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Will you vote in the upcoming Elections?

Have your say! Would you in Islamabad go out and vote on Feb 18?

rule of law?

Everybody screams about having the rule of the law enacted to counter rampant lawlessness we’re witnessing in the country. But when it comes to their own backyards, these people are the first to say “to hell with it, i’ll do it MY way!”

Take building codes for example. There’s a reason different area’s are zoned as either commercial, residential or industrial, so that necessary utility services and amenities can be given to them. Consider parking issues, supply of gas, water and electricity and so forth to these areas, and you’ll understand what i mean. E.g. commercial zones are normally closer to transport networks, have provisions for parking, and are easier to get utilities in. While residential zones are farther away, and generally built to have a sense of quiet, calmness, and recreational areas. However, that doesn’t stop people in our part of the world to denounce these zones and build up whatever they wish, where ever they wish!

Residential zones are the first to be converted, which have relatively larger areas and lower rentals, these properties are the first to be commercialized in the form of offices, embassies and schools, creating havoc not only for the residents of these areas, but to the thousands who must commute here everyday.

And when the authorities do step in , what happens? Fines are disregarded and business continues as normal. Where are the proponents of justice now? Where are the enforcers of law now? And more importantly, if no one gives a damn about laws, why scream in the first place?

Pakistan – The world’s most dangerous place 2


As is clear from the title, this is a follow-up to my earlier blog Pakistan – The world’s most dangerous place. In that blog I just told the readers about an article in The Economist and did not go into detail about my opinion on the issue. Many people read that article and commented on it. Soon after my fellow blogger A for [pine]Apple posted Peace of Mind: Where art thee?, a very thought provoking article along the same lines.

First I’d like to comment on A for [pine]Apple’s car getting stolen. Islamabad, even in its most crime-free days, had a handful of car thefts. I will not be quick to reject the argument that this may be one of those handfuls. Nonetheless, I hope that the author may regain possession of their vehicle.

Take a hike…

Backpacker normally is a good one to consult about hiking stuff.

But I recently went over to Pir Suhawa through trail number 3 (not it’s fire exit, for a change).

And it was marvelous.


You can check out the rest here.

Islamabad’s annual ‘ghost town’ days draw near

The aspect that Islamabad does not have an identity and culture of its own is adequately highlighted each year as Eid draws closer and the rush normally seen in the run-up to the festival culminates with the town becoming virtually deserted.

Considering the fact that a large majority of the inhabitants belong to other cities who leave towards the end of Ramazan to celebrate the event with their families, this Eid too is not going to be any different.

From government officials to businessmen, from bureaucrats to politicians, everybody who is anybody will be heading to their hometowns many miles away. Islamabad, which has been their base throughout the year, would have to take a back seat for the few days of Eid.

Opposition MNAs resign over Musharraf vote

Around 80 Pakistani opposition MNAs (Members of National Assembly) resigned from parliament on Tuesday morning in protest at President Pervez Musharraf’s plans to seek re-election, state television showed. The lawmakers from the anti-Musharraf APDM (All Parties Democratic Movemen) handed in their resignations to the speaker of the National Assembly. “We are handing over the resignations today because we consider the election of the president is illegal and unconstititional,” senior alliance member Liaquat Baloch said, before he was cut short by the speaker.

Dawn News

Citizens are getting used to the on-going situation!


Today at 8:00 am I received a text message from one of my friends to go back home, I was heading towards Rawalpindi, as there was a bomb blast somewhere in Sadar.

ICT personnel, Police directed to check violation of anti-smoking law

The Interior Ministry has directed all the patrolling unit officers of the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT) Police and the District Administration to strictly check violation of ‘Prohibition of smoking and Protection of Non Smokers Health Ordinance 2002’ in public places and publictransport.

They have been directed to take necessary action against violators of the anti smoking law. Transport unions, transport managers and representatives of trade unions have been directed to implement the ordinance in their respective areas. ICT Police has been briefed to devise a strategy for the implementation of the ordinance. The ordinance was framed to improve public health, but was never implemented completely. Sources claim that only one case was registered under this law against a violator in 2006.

Following the directions, the ICT administration is organising a public health advocacy seminar on the hazards of smoking on August 22 at the Rural Health Centre, Tarlai from 10 am to 1 pm. Acting District Health Officer Dr Amir Zada Khan will supervise the seminar while Advocate High Court Chaudhry Ishtiaq Maharban will be chief guest on the occasion.


Pirwadhai, Secretariat bus service to start on August 21

The formal inauguration of the Pirwadhai-Secretariat air-conditioned bus service will be held on August 21. Islamabad Chief Commissioner Khalid Pervaiz will inaugurate the bus service. A private company, Al-Shahbaz Travel Company, will initially run 20 air-conditioned buses on the said route. The fare of these buses from Pirwadhai to Secretariat will be Rs 16, while the fare from one stop to the other will be Rs 6.

Al-Shahbaz Travel Company will soon start air-conditioned bus service along a number of other routes in the city as well.


See no evil

An Islamabad Model Traffic policeman walks past cars parked in a no-parking zone along the boundary wall of the Islamabad Traffic Police head office. online

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