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Benazir, Pakistan & Now

“I didn’t choose this life. It chose me.” –Benazir Bhutto

We never thought 2007 will say its final goodbyes on this note. On and off, I & many other bloggers shared our thoughts on the suicide bombings and massive killings. The prominent figures were never hurt and commoners lost their precious lives to such attacks. Today was an altogether different case though. We liked her or not, that’s an altogether different rant, Benazir Bhutto was a prominent and influential lady. The two times PM of pakistan is no more. Seems like legacy of Kennedy family has shown its face in Pakistan. May Allah bless her and the many others who have lost their precious lives.

Islamabad: As I went out at in late evening, the brightly-lit McDonald’s in F-9 park was dark and off. So was the F-10 markaz, all shops closed down at 8 PM. A few necessary shops as medicine marts and bakers were open but deliberately kept dark. Apart from very few unconfirmed reports of chaotic activity, Islamabad is calm and analyzing the situation. Its advisable to stay inside as much as possible and avoid unnecessary wanderings around for your own safety. Tomorow is Friday and expect a few rallies after Friday prayers (resultant –> angered crowd in the city). Its not an announced holiday but do confirm if your office is open before leaving your home. Many offices and institutions have given the day off.

After Shocks: Aforementioned has given a new life to the riots and chaos country-wide. many already killed in Karachi, Larkana, Sukkur and many others injured. Our KMB co-author shares his account of escape. Tabish comes up with a list on What should the Pakistanis do from now on. Hoping and praying that the country comes out of the shock fast. We are not a bad nation; we’re emotional. Emotion enough to destroy our ownselves in the process. The life never stops; it will move on, Pakistan will move on eventually.

Question is Who is Responsible: : News are Al-Qaeda accepts the responsibility of Benazir’s assasination. Pointing the blame towards Al-Qaeda sounds absurd at the moment. IIf we analyze the gains of this killing – the potential future PM is lost; a US-favorite candidate. Ali Eteraz has an interesting review on situation. Can we point towards the political parties in que?? The extremist wing may be?? I fear it will remain a mystery as all others in the pandora box.

Teeth Maestro of Karachi Metroblog comes up with an Online Condolenece Book for the demised.

Praying for NO DARK DAYS AHEAD. We’ve seen enough. Wishing for the country’s safety!!


Interim Government; A New Beginning

At last in few minutes time the assemblies will be dissolved and Interim Government will take over. For the first time in Pakistan’s history, any government has completed its tenure. (Successfully or HOW, that I won’t debate on that). At 12 am (16 November 2007), the government of Shaukat Aziz is coming to an end. He’ll be competing from two different in constituencies the elections.

President(read General) Musharraf has named Senate’s chairman, Mohmmadmian Soomro, as the caretaker prime minister to conduct coming up elections. He and his cabinet will take oaths tomorrow morning at around 10:30 am according to our very favorite Sheikh Rasheed :-)

The new cabinet may have 15-20 ministers; given these few: Nisar Memon (Information), Hamid Nawaz (Foreign Affairs), Gen (rtd) Nasim Rana (Defence), Salman Taseer (Trade).

Tale of Return, Thrash and Loss

Islami Jamiat Talaba activists push Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaaf Chairman Imran Khan into a van at the Punjab University, where he had come to lead a student rally on Wednesday, 14 Nov,2007.

Imran Khan was in hiding since Emergency’s imposition for obvious reasons. Our sister blog, Lahore Metroblog, reported about the event widely.

Politics may be necessary for nation’s build-up but its a Dirty Game nevertheless. Reasons and Logics can go in background, play of words and tacts start acting. The man-handling of his is clearly a political game played by opponents or so-called-ally. Muslim League is playing dirty by posting advertisements like these in leading newspapers (more can be read here)

The awaam is in misery. Who to look up at?? Who to follow? A state of Emergency indeed.

Dictionary says Emergency is “a sudden unforeseen crisis (usually involving danger) that requires immediate action”; in our case it was neither unforeseen nor immediate action can help. Long Term Planning, Action, and a Leader is all we require.

You can also read these posts on Imran Khan at LMB: Imran Khan’s arrest, Jemima fears for Imran, and Imran Khan’s Detention. All Things Pakistan reports the arrest here</a.

Musharraf Shocked Over Daily Telegraph, Are you too?

Yesterday, President Musharraf addressed first News Conference after Emergency’s imposition. Of a few things he was asked, ousting of three foreign journalists from Pakistan within 72 hours notice was the most interesting.

Two days back, I initially heard in PTV news that three journalists (read goray) were asked to leave Pakistan within 72 hours time, due to lingual profanity used for president Musharaf in an article “Bankrupt Relationship” published in Daily Telegraph (UK). When I read through the article, I myself felt offended, let’s quote the profane part here (should I??):

In the old parlance, General Pervez Musharraf is “our sonofabitch”. He has failed to stamp out extremist groups and close the madrassas that inspire them. He has allowed the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan to fall into the hands of assorted jihadis. And he has sacked independent-minded judges for fear that the Supreme Court declare illegal his re-election as president last month.

When Musharraf was asked regarding the deportation of three foreign journalists, he said:

In fact I expect an apology from them.

Also he mentioned that what they had written and the way their newspapers had commented about him were highly objectionable and could not be tolerated in any civilized society, and asked what would be their reaction if any Pakistani reporter used such a language against their president.

After reading the article, I was disgusted too. I feel the depature of trio was well justified. Reporters can be sans borders but the ethics should never leave Journalism. When it comes to country concerns, should we not discourage such foreign outbursts??

Quoting from a blog, wecite, I end the post but the question remains.

NO ONE has the right to use such foul language against our leaders. Granted Pakistan is going through enough turmoil lately but that is our INTERNAL affair! We do not give the right to ANY one in the world to downgrade us and our leaders!

Are you Offended by this event??

News in media: BBC, Telegraph

Cat Comes out of the Bag and He Won!

So finally an end comes to 6th October 2007 fiasco … the day reserved for Pervez Musharraf’s return to the Presidential chair with a heavy favor-bank to his side. A victory that was known to every Pakistani even before the elections took place, many common Pakistanis aspired against it but they knew what’s in the bag for them any how!

Though, Supreme Court of Pakistan maintains that until the decisions on presidential contest case comes the decision should not be made official.

Unofficially, Gen. Pervez Musharaf IS the Elected President of Pakistan. So what’s next for us? Shedding of Uniform?? Appointment of New COAS?? Legally it should happen soon enough, 15th November is not very far.

The chair is in hand so the uniform must go now for a better image of Pakistan on the outer world and in eyes of those living here.

BBc reports, and we see everyday on various TV Channels, that this was one of the most expensive Presidential election campaign that was carried out. The dozens of Advertisements that we watch everyday on PTV, Geo, AAj, ARY etc., is a big claim to this. I wonder with Musharaf’s claim to High Progress rates in Pakistan, his hum-naam Pervaiz Illahi’s becoming quite an appearance too … so can he be our next PM??

Yesterday in Geo’s 9 PM news an interesting Glitch (intentional or unintentional) came up when the newsman said “Sadar Pervez Musharaf aur Wazeer e Azam Benazir Bhutto kay mabayn honay wali deal ….” … I laughed my heart out at this … a pointer??

Depending on the urgency SCP shows and the official declaration of Musharaf as the President of Pakistan … I sincerely hope that his next 5 year tenure (if it ever completes) be hopeful and good in the long run for Pakistan. IMO, the only hurdle between rigght decision making by Musharaf for past 2-3 years was the uncertainty about his future and the Army pressure on his nerves, now that he has got rid of them (almost), is it bad if we start hoping for a good era, like always??

How do YOU see Pakistan’s future now?? 2007 was a disappointment, can things change?

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a super…

black sheep.

Behind the neatly pressed suit of Clark Kent was Superman. The world could never have imagined that such a sissy would in reality be such a brave, strong and fast savior of everyone who needs help.

Musharraf over-threw Nawaz Sharif in a coup in 1999. He promised that niether Nawaz Sharif nor Benazir Bhutto will have any share in the future of Pakistani Politics.

These days Benazir Bhutto is making quite astonishingly anti-[Pakistani People (pro) General(all pun intended :D)] sentiment public comments.

Musharraf lately was very harsh on the lawyers. A few days ago a clash outside the Election Commission office in Islamabad became a humiliating scene and upon probe the top leadership of Islamabad police was suspended and replaced.

Musharraf is expected, rather has said to remove his army uniform after the presidential elections that will take place this Saturday. People are drawing parallels with his broken promises of not giving or even thinking of giving due/undue share of Pakistani politics to Benazir Bhutto with his promise of removing his uniform.

Will Musharraf be the next [elected] President?
Will Musharraf remove his uniform?
Will Benazir come to the stage as the Prime Minister of Pakistan?
Will she be any better than the all-in-all Musharraf (with his puppets in the forefront)?
Will all of these pave way for Pakistan to salvation or doom?

All these questions will be answered shortly, we[I guess] can not do much but wait.

But the question still remains…behind the army uniform, is there a patriot or a cold-hearted traitor?

Faster than a speeding bullet, more powerful than a locomotive, and able to leap…

Up, up and away.

I wish!

Islamabad police baton charge, teargas lawyers

Police used batons and teargas on Saturday to disperse hundreds of lawyers protesting against President Pervez Musharraf’s candidacy in next week’s presidential election, officials and witnesses said. The police also targeted the media and several journalists were injured. Violence erupted outside the Election Commission in Islamabad after Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz arrived. Aziz officially proposed Musharraf for president, and was at the commission in case he needed to defend the nomination during scrutiny. Police fired tear gas and used batons to break up a group of about 900 lawyers and activists who tried to march from the Supreme Court, across an avenue, to the Election Commission. At least a dozen lawyers were seen with bloody heads and several people were overcome by tear gas. An official claimed 12 police had been hurt. “It was a peaceful protest but police beat up women lawyers. Policemen were laughing and enjoying it as they were beating lawyers,” said prominent human rights lawyer Asma Jehangir, wearing a blood-stained white scarf. Police later fired more tear gas, apparently to keep protesters bottled up in the Supreme Court compound. Cable news channels went off the air in Islamabad but it was unclear if authorities had blocked coverage of the protests.

Dawn News

Na Khedda’an Gay Na Khidawa’an Gay …

needless to say further…!

ECP will be getting the presidential contest applications today … !

Trouble the commuters between Islamabad and Rawalpindi will face is large … as Jang updated on its site …~

The Black Coating

In case you missed the Out-of-Temper rant by Ahmad Raza Kasuri on Geo’s Program The Great Debate … here’s a clipping.

In my opinion, Ahmad Raza Kasuri did mention some valid points but he lost worth of all his words when he started abusing and Man, some serious abusing it was.

On Sunday the show was telecasted and on Monday a fellow-professional-Lawyer of his helped himself to a good black coating on Kasuri’s face. Kasuri is defending the case of Musharaf as Army Chief and President in Supreme Court.

Blackened Out

Resisting from spraying …. on Flickr.

In wikipedia, an interesting entry was made, in relation to the Kasuriites offended by his use of Kasuri word with his name and acting such like …

Heads of Kasurites have bowed down because of nefarious language used by Ahamd Raza Khan Advocate in “The Great Debate” on GEO TV at 1905hrs at GEO TV on September 23, 2007. The last portion of the first episode of the programme “The Great Debate” shows Pakistani Public the ugly face of the Presidential Camp. Pakistani & International media should avoid using word “Kasuri” with the name of Ahmad Raza Khan Advocate.

You Say What?

9/10: The Return Lurking Nearby

Two days to go for the RETURN as anticipated by many in political arena. Rallies and preparations are in full bloom (they claim so at least). But with PML (N, govt’s ready too. Plan to arrest Sharifs upon landing on Islamabad airport is heard of. Our twin city, Rawalpindi, is already under Section-144’s impose.

A very interesting article in today’s Dawn (metropolitan) gives away The 10 Reasons why Sharif’s should reach on September 10 …!

Stating a few interesting ones here:

Capital Redemption: Islamabad has a cold reputation. The ruling class had always their day in the sun here like nowhere else but it has often come back to haunt them. Perhaps, it is time to heal the wounds. And nothing would be more symbolic than Sharif choosing to land from where he was forced into exile. Lahoris spirit on September 10 could do a lot to win Islamabad a soft corner.

9/10 is better than 9/11: Sharif’s chosen date of 9/10 is better than what a day later could have been. The world simply cannot afford another Nine Eleven. OK, this one is tongue-in-cheek. One hopes for Laura’s sake, George Bush will get the drift.


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