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Construction Of G-6 Market Bears No Fruit

The slow pace of work on construction of a new Sunday market in Sector G-6 is inconveniencing shoppers and causing financial losses to stallholders.

Sunday markets are a great source of relief to the middle and lower middle classes, as they offer a variety of items, including edibles, decoratoins and clothes, at cheap rates compared to any other market in the town.

Cricket and Us

Pakistanis are one heck of a bunch who can be easily titled as Cricket Crazies … even suicide attackers choose days when Match is off (OK a bad joke – I know I Know) …!

Well in evening I went off for some shopping to the famous Baara markets flourishing in Islamabad’s shopping areas … and interestingly half of Khan saabs were saying today because of match – business is almost NIL and half of them were so engrossed in matches that they were not even interested in showing clothes to us … so we bid farewell to markets coming back for Afridid’s quick Sixers :-)

No matter what happens … we are ONE STRONG NATION with EMOTIONAL Ups and Downs when it comes to CRICKET … WE ARE PRAYING BOYZ ….!

Score update at the moment : 183/7 …!

THAT season’s here

Yup yup guess which season is this when the last fortnight of January comes in ??? any guesses???


Duh !!!’

Winter Obsessions

Dry Fruits

When winter arrives in Islamabad, the cravings for nuts start right away … But with every passing year the prices of dry fruits are going high and high – almost beyond the reach of a common Pakistani.

The dry fruits specially loved by us, the Pakistanis, are pine nuts [chalghoza] , peanuts [Mongh Phalli], Walnuts [Akhrot], Almonds [Badaam] Amlok and few of us (like ME) love dried apricots as well … This year you can get pine nuts per kg at a cost of round about Rs. 1000-1200 … I don’t like them anyways … so best of luck to everyone who likes them :>

Shop Till You Drop

Shopping%20Malls.gifLast night I had the opportunity to visit sector G-11. It was pleasant surprised by how much the conditions have improved there. The sector looks really beautiful with the all roads freshly paved with adequate orange lighting. A few months ago the sector looked like a war zone, with deteriorating road network, dark streets, and bushes growing every where. I would say G-11 has really come up with a good face and looks more beautiful than any other sectors of Islamabad, even the elite ones, where we still do not have adequate lighting.

However, I guess things are about to change soon. The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has started work on preparing a plan to carry out improvement and face-lift in four markets in Sectors F-6, G-6,G-7, and G-9. The plan is too re develop the super market in F-6 on the patterns of markets in urban centers in developed countries. The authority will improve the infrastructure while the renovation of the buildings would be done by the owners of plazas from their own resources. Similarly, Sector G-6 would be re-developed to provide accommodation for the government employees

Price Control In Action

I think some one from the higher ups really took heed to my ranting earlier this week. ICT administration fined 14 shopkeepers Rs 7000 for overcharging and not displaying the rate list. Read on for more details on this.

Let’s Do The Price Hike

fruit%2520market.jpgHiking seems to be a popular sport in the Capital. So much so, that even the prices of basic consumables enjoy it. And the price hike is more than any other city in the country


With everything going “E” > … now the Bakras are E too … with this EBakra service that has kicked off from Islamabad – the sacrificial trends are changing too … going towards modernity and technological-friendly …!

Got to know of ebakra first through ATP’s post Billo for dinner … and saw its banner in Blue area today that really got me all giggling … quoting from All things Pakistan …! is a service provided by Islamabad’s famous Qureshi Frozen Foods (which traditionally serves expatriate customers and others willing to pay premium price for high-quality, cleanliness and variety in meat products). The prices on the website right now are quite exhorbitant ( I am told by bakra connoisseurs better versed in the dynamics of the bakra market than myself that the price being asked on this website is more than twice what you would otherwise pay for the best bakras).

As of now, there is no service for overseas Pakistanis or for Eid Qurbani, but they say they are planning something. Right now their service is for delivery in Islamabad and their current product line is limited only to dunbas (goats): Here you can find animals of your choice, order it online and get the free delivery right at your doorstep. Rest assured that the health and safety standards are not compromised at any cost and we take every possible measure to make sure that our customers are satisfied with our services and products.

Bakra Eid ;)

Eid Ul Azha comingA vast expanse of land in Sector H-11 where people affected by last year’s earthquake camped not long ago is echoing with the ‘moos’ of bulls. The first of the sacrificial animals began arriving ahead of Eidul Azha.

Located next to the new graveyard still awaiting its formal inauguration, the market for the sale of animals was brimming with activity as cattle-owners started setting up shop about 10 days ahead of the big festival.

There’s something Sheepy going on

Sheepy Sheepy...

Oh, yeah it’s Eid ul Azha’s time too. With eid approaching fast, the cattle owners, like many others, have arrived in Islamabad with their flock of sheep.

Let’s see what’d be the prices this year … with everything going high and high …. let’s hope for even Higher demands !!!

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