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Sweaters, Ladies?

Has anyone else noticed just how many Chinese products are flooding the markets today? I spent the last weekend being dragged literally around the entire city to go sweater shopping and was mildly amused at the difference of rates depending on the market, and definitely not depending on the make or style of the sweater. Ladies, lend me your ears and listen well. Two major types of sweaters are making the rounds this year; really long ones and then really short ones that fit around the waist. If you’re short like me, they’ll do fine. :) The long ones are quite nice and look quite elegant specially when worn with trousers, jeans or non-baggy shalwars. The Pakistani makes are elegant, nice, fine wool and in single tones in skin, black, blue or even maroon and a bargain at around Rs. 700/- each in Karachi Company. Then, there’s the Chinese variety that is everywhere from Super Market to Jinnah Super to Karachi Company itself and here is where the prices differ. A sweater you could get for around 625/- , 650/- in Karachi Company including bargaining is being sold at least a 150 rupees higher price in Super Market. They try to tell you the make is different, but do not fall for it. The sweaters are kind of cool, in bright colours with woolen laces and motifs on the pockets and collars etc and are nice and comfortable and mostly available in thick knit. However, beware, that some shops in Karachi company charge higher too. Example, a sweater that I bought from a shop was pointed out to me at 200/- rupees more than the asking price at the shop I bought it from. (The high charging shop be the one in the basement).

On the average, a reasonable sweater that could last you at least two winters, even if you’re a rough and ready person like me will set you back between 650 to 750 rupees on an average which is not bad. If you’re a little adventurous, you can get away with wearing the bolder patterns and colors and if you’re a girlie girl, there’s plenty of options with beads and laces and motifs on them too. So do your thing, look cool while keeping nice and warm.

G-9 Markaz- Shopper’s paradise

G-9%20Markaz%201.JPGIslamabad was planned with each sector having a center point or “markaz” that would be an area geographically in the center of a sector. For those who are unfamiliar with the term, a “Markaz” is the nucleus of a sector that has markets, shops and apartments. G-9 markaz is considered one of the older markaz of Islamabad.

Fragrance in the Air

Fragrance%20in%20the%20air.JPGCDA has taken initiative to set up flower stalls in Islamabad at the Central Markets. Some of these are sponsored by private corporations. At night you can see the arrays of stall lit up with bright lights offering fresh fragrant flowers, bouquets and garlands. These stalls are quite an attraction for the local and expatriate population

Hot Naan becomes Cold …

“Hot Naan” has become dearer in the city. It is now being sold by Tandoorwalas for Rs3.50, or 50 paisas more than the officially fixed rate of Rs3. Some restaurants are charging even Rs4.

The sudden increase in the price of Naan would particularly pinch the low-income families hardest.

The Rs3 price of Naan fixed two years ago was raised to Rs3.50 just before Eidul Fitr.


Kid’s Play

A vendor has put up toys on display to attract customers at the Rose and Jasmine Garden …!

via Dawn

Changing faces of Pakistan Post

Intense compitition from courier services has, in countries like US and Canada, forced the state owned postal services to re-evaluate their way of working, or plain go out of business.

Pakistan, thankfully, is finally catching up. With services like TCS, OCS and DHL taking up most of the parcel delivery service, Pakistan Post was being left behind. The only use left for the ailing service used to be delivery of letters between urban and rural centers where the newer courier services hadnt reached yet. Now, its coming back with a bang.

Yesterday, at Jinnah Super, i saw what i can only describe as a “Mobile Post Office” setup by PP. Advertising services of Eid Card delivery, Eid Parcel Delivery and opening up of Saving Accounts, they were making the most of providing ease and comfort to the people. For the two hours i was there, i saw the stall packed with people sending out letters and parcels.

Good going PP. A testament to the fact that intense competition amd good management can truly turn even state-owned enterprises around.

Eid Shopping Continues …!

What TO Select What Not To

The boy watching keenly as if about to make a choice of his own, a baby lies on an Eid card stall, while his mother selects greeting cards … :)

Quest: Find Digital Cameras

For last few days I’m quite hyped up to buy a decent Digital camera for moi-self. So after a thorough ONLINE survey … yesterday I thought let’s give Islooitte markets a chance to have me asking all “Intelligent” questions…!

Definitely NOT something I was Looking for ;~D

Hands without Henna and Bangles

With only a week to go before Eid, shopping of traditional bangles and henna is yet to gather pace and stallholder are still waiting for customers.

The distribution of bangles and henna as gifts among the girls on Eids, especially on Eidul Fitr, is an old tradition of the sub-continent. Capitalising on this tradition, shopkeepers set up stalls outside their shops in markets to attract more and more customers in the mid of Ramazan. This time too, many shopkeepers have set up stalls in the main markets like Super, Jinnah Super, Aabpara and Karachi Company markets.

چوڑیاں – Chooriyaan – Bangle Delights

Shopkeepers wrap bangles which are in great demand nowadays as Eidul Fitr draws nearer … !

And gosh .. how much I love bangles … in last 2-3 days whenevr I went out for a market or some place … Choori wala was the one lucky person I gave visit every time :D and not to forget the Mahndi part :)

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