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Security Gadgets Worth Billions

Suicide%20Bomb%20Jammer.jpgIn the backdrop of terror attack threats in different parts of Pakistan, the Ministry of Interior has moved a summary to the Finance Division putting in place a demand for purchase of hi-tech security gadgets with their estimated cost in billions of rupees.

At present, the security outfits don’t have electronic vehicle scanners to check vehicles laden with explosives being used in suicide bombings. The ministry has asked for the purchase of 18 vehicle scanners for installation at sensitive places. Vehicle scanners were so expensive that earlier the government had to drop the idea in the past when state-of-the-art gadgets were imported to secure president and prime minister from terrorists.

Beta Blogger’s RELEASED from Pak Prison

Atlast atlast atlast, I can access the beta blogger comments without any hiccup — is it only me or whole pakistani web space can do so??

Just that in my endeavors – I messed up with TM’s blog ;-)




*not really*

Islmabad’s Very Own POLIS

ISB%20Police.jpgIn a mega project to computerize the police department, all police stations of Islmabad will be connected through computerized network, and would be able to share information. The project has been dubbed code name “POLIS”, for “police information system”. All traffic, security divisions, Rescue 15 and other offices will be inter-linked through a simlar network. Police officials in the police stations would also register their attendance through thumb impressions after the introduction of the system. The greatest part is the ceasation of the dreaded paper based FIR which would also be replaced by electronic methods.

Let’s hope this makes the city a model city to live in with lower crime rates, and more law abiding citizens.

Pushing the Frontiers of Exploration and Technology

Drone.jpgPanspermia is a theory that suggests that the seeds of life are prevalent throughout the Universe and life on Earth began by such seeds landing on Earth and propagating. The theory has origins in the ideas of Anaxagoras, a Greek philosopher. Modern time astronomers and Nobel prize winners support the idea. The Egyptians traced the origin of our civilization to a comet. The comet’s name is Pythom. Since the beginning of time, our Earth has been explored and its horizon expanded by wanderers and adventurers. Names like Marco Polo, Christopher Columbus, and Ernst Shackleton are forever etched in the exploration history of man.

Lok Virsa’s Mela Kick Off

Cholistani Artists Doing PracticThere are very few events that are enjoyed en masse in Islamabad … Lok Virsa’s Mela and the Industrial Exhibition are the two most cherished events … and I guess the only event de grandeur too … prized equally by upper crust of the society to the breadline …!

This year the Lok Mela starts from Nov 4 and continues till 19th November’ 2006 … it’d be again bustling with spectacular cultural events … musical performances … traditional dancing … food from all four provinces of Pakistan …complete cultural display of Pakistan it’d be.

Cholistan and Chitral pavilions are the additions this year to acknowledge their culture, meals, crafts and traditions.

Naan Tale

Uff yah Naan

Naanbai at work in Sitara Market as the price of Naan has been increased arbitrarily by Tandoorwalas here …!

And not to mention the size and quality has largely suffered … for teh same price in Lahore you can get a very well-made … well-sized Naan … even with a heavy amount of Tills (Sesame Seeds) on them … but here … don’t ask :/

Why Eid On 25th Of October!

Moon on Oct 23: only visible through telescope for short time and not
naked eye. Not usually acceptable in Islamic terms.
Moon on Oct 24: visible through naked eye.
Oct 25: Eid. this site wil give you better information about the dates and use of calendar

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