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Here’s a recent image of the Marriott hotel secondary entrance. Notice the security guy under the multi-colored umbrella on the gate:


If he’s a pro sniper and has a proper sniper gun instead of a lousy M1, the terrorist boys are in for some real trouble. Snipers are one of the most effective ways to eliminate targets precisely without hurting others around (except that those around the target are splattered with brain masala and other body fluids). I would suggest that Islamabad installs CCTV cameras all around the city like London and mount remote controlled precision rifles on those cameras instead of real men.That way we could monitor everyone’s activities and shoot the miscreants on the spot. Yes, it would give a little shock to the ladies passing by and would ruin their lovely dresses, but at least things would be under control.

Water theft?

If you go walking down the path that leads to the Haunted Hill (the park with that little ice cream khokha called Hotspot) you will see this to your left:



What you see all wrapped up in a plastic cover in the first picture is a donkey pump, and that donkey pump is connected to a yellow flexible pipe, which in turn is connected to a steel pipe which goes under the footpath you are treading on. Now the following picture was taken a few months later:


The donkey pump now seems to be covered with a metal shed and is hidden with the help of branches. The yellow pipe leading to the main underground pipe is still visible though. Here’s a satellite image of the location. The large white building is the Marriott hotel, and the yellow box in the upper left corner indicates the place where this contraption is located (you need a keen eye to find the yellow box!):


What do you make of this? I say this is theft! Why would a rich man living in a huge bungalow would want to steal water from the main pipeline? Do they have a swimming pool in their for their cows? Does the owner own a Jacuzzi and spends a large part of his day floating in a gigantic steaming and bubbling pool with his trusty rubber ducky? Or did they forget to make a water tank and are now extracting water directly from the main pipeline?

Power to the People

Since the long march fever is in the air, I would like to make my first post on this blog related to this astonishing show of power on the streets by the people of Pakistan. The enthusiasm and determination of the leaders and the marchers looked promising since the beginning, and everyone had a feeling that something was definitely about to change. And changes did happen. People are merrymaking throughout the country after the recent decision made by the worthy premier. Now they have a bright future ahead of them… a future full of hope, prosperity, and reformation. But you never know what might come up next, and people have learned to add that tinge of unpredictability in their list of items which they expect to happen in the future. Nevertheless, this event has certainly boosted the morale of the nation, and the once dying hopes have been rekindled.

There was a deathly silence in the air yesterday morning when I set out to buy some groceries and vegetables. The veggies were almost all sold out, leaving me to choose from an unsavory assortment of rotten little onions and tomatoes hidden in a heap of onion peel. The people sure were in a shopping mood yesterday morn, some of them even pushing themselves in front of the line at the shopping store to get their stuff checked out quickly. I met a policeman who lives in our street, and he told me that I hate to do what we have been told to do, but it’s our job. Poor guys. I feel sorry for them sometimes… as much as I occasionally hate them.

This event, this long march, will certainly go down in history as the time when the people of Pakistan rose up and pushed their way through all blockages and hurdles and raised their voice against injustice and oppression. In a time when we wonder what the future would hold for our children, and our children’s children, we now have something that we can feel proud telling them about. We can tell them how the revolution began, how the fire that once burned in the hearts of the Muslims of the sub-continent burned in the past few days of every single person in the country, and we can tell them to be strong, to be brave, and to work hard to make things right.

But let us all remember one important thing. Even though the future events would not turn out as expected, or something else happens, something worse, we should not consider ourselves failures. We should not think that our efforts were all in vain. What we did was for the world to see and hear. We proved ourselves that we will not cower in the face of oppression, and we will not suffer for something which is not our fault. We have showed all international powers that we are a peace loving nation, that we stand united to make all things right, and that we have hearts which cherish freedom, love, peace and happiness immensely, the fundamental characteristics that define who we are… the indestructible and powerful people of Pakistan.

Let’s Go Plant a Tree!

CDA has launched a tree plantation campaign in the capital. To advertise this and to motivate others to do the same, banners have been placed on various locations throughout the city. These locations include street light poles on green belts, trees and Faizabad overhead bridge (I may have missed mentioning a couple of spots) too. I think it is a nice initiative which should be taken off and on. Since many trees have already been ‘murdered’ in the city, in the name of progress and development, we are in dire need of replacements. I hope CDA succeeds in its efforts and also hope that many people join in this ‘crusade’.

PS: Let’s plant more trees but also let’s treat the existing ones nicely.

Kashmir Solidarity Day: February 05, 2009

Today the “Kashmir Solidarity Day” is being observed throughout Pakistan (yet again). There is news that rallies will be held in different cities of Pakistan as well as Azad Jammu & Kashmir. The day will also be marked with relevant TV programs and human chain events.

One such human chain event is taking place right now on Jinnah Avenue. The human chain created looks long. Some people are delivering speeches with zeal and fervor in favor of the struggle of Kashmiris against Indian brutalities. Others are chanting songs to display their solidarity with Kashmir.

Another important activity that is marking the day is a nation-wide holiday.

My Thoughts & Rants:
It is good that we observe this day. It at least keeps reminding us that Kashmir needs our attention. But is it enough to mark just one day on the calendar for this? Is holding rallies and other similar events going to help the Kashmiris facing Indian brutalities in Kashmir? Are we doing enough to justify our participation in this cause? Do we still believe in this cause or has this died out in our hearts? I fear I am not doing enough and I am ashamed.

Note to self:
Do “more actions” and write “less words”.

Ik ‘Cars’ ka Darya Hai…

For the past couple of days I have been passing through these mini ‘cars kay darya’ (rivers of cars). Traffic jams are now a part of my life but these new mini jam-like formations were a bit annoying.

Cars Ka Darya

Cars Ka Darya

The first day was the toughest I guess. When I approached to plunge the first mini jam, I was wondering what was causing it (I passed through two more on my way to office). I tried using up all my grey cells thinking about the reason but failed (both at using up all the grey cells as well as finding the clue to the problem). Then I uttered this a bit loudly. My confusions were instantly removed by my father. Here’s what was causing the ‘problem’:

Yello Bump

Yello Bump

These yellow speed breakers were tiny but were seemingly causing massive halts to the raging traffic. At first I was annoyed as well as furious on seeing these speed breaking, jam causing yellow elements on the Expressway. But soon I realized the purpose and calmed down.

The Expressway is not passing through far off unpopulated lands. It passes through very richly populated areas. And when this is the case, people on both sides of the divide need to cross to the other side from time to time. Generally the cars on that road are speeding and rarely ever slow down to allow the pedestrians to walk across. If that continued, it would have become a bigger ‘hell’ for the people on foot to cross the road (since the road is not better and wider, it results in more speeding cars).

So I am now welcoming these yellow speed breakers as a positive change. What about the rest of you?

Islamabad the Educated

Dead or alive, I’ve always loved Islamabad for what it is. I love the greens of the city (which are not to green now). The clean roads, the Clouds Mountains, people who would go by if your tire is busted (unless you’re from the fair gender). So like little things you know, how we like to drive real fast near a pool of water with people passing by, how everyone think he’s royalty in front of every other  person, how much we love to tell the cop who our father/uncle is,  it’s all the little sweet things that make Islamabad Islamabad.

Like the other day my mom was coming back from dropping my sister to school (yes I don’t wake up and drop and I’m a lousy son) on her way back (near 9th avenue, H-8 parallel road). There was a kid around 8 years old with a donkey cart when the donkey slipped and fell and the stuff on the cart fell over it, keeping the poor thing down. If that wasn’t enough the ‘nakel’ was strangling the little fellow. The kid was screaming and asking out for everyone to help him and crying on the top of his voice. The things were too heavy for him to lift them alone, while the poor creature struggled to breath. Mom dropped to help the child but just couldn’t while everyone just passed by late for work I presume.

So ya, I just love Islamabad for its fancy schools and its fancy education, let’s bring justice walks and save the world parades. So welcome all, to Islamabad the Educated!

Makes me Crazy

President Asif Ali Zardari shakes hands with US Assistant Secretary of State Richard Boucher after conferring the Hilal-e-Quaid-i-Azam award on him during an ceremony at the Aiwan-e-Sadr on Monday. A statement issued by the Presidency said that Boucher had been instrumental in promoting a stable, broad-based and long-term Pak-US relationship.

Yeah Right!

THIS makes me completely crazy. Americans are now awarded with hilals and deceased looters are printed on coins.

Few days back I read on a blog omething that reflected voice of a common Pakistani … quoting here:


Sense of Pride

Saw this pic on Duffer’s blog:

(Taxi driver Bilal Mehmood told that a person bought a goat and booked his taxi for going to Islamabad. He was following on his motorbike. At the decided place, the taxi driver couldn’t find the person.  Owner of goat can plz contact at the given number)

And I felt so proud.

He said a loud No to corruption, innit?

Originally the Ad was published in Jang.

December 09: International Anti Corruption Day

I didn’t know that it was the International Anti Corruption Day today (on the same day as Eid). I came to know this when I entered Islamabad in the morning via Islamabad Highway. Banners were put up on the street-light posts on the green belt from Faizabad till around Zero Point.

Your NO Counts

Corruption: Your No Counts

The message on the banner “Your NO Counts” seemed realistic. I do believe that every little ‘no’ really counts. I hope that ‘anti corruption’ does not remain a topic to discuss or a day to observe. I hope we all realise the kind of menace corruption is and try to make all efforts to minimize it. And then eventually eradicate it completely.

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