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Gaari ko Chalana Babuu …

…zarra Halkay Halkay :-)

Image Courtesy: Mafimushkula on Flickr.

The Black Coating

In case you missed the Out-of-Temper rant by Ahmad Raza Kasuri on Geo’s Program The Great Debate … here’s a clipping.

In my opinion, Ahmad Raza Kasuri did mention some valid points but he lost worth of all his words when he started abusing and Man, some serious abusing it was.

On Sunday the show was telecasted and on Monday a fellow-professional-Lawyer of his helped himself to a good black coating on Kasuri’s face. Kasuri is defending the case of Musharaf as Army Chief and President in Supreme Court.

Blackened Out

Resisting from spraying …. on Flickr.

In wikipedia, an interesting entry was made, in relation to the Kasuriites offended by his use of Kasuri word with his name and acting such like …

Heads of Kasurites have bowed down because of nefarious language used by Ahamd Raza Khan Advocate in “The Great Debate” on GEO TV at 1905hrs at GEO TV on September 23, 2007. The last portion of the first episode of the programme “The Great Debate” shows Pakistani Public the ugly face of the Presidential Camp. Pakistani & International media should avoid using word “Kasuri” with the name of Ahmad Raza Khan Advocate.

You Say What?

New Semester Starts ….


And it shows :-D

IMB Rated G

Mingle2Chicago Singles

Seems like the Mingle engine caught none of the slang and abusive language here coz they being in Urdu and at times in Punjabi ;-)

Pakistaniat packed in Cuteness

Isn’t it utterly cute :-)

Suggest The Caption

Telecom Boom is on; such sights are not a rare occurence anymore. But controlling traffic while attending a call, Fair Enough??

Want to caption the image??

Dare, Courage or just Women ??


Have you ever dared to do such a thing?? It may be outrageous for some, courageous for other and yet absurd for many – as in the case of this lizzie love

But a brave lady we’ve here … no matter its poisonous or not; it takes guts to do such an act. And see how at-home the snake feels in her hand :-) What a beautiful hood it makes too …!

I confess I wont ever be able to hold such a thing in my hand ever … would you or have you ???

ps: which snake is this, any ideas??

Image Courtesy: Daily Times

From a lawyer’s mouth

In today’s The News daily there was a really good opinion article that caught my eye writen by Ayesha Tammy Haq about her experiences as a lawyer over the past few months in the Land of the Pure. The article takes a jab at the current political and judicial scenario of Pakistan in a more jovial tone to say the least. Sarcasm is our nation’s second language, so that shouldn’t be a major issue, right?


Check the Czech

All puns intended! Special thanks to Inspirex for forwarding this to me. I am almost ashamed to admit that I did not notice this great gaffe and had to wait for an e-mail from Karach to take note!!

ATT00555.jpg ATT00558.jpg

Given above on the left is an image of the flag of the Czech Republic and on your right is a ‘Check’ (or, rather, checkered flag; often used in car racing. The two should never be confused. Except for the fact that ‘Czech’ is pronounced as ‘check.’

Ordinarily, this should not be a problem. But this scene dates to the state visit of the Prime Minister of the Czech Republic to Islamabad. Please make note of the flags adorning Zero Point to welcome the dignitaries! Checks are so much more flattering than Czechs!



Let’s hear it for the creativity bug and pray for more stringent checks to avoid such bloopers in the future!

suggest the name?

Hot days make us hot too…aahh I mean to say that we are more vulnerable to anger and fights. We are more agitated while driving on roads. An incident reminds me of such situation. On one hot morning I was heading towards Rawalpindi. I was supposed to take a U-Turn when a car ahead of me pulls the brakes and so did I. The moment I pulled the brakes the car behind me hit my car’s bumper. I stopped my car and had a look at my car and the guy who dare to hit it. Bumper was damaged from the corner as Mr. X was able to turn the car aside, still of no use for me.
He was a young boy in his adolescence. So when I noticed that he is a little scared and nervous I took the advantage of being more confident and attacked him, mind you I am not a cat, I simply asked him what the heck he has done to my car. He was such a brat that he simply refused to admit his mistake. Meanwhile a man, from somewhere, came and asked us to pull our cars aside, as road was blocked because of our conversation in the middle of the road.
I kept my car ahead of his so that he does not run away, as mostly people try too but he was a nice kid. Our conversation started again and took a hot turn when people started huddling around us. I asked him to pay for the lose but instead of doing so he said it is not his fault as I pull the brake first and so hard that he could not control his car. From his point of view I was suppose to drive in both ways, backwards and forwards. Hello! I have only two eyes which are busy handling the car from front I have no spare parts in the trunk to use for handling from the back.
A man from the crowed came in between and tried to resolve the issue. That is what I or any one will expect from him but in reality he was there to create more problems for me. He said to me that it is not a big damage so I should not create a fuss in the middle of the road. I should let that boy go for the simple reason that such accidents do happen. I was so surprised (actually I was not as it happens here all the time) at his explanation that I was numb for a moment. I actually asked him if he is Mr. X’s relative or something. People standing near by us gave a smile, as if I asked a stupid question or may be I was entertaining them. I do not know why.
After a long conversation with Mr. well wisher, as he was the one talking to me instead of the guy who hit my car, people from the crowd who were enjoying the scene made the conclusion, (as if I gave my fight in their hands), that Mr. X should take my car to the car painter and pay for the lose. But it was not what Mr. Well wisher (the guy from the crowd who I think was a relative of Mr. X) agreed upon or may be it was not according to his wish. So he peeps in again and suggests that it would not cost more than 100 or 150rupees so I should not make it a big issue and pay it by myself. I told him that whether it costs 20Rs or 1000Rs I would not pay a single penny. I was so frustrated on his behavior that I wanted to knock him off but I did not want to create a scene. Anyways Mr. X handed me 100Rs and went back to his car so does the audience, as if I am done with entertaining them and now everybody is going back home after rewarding my skills with 100Rs. I was so frustrated that I did not have the stamina to fight more, for my right.
I drove my car to a car painter and through out my drive I was damn pissed, because I did not know how much it will cost me. I asked the car painter to fix it and how much it will cost. He looked at the damaged bumper and said just this? I thought how much more he wants I do not have money even for this. He put his hand behind the bumper and hit it hard with his hand. Guess what the dent was all gone in a matter of second. I was so relieved and you know why! I did not have to pay a single penny for it.
Yahoo! I was relieved and happy that I made profit of 100Rs for the headache I had faced and burned my skin in heat. Do you want to know what I did with that 100Rs? My friends and I bought ice cream to cool down on that hot day. Later my friends asked me that I should have asked for more money from him, as it was not enough for ice cream 

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