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9/20: Lets Get Safe Ourselves!

Not 18 hours completed and what do we see here? The Prime Minister and President of Pakistan desserts the capital city, Islamabad, for safe waters. At times like this when elsewhere premier of countries cancel their trips and return home. Ours thought the catastrophe done is normal. So, why fuss over a thing that’s not going to stop? So lets visit USA and meet Mr. Bush!

Blackness everywhere!Well actually its all normal, isn’t it? When things happen daily … it comes in normal range, No? Be it Islamabad, Peshawar, Quetta, Bajaur, Anguur Ada or any place else. … after yet again few promises of we are with you sir in YOUR War Against Terrorism. Even if we’ll have to risk Pakistan (and that we’re doing) … we won’t stray away from our promises. Though promises are not hadith or quran. But a promise with Uncle Sam can’t be compromised on. We’ll sacrifice our kids, our men, our women. Let’s make the whole world a 9/11 … to fight thy war of terrorism.

The president who claims, during his fumbled up speech, god-knows-what … must be happily flying in a plane right now. He couldn’t bother paying the site a visit or sympathizing with the poor – common Pakistanis suffering in hospitals. And for our dear Prime Minister … attending a iftaar party in Lahore was much much important.

We are a proud nation! We bicker a lot and we blame each other. We can’t even think straight … act is a totally different story.

Isn’t it high time, govt show some steel in their necks? Take some stern decisions and ACT. Fight the war … but protect your own territories. If I and You can tell who did this … why can’t the govt? FGS. Take your own people into confidence. Stop war on your own people. Start digging for facts please … and Seriously … act before its too late. Though I’m not too sure if its already late or not.

But then these are my opinions … you are free to share your own. Your own theories … and some plan of action if you can suggest would be highly welcome.

I DID whine here … but I know whining would yield nothing. Its time to act.

ps: In case you haven’t watched the CCTV footage earlier released … clickety. Seemingly there was lot of time … but nothing could be done to save this huge terrorist attack.


Yesterday night I was taking olives out of the olive jar from my fridge when this short story came to my mind.

A monkey-trap.

Trapper puts hazelnuts in a jar with a top just big enough for the monkey to slip a hand into. The monkey puts his hand in it and gets a big handful. But now his hand is too big to get out of the jar. He can get away anytime he is willing to leave the nuts, but he cannot bring himself to let go. He will stay stuck there, chattering and shouting, and the trapper can pick him up at his leisure.

Then I thought of the current political situation of Pakistan, and then thought that maybe we – the citizens of Pakistan – have been playing the monkey at the hands of a very few while being in the delusion of being a Pure Patriotic Protagonist (pun intended).

I hope – I just hope that I am wrong…

Pakistan Paindabad (Perhaps) !!!

Should Musharraf Resign?

Musharaf’s Address Today & Resignation(?)

News are Musharaf will address nation at 1 PM today and MAY announce his resignation. End of 9 years reign. Before the impeachment process begins.

Do you think he should step down? But then does his presence makes any difference? or his absence for that matter?

Who would YOU prefer as your next president? Zardari, nawaz Sharif? or some other newly transformed hunk (sigh).

Please tell why you say Musharraf should resign and why not.

ps: For some weird reason the poll i created is not getting embed in.

The Ride

Pakistan Day Biker, originally uploaded by go2net.

See the Mickey Mouse on our flag… Sigh.

Its interesting, nevertheless :)

Folk Music: Lok Virsa

IMG_8025, originally uploaded by mafimushkala.

Himmat marda’an =))

Pakistan is 61 Years OLD

Day started with killings.

The state is not very different from the one we witnessed last year. Into 62nd year yet so fragile.

Happy Independence Day.

Though I feel bad for even saying so. We are not Free yet.

As Pakistan enters into the 62nd year, I pray in words of Faiz for my beloved home.

آئیے ہاتھ اٹھائیں، ہم بھی
ہم جنہیں رسمِ دعا یاد نہیں
ہم جنہیں سوزِ محبت کے سوا
کوئی بت، کوئی خدا یاد نہیں جن کی آنکھوں کو رخِ صبح کا یارا نہیں
ان کی راتوں میں ‌کوئی شمع منور کر دے
جن کے قدموں کو کسی رہ کا سہارا بھی نہیں
ان کی نظروں پہ کوئی راہ اجاگر کردے

حرٍفِ حق دل میں کٹھکتا ہے جو کانٹے کی طرح
آج اظہار کریں اور خلش مٹ جائے

A (proper) Pakistani Flag!

While Flickring, I cane across this picture post and I knew it that I’ve to cross post it on Islamabad metblogs. Last year I even saw Pakistani flags with MICKEY MOUSE drawn instead of the crescent and star.

It’s amazingly awful to see so many different versions of the Pakistani flag that it makes me sick! Sick to the core of my soul that why we do not respect the very flag!??

I have seen many funny versions of different variations like

Various shades of green (even pink and blue! – for god’s sake!).
Slogans and other text with/around the crescent and star.
Different dimensions
Varied versions of crescent and star

I think there should only be one version that we should be using wherever we use!

Here’s what a PROPER Pakistani flag should be (technically):

“A dark green rectangular flag in the proportion of length and width 3:2 with a white vertical bar at the mast, the green portion bearing a white crescent in the centre and a five-pointed white heraldic star. The size of the white portion being one-fourth the size of the flag, nearest the mast, the remainder three-fourths being dark green. The dimensions of the crescent and star are obtained as follows:

“Draw the diagonal from the top right hand corner to the bottom left corner of the green portion. On this diagonal establish two points ‘A’ and ‘B’. Point ‘A’ at a distance equidistant from top right and bottom left hand corners of the green portion, i.e. the centre of the green portion. Point ‘B’ at a distance from the top right hand corner equal to 13/20th the width of the flag. With centre point ‘A’ and radius 1.1/4th the width of the flag describe a second arc. The enclosures made by these two arcs form the crescent. The dimensions of the five-pointed white heraldic star are determined by drawing a circle 1/10th the width of the flag. The circle surrounds the five points of the heraldic star. The star lies with one point on the diagonal at a point where the larger arc of the crescent, if completed, cuts the diagonal.”

The Interior Ministry of Pakistan provides dimensions for flags in different circumstances:

* For ceremonial occasions. 21′ x 14′, 18′ x 12′, 10′ x 6-2/3′ or 9′ x 6 1/4.
* For use over buildings. 6′ x 4′ or 3′ x 2′.
* For cars 12″ x 8″.
* For tables 10 1/4″ x 8 1/4″.

Source: Wikipedia

Qismat Apnay Hath May, Le Lo

I’m currently listening to the newly released album of Shezad Roy, Qismat Apnay Haath May.

Qismat Apnay Haath May
Mind blowing songs. Impressive lyrics. Songs like Lage raho, qismat apnay haath may, Quaid e azam, Zindagi Feat Abida Parveen, Baro chal are the ones you may want to listen to again and again.

The title song starts like:

(A girl in oh-I-Be-So-Attitude says):
Main mulk se bahar parhne jana chahti hoon
takay wapis akay ghareeb logon ki..
You know jo ghareeb hotay hain..
You know jo thoray say woh hotay hain..
You know ghareeb say?
You know what I mean?
Unki madad karna chahti hoon

Shehzad Roy:
*cough cough*

What happened?

I am allergic to bullshit

The video of Lagga Rahay is already screening. Watch it here.

In today’s political chaos … this is a perfect treat. Time when we are left of past glories and mistakes … wary of the tomorrow. Pakistan ka kiya hoggga. The statements we make on and off and well…. forget everything in little luxuries available to us. Time for some waking up to do~

Ahh the words.

The uniqueness of this album is its release ceremony too. Karachi’s Juvenile jail was the opening venue. ATP reports on the album too.

The message works? In your opinion? At least I’m listening to a song that voices my doubts and worries.

GO HURRY …. grab your cassette/CD now :)


I wonder if anybody from the power corridors reads this blog?



We should fear, rather hope, that if this voice got some ears in public, before it does in goverment, it might be the start of something unprecedented, something unexpected, and something direly needed.

O My Lord! help my people.

Image Courtesy: Amjad

Letter of Appreciation: With Love

Today in a forwarded e-mail, I got an interesting letter written by an affectees of post-budget like you and me to the ruling bodies.

Sharing with my readers.

Prime Minister of Pakistan
President Of Pakistan
Co-Chairman Pakistan Peoples Party
Federal Finance Minister

Dear Sirs

Thank you so much for increasing the prices of petroleum products, after the shortage of edible commodities this
increase is like a cold breeze in hot summer, specially your new gift to the nation at the start of the fiscal year 2008-09 by increasing the CNG prices to 31%, we as a nation sincerely appreciate your efforts to support us.

Dear Sirs, we further suggest the following measures to be taken in the broader interest of the nation as soon as possible, the way the nation is enjoying the following benefits, is not the right of this nation and it also hurt your efforts for the stability of economy.
Your kind attention to the following will help to strengthen the economy of the country;

  • Breathing – The tax may please be imposed on breathing.
  • Eating – The tax may please be imposed on the eating 2 meals a day, (Because of the strong economy now the nation do not afford to eat 3 meals).
  • Drinking of Water – The tax may please be imposed on drinking more than 2 glasses daily, additionally taking bath more than once a month should be Taxed.
  • Clothing – Wearing Cloths may please be taxable and additional tax on changing the suits/shirts on daily basis.
  • Traveling – Journey through the public transport should be allowed once a day, means if someone comes to work by bus/rail he should not be allowed to use the same for going back, when the nation will start to walk back to homes it will help to keep them healthy.
  • Birth – Tax may please be imposed on the birth of every child, the tax should be the 10% of the monthly wage rate of the father and if the mother is a working woman, she will also have to pay 10% of her wage, it is also suggested that this tax should be increased 20% to 30% on every additional birth.
  • Death – A death tax may please be imposed on every person who dies, an additional tax is also suggested to the suicidal or accidental death.

There are so many other items that are still identifiable and we will try to let you know as soon as we realize the taxability of those.
Now at the end we recommend to award “Nishan-e-Haider”, “Tamgha-e-Khidmat” to the former Prime Minister of Pakistan Mr. Shaukat Aziz and his team for the efforts they made to revive the dying economy of Pakistan.
An increase of 100% in the packages of Members of Assemblies / Ministers and other officials is also suggested, it will help them to serve the nation better, after all we have to take care of the interests of the nation.
Thanking you in advance
Pakistani Nation
Courtesy: M.Arshad Minhas (his name was on the letter I received ~ so probably written by him)

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