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Quit playing games with my heart

IESCO is playing the game with us every day, every night.

The load shedding is happening for 5+ hours in Islamabad. That is very unlikely from what happens in Lahore or other similar cities. What’s the point to switch off lights from 1-2 AM or 3-4 AM?

Aye IESCO! Please take pity on us. Can’t it be possible to seclude the electricity of all markazs and void them compulsorily of light from 8 PM onwards. Anything?? Anything???

Toon courtesy: Maxim

Welcome To The Stone Age

candle.jpgIt seems as if Pakistan is officially on road to wining the race to stone age. The latest crises hitting Islamabad is the outrageous load shedding. Scheduled and unscheduled power outages for long hours have forced every business and household to suffer. Can anyone imagine that in an age of the so called “economic prosperity” with “highest GDP” in the region we have a shortage of 3000 megawatts. The government has failed to come up with any notable power projects in the past eight years. But who do we have to complain to when we have rulers who are not answerable to their people for their incapability as opposed to an elected government representatives. Pakistan requires around 11,000 megawatts per day, while the per day availability is around 8,000 megawatts. The officials said that the shortfall might increase to 5,000 megawatts during the upcoming summer.

Flour Crisis: In Continution

Do we need to say more after seeing expression of Joy and Helplessness on this old fellow’s face.

Image courtesy: Dawn

Happy New Year…

For various reasons, I would rather label the last year as one of the most hideous years in the History of Pakistan.

The Lal Masjid siege, Bhutto death, Gul g death, the kinds of things that have been happening in Sind. And others. The media ban.

It’s really a shame that the past year has undone what-ever Good I thought of President Musharraf.

But that is a personal opinion and not a fact.

You people might disagree.

However, seeing the glass half-full, I pray for a better and a more positively energetic 2008.

2007 was such a useless fatigue!

Our National Character On Display

bb8.jpgI had a chance to take a group of fifty odd hikers into the Margallas this Sunday, mostly expats and there we had our national character on display everywhere. I was shocked to see some recent developments on the Pir Sohwa road leading to Damne-Koh. As we already know that CDA has gone miles in recent years to restore the scenic beauty of Islamabad, with dozens of new parks, new roads, and sign boards. The paint used on these sign boards is extremely expensive, as it has certain capabilities for example being able to resist the rough weather effects, which is not possible with ordinary paints.

However, some illiterate and ignorant people have started using these sign boards for advertisements of their “election campaigns”. Just like apes, without thinking about the consequences of using public sign boards as their own publicity billboards, they have started putting images of their ugly leaders on our public property. Now most of these sign boards have been completely destroyed, thanks to their beloved “heros”. All of the pictures “on display” on these sign boards are anything but despicable, fashion diasters to say the least (Most need a good hair cut, and the execrable moustaches definitely have to go)

The question arises, do we really deserve to have a quality of life in the first place? We are worse than animals. We don’t think before we act, and we don’t have any regard for our environment and surroundings. At least animals are wise enough to keep their surroundings in good shape.

Have a look for yourself :

Rant: Untitled

My cap was pulled low. Anyone looking at my face could barely see my eyes, and for the unfamiliar ones I was completely unidentifiable. I love being like that when I have not had a good day. Yes, the cold, dry day had passed and I was wearing a p-cap at night time.

Maps, lots of maps…

I posted about Islamabad Maps earlier.

This time, I would like to tell about a better option.

Check it out, folks!!!

And do email them appreciating their effort if you find the site worthy of your time, else a little positive criticism won’t harm too!!!

Musharraf Shocked Over Daily Telegraph, Are you too?

Yesterday, President Musharraf addressed first News Conference after Emergency’s imposition. Of a few things he was asked, ousting of three foreign journalists from Pakistan within 72 hours notice was the most interesting.

Two days back, I initially heard in PTV news that three journalists (read goray) were asked to leave Pakistan within 72 hours time, due to lingual profanity used for president Musharaf in an article “Bankrupt Relationship” published in Daily Telegraph (UK). When I read through the article, I myself felt offended, let’s quote the profane part here (should I??):

In the old parlance, General Pervez Musharraf is “our sonofabitch”. He has failed to stamp out extremist groups and close the madrassas that inspire them. He has allowed the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan to fall into the hands of assorted jihadis. And he has sacked independent-minded judges for fear that the Supreme Court declare illegal his re-election as president last month.

When Musharraf was asked regarding the deportation of three foreign journalists, he said:

In fact I expect an apology from them.

Also he mentioned that what they had written and the way their newspapers had commented about him were highly objectionable and could not be tolerated in any civilized society, and asked what would be their reaction if any Pakistani reporter used such a language against their president.

After reading the article, I was disgusted too. I feel the depature of trio was well justified. Reporters can be sans borders but the ethics should never leave Journalism. When it comes to country concerns, should we not discourage such foreign outbursts??

Quoting from a blog, wecite, I end the post but the question remains.

NO ONE has the right to use such foul language against our leaders. Granted Pakistan is going through enough turmoil lately but that is our INTERNAL affair! We do not give the right to ANY one in the world to downgrade us and our leaders!

Are you Offended by this event??

News in media: BBC, Telegraph

Jhooom Barabar Jhooom – Sadistic

The song that comes into my mind after seeing images below :\\

Taken by Sajjad Ali Qureshi (The Nation’s photo journalist). Please click on images to view the original page.

Here, it seems people are finding it fun to pull barbwires, this side or that side. I can feel the song (in title) running in background. Even the policemen are smiling …. :-)

Dozens of armed personnel are sprinkled around the city in every nook and corner. Hiding behind the sand bags … looking at you with those huge eyes, uncertainty spread. I almost feel sad for them. They are the ones who gets punished if they do their job and if they dont. Totally Clueless.

Do you think violence and forceful protests are needed to ensure your voice is heard?? Sadistic but this fashion is always heard.Media cover violent happenings for minutes on; the peaceful ones rarely make it to the national news. Is it our attitude to react towards happenings and issues or something else??

Aye Jazbah e Dil Gar May Chahooon ….

“Har Cheeez Band Ho Jaayay ….”

With apologies from Behzad Lakhnawi’s departed soul (the poet of “Aye Jazbah e Dil” in case you’re not aware).

As if the shunning of All Private Channels from the Cables was not enough, news are Government takings teps to prohibit dish Antennas selling too. With 60+ channels coming on cable, very few people go for exuberant choices available on Dish Antennas.

As I earlier posted about PTV’s Glory Time, the reminiscences of early 90’s is getting settled in. When Dish Antennas came in lime light, every single house in here used to have one installed on their roofs or terraces. A few years later, seeing two dishes erected was a common sight, we are never fulfilled :-) PTV struggled to compete with satellite channels, resulting in tragic presentation, standards lost (if there were any).

Images like the one below reminds me of when I went to buy the dish more than a decade back.

People hungry for the news in the absence of cable networks are buying dish antennas to fish for “the news” in the sky.


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