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To Shed the Load or Not?

Clouds seems to be thinking this. After a heavy wonderful Hail Storm and three days of shiny Sun, get ready for a showery week ahead.

If you are a rain-admirer; its your time to shine (disclaimer: my own words and no inspirations whatsoever from LG Shine Ad ~ It SuX)

If you like a golden globe shining brightly … summers are ahead ;-) A 10-day forecast of Islamabad’s weather is attached in this post after the jump…!


You do remember my last post. Don’t you?

I guess God does listen…

It’S Sunny now.

After all the hail-storm that at the end looked like a Snow-Storm, finally Sun Shines on us.

May it brings harmony, peace and love.

P.S. Lahore did bleed yesterday.

Snow or Hail; Whatever Thou Art :)

Talha and Backpacker has shared quite some amount of hailstones aka SNOW FALL in Islamabad with you. And as if I can resist posting anything =D

If I remember corretly after 28-29 Jan 2003’s early winters this happened in Islamabad for teh second time. I missed last time’s heavy hailstorm but glad I was out in time to witness the marvellous white beauty, Subhan Allah :) Who wants to go to Murree now =)

Hoping to see the slush by the roads tomorrow too … if you were not in Islamabad; you definitely missed it big time. If you were then woohoo I hope you enjoyed well.

You may have seen snow man but for the first time I saw a SNOW-DOGGy =)) And its cute :>

Hot Spot in F-6 All White

A view of White Islamabad

More pictures after the jump courtesy a friend :)

Please don’t take my SunShine away…

It’s gonna rain and snow here for some time.

It’s sad!

Now Who Wants To Go Skiing?

Islamabad received it’s first snowfall of the season today. I took some snaps from my office and it looks lovely.10-01-08_1346.jpg

How do you Fight the Chill factor?

I was just going through the detailed forecast of Islamabad’s weather, and I noticed Showers are expected on eid day. So be prepared for the safe harboring of your sacrificial animals. Rain on Eid ul Adhaa can make the things difficult :\ (the 10-day forecast is attached after the jump in this post) & (an interesting news report on Islamabad’s Bakra Mandi).

So, the true Chill Factor has already entered Islamabad’s air … if you are visiting from Ppunjab or Sindh come fully prepared to cope with it. If you are prone to coldness, you know how to enjoy it well :-) In here afternoons and mornings in bright sun are pleasant but the insides are, as I’ve noticed, always cold.

Hence during winters my tea intake becomes double, can’t resist nut-munching, and the pretty heater, at full blare is a treat, I enjoy all the time. How do You cope Fight Islamabad’s chilliness?

Cloud Castle

A few days in the evening I found a castle looking at Islamabad from the skies. It was an awesome view that I captured instantly …!

Tale of a Blizzard

Last week, just after Lal masjid operation, the weather turned really nasty in Islamabad … heavy showers on last Thursday and then on Saturday troubling many in and around the city.

Troubled waters of Islamabad

can you guess which place is this???

And then the Thursday showers and blizzard uprooted many trees, branches were everywhere … Islamabad was looking like a bride readied up in loadshedding ;-)

Images Courtesy: Dawn & DT

More pictures on the storm can be found Taken by Suhail on Flickr

Slightly Bearable

One can only thank the heavens for the break in a spell of this torturous heat. Although the weather now is slightly bearable, it still reached 41 degrees as the news on the TV said. Never believe the weather news on TV, they always mess it up. I am sure it touched 45 today, atleast. Islamabad and it’s neighboring regions did experience some wind and cloud fronts as the image shows. It is quite natural for high pressure regions to balance out by pushing clouds and moisture towards low pressure regions. The image was taken from the Pakistan Meteorological Department’s website.

But even with all that thunder, the tempest fizzled out yet again. It remains dry and hot, and there is no chance of a shower as it seems. A shower under the magnanimous skies is what I meant. All one can do is watch as death and decay takes over the country, and countless people perish under the unrelenting sun. Thank God there was no power outage!

World Environment Day

Its about time Pakistan realized that the Himalayan mountain ranges that serve as a natural source of fresh water for the entire country are under a severe threat from global Carbon emissions and consequent global warming. Well, fear not as the people at the Environment Ministry and it’s international affiliates do know about the importance of these reserves for a nation which has a major chunk of it’s economy depending upon it’s agricultural produce every year. Without fresh water, there is a huge chance and a threat that we might not be able to meet the demands of our agricultural lands solely through rain water.

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