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The Case Of Minorities

Church%20In%20Islamabad.jpgDespite President Pervaiz Musharraf’s slogan of enlightened moderation and continuous efforts of civil society for equal rights for deprived sections of society, the year 2006 didn’t bring any major change in the lives of religious minorities, who have been experiencing continued discrimination in their own motherland, Pakistan.

Relieved For A While

Procession.jpgThe 9th of Muharram procession passed off without an incident on Monday, much to the relief of security agencies. On their toes following Friday’s suicide attack outside in the Capital and the bomb blast in Peshawar a day later, the police and Rangers passed Monday’s test successfully.

Thousands of people, among them women and children, were part of the procession that began from the imambargah in G-6 and inched towards the Melody Civic Centre in almost four hours.

Scream …. in the name of Allah


Police stand by as Madressah students as they reconstruct Masjid Amir Hamza within 24 hours after it was demolished by CDA on Saturday as illegal construction.

Islamabad, like many other cities in Pakistan, is flourished with such mosques and madressahs. CDA has pinpointed some of such illegally built blocks – Let’s see if they end up like this or …..!

And in case soemone raise a point – I’m NOT stating against the madressahs or mosques – It’s their ILLEGAL construction — By occupying a certain space and slowly spreading your wings to make a LARGE-SIZED mosque and then an adjacent madressah — One point to think here is by offering prayers in such mosques we are promoting the idea.

Occupying canals of illegal land on this basis is the easiest thing to do in Pakistan – since the “mullahs” (and I’m referring to a certain lot not the true to heart Islamic Scholars) can be easily agitated on these grounds … demolishing a mosque means Riots can be started easily …!

May Allah have mercy on us all … Amen!

Jingle Bell Jingle Bell …

Jingle Bell ...

Jingle all the way ….!

Christmas Celebrations

Merry christmas to our Christian Brethern living here … In Islamabad, Kohsaar market in G-6/3 was much much decorated with these bells, bands and stuff with a Santa Clause too :) This picture is from the same market …. a girl seems to be bemused by the decorated Christmas trees and the image on right shows a rare show of interfaith harmony ;-)

I liked christmas in my childhood and even now only beacuse of the cartoons and movies that’d come … with santa in it or you know the happy-go kind of stuff … even now I’m watching Jack Frost :)

New Year Resolution of “The Sacrifice”!

The new year resolution of the Goat/Lamb/Cow to be slaughtered this Eid.


The New Year is approaching so very fast. Interestingly, it’s coinciding with the date that I shall be slaughtered in the name of the Lord, and for the betterment of humanity.

But I think sometimes.

Yes, the baaaa that may sound like an idiotic expression of chaos to you humans is actually an encoded voice of multiple emotions. Yes, we have emotions as well.

My New Year resolution does not make sense for myself, so it is for my fellows and my fore [be] coming consumers.

Slaughtering me to keep the tradition alive, the great tradition that was the sacrifice at the order of the Lord, sacrificing what is the dearest to you, you Humans. Are you really following the tradition or are you merely cherishing the delicacy of the ever-changing gourmet recipes that you invent every now and then. Am I being the subject of hungry stomachs, for filling of lust-full-bellies or is there still any Abrahim-ic sacrificial emotion left in you, you mere humans! You, the proud representatives of your Lord, our Lord. Are you really following the real purpose, the real spirit…or are you just playing along?

My this years resolution is to shake up the sleeping beauty, the real spirit behind the festivity that is celebrated on Eid-El-Azha in you, consumers…humans.

And I remain…yours deliciously!

Bakra Eid ;)

Eid Ul Azha comingA vast expanse of land in Sector H-11 where people affected by last year’s earthquake camped not long ago is echoing with the ‘moos’ of bulls. The first of the sacrificial animals began arriving ahead of Eidul Azha.

Located next to the new graveyard still awaiting its formal inauguration, the market for the sale of animals was brimming with activity as cattle-owners started setting up shop about 10 days ahead of the big festival.

There’s something Sheepy going on

Sheepy Sheepy...

Oh, yeah it’s Eid ul Azha’s time too. With eid approaching fast, the cattle owners, like many others, have arrived in Islamabad with their flock of sheep.

Let’s see what’d be the prices this year … with everything going high and high …. let’s hope for even Higher demands !!!

Xmass comes nearer :>

XMass Joys For The Children

A man holds his child up as they admire an ornamented Christmas tree outside J Salik’s house yesterday. The renowned activist distributed Christmas presents among members of the Christian community though, the occasion later turned into a mini stampede … nevertheless children were happy :>

Just before eid …

A very sad incident took place yesterday (jumat-ul-wida) in Masjid Salman Farsi I-10/2. A person fell from the top of the mosque. It was announced today that the person has now died.

What actually happened was … It was the time of the Jumma prayer, just before khutba. And the mosque was completely packed with followers. At the top floor, some safein (rows) at the rear end were not covered with carpet. Some person told this poor guy to carpet the floor. He with the help of a kid was carpeting the floor, and while doing so, he fell from the top.

He was unconscious at that moment and people took him to a hospital, but couldn’t reach the hospital alive. Today in the fajr prayer, molvi sahib announced this. He also told that he had 2 daughters and 1 son, who was only 1 month old.

He died on the jumat-ul-wida, in Ramadan, in a mosque while fasting and with a purpose of namaz in mind. The only thing I can think of is that he must be very religious and very close to Almighty Allah. But what will happen of those kids, who were waiting for eid, but have just lost their own father. Please pray for him and the kids.


What eid is for me ?

Islamabad, being still a new city, includes many people from other cities or villages. Just yesterday I was going to Jinnah Super, expecting lots of hustle on the roads, but was greeted with empty streets all the way.As children are freed from schools and colleges, people of Islamabad pack up and head to their villages. It’s been this way since the establishment of the city, and will continue to be so, for the years to come.

Still many people, like me, stay in the glamorous city. And it was one helluva eid we used to celebrate. Getting up for namaz, going to the graveyard, coming back home and meeting the muhallay walaas. Going to our dada’s house and meeting cousins and the gathered family members. Eating sawaeyan and other eid treats. Collecting eidi :) from every grown up and compare who’s got the most. And going to the market to buy candy and other sweets …

It used to be this way until I realized I had grown up and all the fun was over. Apart from the new clothes, my eid has become just another day. Sleeping all day long after the namaz and getting up late realizing eid was over.

Now, to me eid is before the actual eid, in which I shop for shalwar kameez and other clothings but not the eid day itself. The only hope for me to enjoy eid is to wait to have kids myself and celebrate with them, as eid is for kids, and to indulge in the kids’ joy.
It’s a long wait :(

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