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What the Heck?

On margallas?

On margallas?

Reading news like this is totally making every sane pakistani (in and out) nuts. What’s going on in here? Our president is giving state-of-the-art (read: ghissy pitti) statements as No one will be allowed to run parallel govt. Yeah sure! They are asking for permissions first. Meh.

The situation is worsening?

The situation is worsening?

So the security situation is this bad that govt has to issue statements like the dream of taliban to cross Margallas won’t succeed again and again?

ps: On side note, listen to this … when do you think will happen in my beautiful homeland?


In case you drive from Margalla road to Rana market, you should come across with these huge slabs for security for this embassy over there.

Apart from being adding ugliness to the area I have my reservations for this step.

In case if this was a pro-active measure of our Government to provide security to the embassy, I believe a better solution would have been to shift them to the diplomatic enclave. In case this was reactive, I have the same suggestion.

I mean seriously, grotesque is an understatement.

Better late than never…

They say that justice delayed is justice denied.

The Chief justice has been reinstated.

People all over Pakistan are celebrating, and I had a sigh of relief as well keeping in mind that I feared loads of bloodshed today.

But -albeit this being a success for the people of Pakistan in getting their voice turned to practical results – the question still remains that like it’s not advisable to keep all eggs in a basket – is expecting so much from a single person an intelligent expectation?

When will we place into action the processes that will streamline justice and that will let us have the leadership that is for the people, by the people and of the people instead of “far the people, buy the people and off the people”!

God bless Pakistan!

Of the 16th…

Aitezaz Ahsan said that if the long march doesn’t happen as per the correct way – it shall be redone after about twenty days and if it’s curbed – the efforts will be done again and again.

Interestingly – Aitezaz and Arthur both start with A.

Anyhow – we shall see

Duur Kaheen …

Just before leaving....

Some visuals are too beautiful to resist …!

Image Courtesy: Farrukh on Flickr

Of cats and dogs…

No – this ain’t about the movie.

I read in the news some days ago that the Sharif brothers said that the decisions will now be taken on street in the long march on 16th of March. PPP officially said that they will not make alliance with PML-N against the governor rule. Zardari sahab appointed Mr. Qamar as the new Air Chief (bypassing three of his seniors). It almost sounds like a repetition of Musharraf’s case.

Anyhow – that’s not the point.

The point is that they say that cats are more loyal to places and dogs are more loyal to people. From that, I can safely conclude that most politicians of Pakistan are dogs.

I don’t know what will happen on the sixteenth of March and how much bloodshed will happen in my beloved Islamabad.

But there was this movie Payback which had the following sequence of dialogues.

Porter: Who makes the decisions?
Carter: Well, a committee would make the decision in this case…
Porter: One man… you go high enough you always come to one man… who?

The real matter of worry is not that who is the man who is at the top. Concern is that where does the loyalty of that man(read: person) lie.

And in case of Pakistan, it doesn’t take a genius to figure out where his loyalties lie, lie, lie

God bless Pakistan!

Women’s Day?

Women's Day

Women's Day

Be it or not… women here are playing their part in homemaking financially or morally.

I sometimes think days like these are probably for west only. Wording it more aptly.. “West kay chonchlay“.   Lives of a common pakistani woman goes unaffected whether it be 8th march or no … you think what about this day? Or even about celebrating such a day?

To read more on Women’s day history, click here.

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

No strings attached…

I had to go to Lahore this weekend on a conference @ LUMS. But thanks to the riots, the conference got postponed indefinitely.

The thing is that how much will the individual citizens of Pakistan and how much will the state suffer because of those who are playing the master of the puppet.

I know – no strings attached – it’s all wireless. Heh!

It’s actually quite a shame as well. I pray things turn out normal soon. Too much destruction in the country already.


An earthquake of magnitude 5.8 hit Islamabad mildly today in the morning.

Apparently there was no damage.

For rest visit The News.

Kashmir Solidarity Day: February 05, 2009

Today the “Kashmir Solidarity Day” is being observed throughout Pakistan (yet again). There is news that rallies will be held in different cities of Pakistan as well as Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The day will also be marked with relevant TV programs and human chain events.

One such human chain event is taking place right now on Jinnah Avenue. The human chain created looks long. Some people are delivering speeches with zeal and fervor in favor of the struggle of Kashmiris against Indian brutalities. Others are chanting songs to display their solidarity with Kashmir.

Another important activity that is marking the day is a nation-wide holiday.

My Thoughts & Rants:
It is good that we observe this day. It at least keeps reminding us that Kashmir needs our attention. But is it enough to mark just one day on the calendar for this? Is holding rallies and other similar events going to help the Kashmiris facing Indian brutalities in Kashmir? Are we doing enough to justify our participation in this cause? Do we still believe in this cause or has this died out in our hearts? I fear I am not doing enough and I am ashamed.

Note to self:
Do “more actions” and write “less words”.

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