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Stuck in a Traffic Jam on Islamabad Expressway

Yesterday I left Islamabad to go to Rawalpindi around 6:45 pm. It normally takes me 35-40 minutes (before the Expressway it used to take me 40-45 minutes) to get home. The journey was smooth. We covered the distance till the ‘Unity Discipline Faith’ hill fine. But then came the big jam. Traffic was blocked from there all the way to the ‘chowk’ from where one turns towards the airport. My Dad was driving but I was the one having a headache. Those few kilometers were covered in about an hour. I was wondering why in the world were we stuck in a traffic jam on such a ‘wide’ road (Expressway). Nothing came to mind and nor could we find a reason when we finally got out of that jumble of cars. I reached home at 8:15 pm.

Time to go home is near once again and I am having jitters just by thinking about yesterday’s traffic jam. I don’t want to meet the same fate again and I don’t want that dreadful headache. I want the Expressway to be ‘free’ of such bottlenecks. Let’s see how the Expressway treats me on today’s journey home. I am keeping my fingers crossed. :-D

Bhutto Coin?


So Quaid’s on a Re. 1 coin and Ms. Bhutto will get a Re.10 one. Yup that’s the news.

BBC reports:

Pakistan is to issue a commemorative coin to mark the first anniversary of the assassination of former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto.

The State Bank of Pakistan will issue about 300,000 special 10-rupee (16 US cents) coins.

The coin will read in Urdu, “Daughter of the East, Benazir Bhutto“.

Ms Bhutto was killed in a suicide bomb and gun attack in Rawalpindi on 27 December last year after an election rally for her Pakistan People’s Party.

The coin will be issued on 27 December, the bank announced.

Ms Bhutto has already had Islamabad’s international airport named after her, along with a hospital in Rawalpindi and a key road.


Aiwan E Sadar Shaadi Hall


Image Courtesy: Jang


I wonder if anybody from the power corridors reads this blog?



We should fear, rather hope, that if this voice got some ears in public, before it does in goverment, it might be the start of something unprecedented, something unexpected, and something direly needed.

O My Lord! help my people.

Image Courtesy: Amjad

Is this My Pakistan?

It was a blissful thought since past few months when no explosions (major ones  and consecutive at least) were heard of. But not any longer. The war on innocents is back. Bloodshed begun. Its becoming harder day-by-day to think that its the same peaceful surroundings where I opened my eyes and lived through all these year.


The larger target in Islamabad was the security forces. But they (the unknown) are not ready to forgive the innocent either (children including) as seen in Karachi’s furious 7 blasts.


 What makes me even more furious is when our leaders and government officials come on-air, show their grievances by issuing petty statements as:

 “Mulziman ko kefar e kirdar tak pohnchaya jayega” .

“Hum in bomb dhamakon ki Muzamat kartay hain” .

Oh hello, we are here waiting for some POSITIVE RESULT-BEARING solutions to be implemented. So that a common Pakistani can feel secure and at peace. Sadly, a Pakistani has enough crises and economical burdens to worry about.

Omer on LMB has a story to tell of an expat who survived by fate in Islamabad’s Melody center bomb blast. Karachi Metblogs briefs on 7/7 and the 7 explosions :<


That’s just TOO Much



First (Dr.) Arbab Ghulam Rahim’s shoe beating and then just yesterday (Dr.) Sher Afghan’s beating and thrashing in Lahore.

Nothing commendable. Brutality to show your emotions is never commendable.

Yesterday while watching the video of incident, many a times I thought this man’s going to die coz of a heart failure. If you talk about justice … then adopt proper ways to do justice. If he’s criminal in your eyes, bring him in to teh courts and not THRASH an aged guy with hundreds of hands.

Its high time that we use our wisdom (if any) and start thinking intelligently. Emotional intelligence may be good, pure emotionalism – No.

Aur bhi Gham hain zamanay may ….


I was going through my picture archives when I stumbled upon this one^^. Taken on the Valentine’s day (as the picture suggests itself). Ironically, the long queue of people are not stuck by Cupid’s arrow. It’s the subsidized flour and oil, from utility store, they are after.

What a Contrast ….!

It’s taken in one of those posh localities of Islamabad where people to this side of board had to be queued up for basic food necessities of life and on the other side of shaped board they were enjoying luxurious food … spending thousands with no fear of tomorrow.

Reminds me of this I read couple of years back …

ہم  کو  میسر   نہیں    مٹی   کا   دیا     بھی

گھر پیرکا بجلی کے چراغوں سے ہے روشن



can you feel th misery in this kid’s eyes? And the packet it’s holding is symbol of neglect from our side, No?

Polluting at large … !

Image Credits: Citizen of Two Worlds @ Maragallas

ps: Do read the comments posted on this pic … interesting point of views (clickety on the image).




Ok, I was having a post-lunch, lonesome walk outside my office yesterday when I spotted this accident.

I asked the people around, why don’t you guys shift the cab somewhere else so that further accidents can be avoided
since it’s a busy intersection of roads and things might turn from bad to worse and it will be bad to get out of frying pan into the fire.

But no one listened, and everyone started rumbling and so I had to leave…

But the question still remains, how long will we cause pains and horrifying bumps in others ways just for the heck of making an impression or something…

Had hai yar, what shit…


A Display or/of Laziness??

Any hints on what this tank is doing on G.T. Road?

May be we have too many to spare for such displays? or may be our junk yard, which is quite nearby, is too small to keep this in? Please don’t tell me that this is some kind of a monument.


You are coming from Taxila to Islamabad and a little before Islamabad/Motorway turning, there you go with this somewhat lousy display of our Armed Force.

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