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Back in the Saddle

Lhe_Fort.jpgWell after a small break I am glad to be posting here again. But I can’t blame myself, because I was mostly on the road and did not have much time to sit before the computer. As a matter of fact, I spent the entire last week on the road, in cafes, clubs, colleges, and universities in Lahore and by all means it really was a unique experience.

Can you guess?

Where this picture was taken?


I’ll give you a hint.. its near a lot of culture and heritage.

P.S. I love the season change in Islamabad!

The story of our international airport (part 2)

After what you have read about our international airport employee’s condition. Now I will tell you the rest of the story, after arriving in departure lounge. We entered the lounge at about 2am on 27th of December. We should have boarded the plan at 2:30am as flight was at 3am. We assumed the flight will be delayed as it was 3am already and no boarding call, neither any sign of anyone trying to tell us what was going on.

There was no one on the information center. Neither any one was present from Emirates airline. The information screen was showing a 9 hours delay. It means we were supposed to come back at 10am and plane would fly at 12noon. All the passengers were frustrated and anguished in fire .the reason was the delay but also the negligence of the airport and airline personals. The funny thing was that a waiter from the cafeteria was informing everyone that your flight has been delayed.

The story of our international airport!

On 27th of December, 2006 my sister and I headed towards the airport, we were going to visit our elder sister in Yemen via Dubai. On entrance we had to show our luggage to the narcotics desk. There we saw two officers one female and the other was male. The lady asked us to open our suit cases and the male officer asked for our passports. The male officer asked the lady to check our passports; she said why do not you check it and he said they are ladies so you should check all of their stuff. It was quite strange and hilarious to us. Anyways while she was checking our luggage she suddenly grabbed my sister’s hair, it was so hurting, and asked her are you using mehndi? It does not suit an officer, standing at the airport, to ask such irrelevant questions to the passengers in such a ridiculous way.

Murree and Nathia Gali

Yesterday I on my school trip went to Nathia Gali via the road to Murree. All these hill stations being near to Islamabad can be enjoyed by its residents. Mostly people go to these places to beat the heat in summers but a very insignificant amount of people also visit in the winters. Those visiting in winters can enjoy a rare spectacle of snow which is a treat to the people living on the plains. A snow fight is inevitable once you stop your car on a road side. For us there were many moments because the road was so narrow at some points that the traffic would stop for several minutes before it would budge.
Here is a view of the snow covered mountains.
Some of the views were totally breath taking.

Short Walks in the Margallas

Trial%202%20in%20the%20Margallas.JPGThere are a few short walks in the Margallas that could draw special attention given the weather has improved a lot. I am listing here a few that some might find interesting, especially as a weekend walk. The attached GPS image of the trails might help. CDA has gone an extra mile to pave, and maintain these tracks, with sign boards to guide the hikers.

Islamabad’s Hiking Scene

Islamabad.jpgIslamabad is one of those few lucky cities of Pakistan that has been blessed with great outdoors. Although many of the residents take advantage of this opportunity and regularly hike up and down trail-3 or at the most go bush walking, yet most of the youth are reluctant to explore more of it. There are many other tracks distributed in the Margalla hills waiting to be pitched. I just hope that the youth of Islamabad engage themselves more in venturing out through these courses. Follows some details on Islmabad’s topography that might spawn interest among more of us.

Aaah …We had vacations !

People squash up in whatever space is available on a bus for their onward journey to their hometowns for celebrating Eid … well now the same would be seen on sundays … people coming in after a long long long vacation plan … :~)

vacations time Gona be off sooon ... :)

Aaaah … why am I in office :(

Islamabad.. here i come!

Or rather, here i am!

Some of you may know me from Karachi Metblogs, where i’ve been writing for the last couple of months. Recently, my family moved to Isb while i got left behind. Yesterday, i arrived here to spend Eid with them. And, being true to my blogging nature, couldnt pass up the chance to post my views on this wonderful city, and what could be the perfect plan than the city blog.

What i will be contributing here, will be a series on how a ‘pakka’ karachiite sees Islamabad, this being the first time i’ve come here. Thats the plan anyway.

I Wana Go ~ Give Me Ticket

Rain Rain

As Eid draws closer, people rush to booking offices to get the first bus for their hometowns to spend the occasion with their loved ones … (OK even if they are not the loved ones :~P)

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