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Cheetah sightings in Margalla

Last night a friend and me hiked to Margalla ( don’t ask why ) only to know, ‘Public is not allowed after 11pm’ at Damne Koh. For the first time I was hearing it in months that its not for security reasons. But due to sighting of a pair of Cheetah , as excited as we were on the fact its not a security issue. At the same time scared as much cause it was a pair of cheetah , the lone killer/hunter of the night. 

“The cheetah’s have been sighted thrice in the last two nights, they havn’t done any damage yet. But precautions have been taken”, said the police officer. “Last year a pair was caught which used to eat animals from the zoo”, the other added.

Cutting to the chase, if your feeling all pumped up and adventures . Be all that in day light, in groups or ofcourse there is always the option of taking your 250 pound friend as bate.

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