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Color Game

Lal is lal

Woohoo ... paint it white

Is it all about the color only?? Riots can be initiated, innocents can be killed, vehicles can be burnt, public property can be damaged, police can be beaten, sign boards can be uprooted … Eeman (faith) demands a bit more or is it just me??

Tragic in the name of Islam!!

Maulana Abdul Aziz’s Escape: Hamid Mir Reveals

Just an hour back Hamid Mir revealed an interesting tale behind the arrest of Maulana Abdul aziz at around 8:30 PM. According to his higher official sources, the escape was not foiled by the rangers but 6 ITP women officers. They were appointed to check the female students coming out for any ammunition.

Officers were inspecting a group of 6-8 female students clad in Burqa when the girls started screaming that please don’t inspect our Auntie, she’s elderly and is sick. This struck right – female officers tightened their hold on the Auntie and when they unveiled her his niqab – he was Maulana Abdul Azizi Ghazi. Rangers and higher officials immediately took hold of the situation. Um e Hasaan, wife of Maulana sahab and Principal of Jameya, was also arrested. Daughter of Maulana sahab, who was accompanying then, ran off back to Lal Masjid seeing the situation.

Hamid Mir further reported that I personally am very saddened to know that Maulana Sahab not only tried to escape the Lal masjid wearing a Burqa; but also as Auntie.

An Incident during Friday Prayers

Cars gutted at Faisal Mosque

Today when I picked up Metropolitan section of Dawn, the picture above startled me. I missed news and TV updates yester-night so after seeing this the first thought was of yet another blast but then I read the Caption below that was:

People gather around the gutted vehicles parked near the Faisal Mosque where Imam-i-Kaaba Sheikh Abdur Rehman Al-Sudais led the Friday prayers.

As the paper reported, many vehicles including (1 bike and 15-18 cars) picked up the fire and hence the above image. The cause of fire can be a cigarette but thrown away carelessly. Yesterday was a hot day in Islamabad, enough to rage the fire. Ironically, 31st May was World No Tobacco Day. Every pole on Islamabad is still adorned with say no to tobacco and other posters/flyers alike.

Hoping no damage was caused to any living being. Rough estimates of the attendance of men and women who turned out for the Juma’a prayers reached 2 Lac. The halls of Faisal Mosque can suffice 60 thousand people.


PS: Talha would soon bless you with his account of Friday Prayers :-)

Imam e kaaba Led Juma’a Prayers

Khana Kaa'aba - Masjid e Haraam

As Hasan announced and told the readers in lahore about the arrival of Imam e Kaa’ba in Pakistan.

Sheikh Hafiz Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais will arrive in Islamabad on Thursday and On Friday, he will lead the Jum’aa Prayers in Faisal Mosque.

So be there all Islooittes, who wants to taste the sweet flavor of the voice, that echoes in and around Khana Kaa’ba.

UpdateThe Federal Religious Affairs Ministry has asked people to reach the mosque before 11:30am. Television channels will telecast the Friday congregation live from the mosque.

You can listen to complete recitation of Holy Quran in his voice by clicking here.

Differences …. ?


I wanted to write something but then I came across a blog hosted on BBC by Mr. Wusat ullah Khan, and I just couldn’t have pt it in better words …. quoting him here …

پرفارمنس کے بعد جب آرٹسٹوں کا تعارف کروایا گیا تو بیک سٹیج سے حجاب میں ملبوس تین لڑکیاں بھی سامنے آئیں۔ انکا تعارف پرفارمنس کے پروڈیوسر نے یوں کرایا کہ یہ وہ بچیاں ہیں جنہوں نے اس سٹیج کی سیٹ ڈیزائینگ اور مینجمنٹ کی ہے۔۔۔ آپ دیکھ لیں کہ ان کے ہاتھ میں ڈنڈے نہیں ہیں۔ یہ اقرا یونیورسٹی میں پڑھتی ہیں اور زندگی میں وہ تمام کامیابیاں حاصل کرنا چاہتی ہیں جو سب حاصل کرنا چاہتے ہیں۔

میں تب سے سوچ رھا ہوں کہ میرے دفتر کے نچلے فلور پر قائم بینک میں کام کرنے والی ایک باحجاب خاتون، تہران کی سڑک پر ڈرائیو کرنے والی سر سے سکارف باندھی لڑکی، ایک پاکستانی چینل پر سپریم کورٹ کے باہر موجود ہجوم کی کمنٹری اور سٹوڈیو میں مہمانوں سے دبنگ سوالات کرتی ہوئی سر تا پا خود کو ڈھاپنی ہوئی میزبان، سعودی ٹیلی ویژن پر عبا یا پہن کر خبریں پڑھنے والی نیوز کاسٹر اور جامعہ حفصہ کی ڈنڈہ بردار سیاہ پوش بچیوں میں اتنی ذہنی تفریق کس نے پیدا کی۔

Do you have any answer??

Islamabad Vs. Karachi

When I saw this today in Daily Times, I couldn’t resist to post this on IMB too …!

Wana caption the image??

islamabad vs karachi

Religiously Policing, Policizing and Politicizing

One only needs to hear the name of Jami-a-Hafsa today to get the pictorial of young women and men armed with sticks parading in the streets around Lal Masjid trying to implement the rite of the religion or so it is said. The latest in this the declaration that a “Shariat” Court, a parallel legal system is to be established as referred to our very own Capitan here and the Dawn.

Where this so called ‘policing’ by the students has extended to shops and households in and around the G-6/7 area, the students are now standing on the crossroads warning women drivers to stop doing so or they may face dire consequences. Some of the stick wielding techniques employed by these students reminds me of what I have seen of the ‘religious police’ or ‘mutawwa’ system in place in Saudi Arabia where this is permissible under the strict code of Wahabi Islam that is dominant in the state. However, the point to note here is that the system is in line with the system of governance in the State itself rather than running parallel to it.

My issue and perhaps, the issue of most people would be that an oppressive approach where a few individuals believing themselves to have the divine right to correct and force their impression of religion without the concept of individual free will based on knowledge rather than the intent behind the aggression which seems to be the formulation of an Islamic State.

Not meaning to offend anyone, here is my limited understanding of political systems in Islam. Implementing the laws of God necessitates the role of man who is given the position of God’s vicegerent or representative on earth. This much is agreed upon. The debate arises between a perceived clash between democracy and Islamic systems. Those who argue against the compatibility of Islam and democracy usually begin by saying that a democracy gives sovereignty or power of rule to the people, while Islam gives sovereignty or power of rule to God, which would not allow for a “government by the people.” In other words, these skeptics believe that the opposite of democracy in relation to a religious political system must be theocracy, meaning the rule of God on earth by a religious authority or class. However, this argument presupposes that there is a single religious authority or class within the Islamic tradition that has special access to God’s will and therefore has the right and power to impose divine will on the land. This is where the argument fails in relation to Islam, because the Islamic tradition, at least in the majority Sunni teaching, does not recognize a pope-like figure, nor does it preach the establishment of a religious class that has special access to divine will.

In fact, to the contrary, it can be argued that the Qur’an warns against the establishment of a religious class. The Qur’an says that past religious communities took their religious leaders [for their lords beside God] (At-Tawbah 9:31) and accuses many in the religious class of Jews and Christians of stealing people’s wealth and turning people [away from the path of God] (At-Tawbah 9:34). Furthermore, Muslims believe that after Prophet Muhammad there is no one who has direct access to God’s will, and therefore no one person or group has the legitimacy or authority to claim a pope- or priesthood-like status in the Muslim community.

In Islam, legitimacy of any power or institution is derived mainly from people’s acceptance of this legitimacy. In other words, one can’t gain legitimacy as a ruler unless people agree to this, not to have it imposed on them. Whenever a comparison is made between Islam and anything else, we need to remember that Islam is not a man-made idea. Islam is a God-ordained way of life, and as such it reflects the infinite divine wisdom, which is absolutely infallible. With this kind of understanding, Islam, as reflected in the word of God and the sayings of the Prophet–which he also received by way of revelation–present the ultimate truth, with the understanding that humans with all their wisdom and intellect are still fallible to the vices of a common man.

So where then does this class of clerics and their students fall, in terms of a religious class? Do the ends justify the means? Is their understanding of a social and moral code of life supported by testimony in the form of “Ajma'” and “Ijtihaad” whereby the perspectives and understandings of a fair number of representatives of all sects and people within the nation have been understood and catered for in order to remove misunderstandings?

Are you Ready for the REVOLUTION today??


Are you ready?? Are You afraid?? Or you are willing to go for solving your probs to our new judges??

Interestingly is OUT too (not to forget Dawn (inspired by us ;-) ???) posted an article/review on site yesterday in its metropolitan section too) … So sadly you cant get any gossips on Upcoming events from there.


A one-to-one with Tua’lebaat

we’ve seen lately about the controversy of Lal masjid and the upcoming call of Islamic Revolution by them too … here’s the one-to-one and their point of view discussed on a GEO’s program “Meray Mutabiq” with Dr. Shahid Masood.

Have a look and see if they were able enough to justify their acts, and is Shariah defending them??

I, for one, was not convinced … !


Writ of the Government…

The occupation of the Children’s Library by the Students of a madrassa and how the issue has made a mockery of the “writ of the governments”, a statement which those in power often use when they speak of terrorism or other untoward incidents that challenge its authority. People say now that a handful of law-flouting young men and women have prevailed and “won” what they were fighting for.
Can everyone challenge this writ in the name of religion and get away with it??

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