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Pre-XMas Fever

With many foreign missions residing in Islamabad and diplomats roaming around, Christmas feels at home in here. Just give a visit to Kohsar in F-6/3 and you’ll find yourself surrounded by merry christmas signs, red-clad Santas and interesting christmas trees.

If you’ve to select some interesting jingle bells for your home or want to give a nice xmas presnt to a friend – Kohsar’s your destination.

I even found a Santa broom hanging around ;-)

Jump to the complete post for more pics :>

How do you Fight the Chill factor?

I was just going through the detailed forecast of Islamabad’s weather, and I noticed Showers are expected on eid day. So be prepared for the safe harboring of your sacrificial animals. Rain on Eid ul Adhaa can make the things difficult :\ (the 10-day forecast is attached after the jump in this post) & (an interesting news report on Islamabad’s Bakra Mandi).

So, the true Chill Factor has already entered Islamabad’s air … if you are visiting from Ppunjab or Sindh come fully prepared to cope with it. If you are prone to coldness, you know how to enjoy it well :-) In here afternoons and mornings in bright sun are pleasant but the insides are, as I’ve noticed, always cold.

Hence during winters my tea intake becomes double, can’t resist nut-munching, and the pretty heater, at full blare is a treat, I enjoy all the time. How do You cope Fight Islamabad’s chilliness?

Paani Paani kar gayi …

Tress everywhere, uprooted and branches broken – pits filled in with brown water …!

Paani Paani ray

My city, my lovely city ^_^

Tale of a Blizzard

Last week, just after Lal masjid operation, the weather turned really nasty in Islamabad … heavy showers on last Thursday and then on Saturday troubling many in and around the city.

Troubled waters of Islamabad

can you guess which place is this???

And then the Thursday showers and blizzard uprooted many trees, branches were everywhere … Islamabad was looking like a bride readied up in loadshedding ;-)

Images Courtesy: Dawn & DT

More pictures on the storm can be found Taken by Suhail on Flickr

Barish kai Islamabadi Side Effects

A few days back someone on the Lahore MB did a photo-post with the same title, and I am reusing it here. Rain does have it’s wonderful side effects. Slumber starts to sink in. The head gets heavy. One feels like having a cup of tea, and what could complement it better than a ‘qeemay ka samosa’ freshly fried and some ‘hari chutni’. Or some pakoras with lemon squeezed over them. Sipping away life sitting under a porch with no worries of life as the sky puts on a show of lightening and thunder. Even God is feeling festive and joyous. Droplets of rain from the heavens land on the ground like two age old friends greeting each other after a long, long time. In moments like these, one just wants to leave what he’s doing and stand in the window for a while and let the view sink in. The mountains looks amazingly fresh, the soil drenched in water has a wild aroma that is unmatched… The rain made the things in the window a wee bit more clearer.

Ladies and gentemen, welcome ‘the monsoon rains!

Aisaa tu hota hay aisay Kamon may


Few days back when rains hit Islamabad with high winds … I captured this (bad quality credits to my mob and moving vehicle) early in the morning …!

Slightly Bearable

One can only thank the heavens for the break in a spell of this torturous heat. Although the weather now is slightly bearable, it still reached 41 degrees as the news on the TV said. Never believe the weather news on TV, they always mess it up. I am sure it touched 45 today, atleast. Islamabad and it’s neighboring regions did experience some wind and cloud fronts as the image shows. It is quite natural for high pressure regions to balance out by pushing clouds and moisture towards low pressure regions. The image was taken from the Pakistan Meteorological Department’s website.

But even with all that thunder, the tempest fizzled out yet again. It remains dry and hot, and there is no chance of a shower as it seems. A shower under the magnanimous skies is what I meant. All one can do is watch as death and decay takes over the country, and countless people perish under the unrelenting sun. Thank God there was no power outage!

Thunders – 2 days back

Islamabad after a heat wave (though not an intense as may usually experiences) was hit by a blasterous dust storm first in evening of 18th May, and then the roars of clouds, lightening never like before, and heavy heavy downpour. And with heavy downpour even the winds were high … it was achilly night :>

Later that night while I was on road encircling islamabad, almost, I was regretting not to bring my digital camera with me … Since I’d love to cature the Lightening flickers and that night they were superb (god forbid) … just that Icouldn’t catch them.

Anyways , here’s what Dawn showed on saturday in its paper ….

Thunders and Dust storms in islamabad

Cars and a lone street walker grope their way as a windstorm that hit the twin cities greatly reduced visibility in Islamabad on Friday evening. A car taking sharp turn due to low visibility overturned in front of the parliament building bringing down the lampposts it hit …!

Courtesy: Dawn

Quenching Thirst

DuCk TaleS

When the heat becomes unbearable ….!

Courtesy: Daily Times

Red Carpet Reception

Islamabad is looking all bloomy, beautiful, colorful, and any synonyms to these terms you can think of :-p

Mera Shahar

This is the RED RECEPTION we give everyone :)

Btw RED is talk of the town these days too ;-)

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