful. “Disciplinary faith unified”. We can’t stand the sight of someone being successful then how can we expect to be unified. I laud the lawyer’s movement for whatever motive they are fighting for, at least they stand united, they get beaten up together and they don’t give up. Set the judiciary on a side, set democracy on a side, and take insanity up. Do we really think that by claiming to be “sane” we really come across as being “sane”?

I think “change we need” was for the Americans. I’d rephrase it to “Change we are”. We are the change, we never look inside ourselves, and we never weigh the fact that if WE as individuals set our mind to something we really can achieve it. We never think ONCE that the “revolution” we so eagerly await will not be e-mailed to us. We vote for the “lesser evil” and expect to be on track to victory? 4 thieves, 3 robbed a bank, 1 picked a pocket, so let’s just vote for the pick pocket. At least he was nice enough not to rob the bank we say. Attitudes like this and we expect “change”?

We need to make up our minds. Do we really want change? Or do we just want to be spoon-fed everything that’s nice and the rest can go to hell. One CANNOT change anything if he/she doesn’t change him/her self. That’s a fact that we have to digest, we need to bring change in ourselves before we tell people that by wearing a black suit they’re promoting death.

We can change the world with our own two hands, provided we use them. We can be who we’ve always dreamt of being, provided we try. We can be free, provided our hunger for freedom is properly manoeuvred. We can be us, if we just try.


Matrimony and lights

With the arrival of winters comes the arrival of the “much awaited” wedding season. People get married, people dance, the dulha-dulhan connections are made, relatives get to make new clothes, hotels and marriage halls welcome people with open arms. Loads of food also happens get thrown away (this is another blog post in itself). But although the “important” factors of weddings have already been mentioned, certain “little” things never really catch our eye. Take the “kum kumas” for instance. They illuminate houses so people walking from far can say ” oye, aithay koi shadi horee hei?”. But like I said, they are categorized into “minor expenses”. Today I happened to talk to one kum kumay walay bhai as he was putting up the lights on our house (the landlords son is getting married). And as EASY as it may SEEM. It took him 3 1/2 hours to get the job done. And in that meanwhile, I got to see for myself how these people make a living. It’s hard sitting in the dark with a torch in your hand in the chilly winter getting lights to work.









(Irfan bhai at work)


Meet Irfan bhai. He’s been doing this for the past 3 years before which he was employed in a company which had a lot of contract work at the Parliament house. He pretty much had an opinion on everything. The army, Musharraf, Zardari, Khanay walay log, corrupt police walay, corrupt judge, the weather, movies, religion. It was a treat talking to this person. I always stress on the fact that if we want to “evaluate” democracy we need to go down the heirarchy, not up it. We need to look at the common man, not the minister of finance or the minister of pretty much nothing (the pace at which ministers are being recruited, we might have one for pretty much nothing soon). This guy, he was actually happy with the rozi he made, though it IS natural human nature to want more, but here is something that made me smile he said:-

ameer insaan kay paas paisay hotay hein, itnay ilaaj karata hei, phir bhee takleef mein hota hei, ghareeb insaan mar to jaldi jata hei kiyun jee?”

It was interesting, and the end product was amazing. This guy knew what he was doing. Street smart person did everything from connecting circuits to alternating the current to making proper connections. Things that we used to study in physics. 









(Exhibit A)


My point in writing this was firstly to appreciate the hard work these people do, and secondly to promote Irfan bhai. His shops in Peshawar more, so if you guys want some Kum kumification done at your place, look him up. He left, and I don’t know if i’ll see him for quite some time now but before he left he asked me :-

“Bhai decoration fit hei na?”

Such simplicity. very inspiring =)

Earthquake Relief for Balochistan

A powerful earthquake has hit different parts of Balochistan this morning. The current confirmed death toll is 165 and thousands of people have been injured who have been shifted to local hospitals. Thousands of homes have been completely destroyed leaving at least 15,000 people homeless in extremely harsh cold weather.

According to Ziarat’s mayor:

“There is great destruction. Not a single house is intact.”

Our duty to our brothers and sisters in Balochistan calls us. We did whatever we could for the victims of October 08, 2005 Earthquake and our efforts didn’t go in waste. We make an appeal to unite again and show a greater level of unity, enthusiasm and love for our Muslim brothers and sisters in pain.

Karachi’s FAST come up with instant plan for relief. You can view details here to be a part of the relief program.

Image Courtesy: Dawn

Post Text courtesy: Pakistaniat

Siyasi Eid Mubarak

So the Ruyete Halal Committee at last announce that the Shawaal moon’s been sighted and It’s eid here in Pakistan, all over Pakistan, on 1st October. The announcement came at around 11 PM.

The possibilities of moon sighting were near to zero. Saudi Arabia announced the moon sighting yesterday and it was Eid in middle east. A minister in Frontier announced that there are 15 witnesses of moon sighting with him and he announced Eid without Ruyete Halal Committee’s consent. In my opinion, to erase the conflict the Committe decided to have Eid in Pakistan unanimously. Hence it’s tomorrow.

Eid Mubarak!

May the day brings lots of happiness for Pakistan and us all!

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